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  1. I took off for one week, then worked "remotely" from home for an additional week (I'm a programmer). Honestly, if I'd had more time I would have taken it. Like someone else mentioned, along with the recovery, was the relearning to eat. I hadn't considered it would be such an effort to be sure I was getting enough fluids and protein. I do think you made a good decision to take a week off; I doubt you'll regret it.
  2. Thank you - this is one of the easiest to understand explanations I've seen on this topic.
  3. I'm right there with ya! Definitely one of my favorite NSVs.
  4. Wow! What an amazing feeling that must be! I can't wait for the day when I get to cue my own "Oscar" music. Congrats!!!
  5. Michell

    How Many Calories Do You Eat Daily?

    I usually average around 800. Some days much less and some days a little more. My doctor advised 1000, with 60-80 grams protein. However, that's sometimes hard to do. I know if I'm not getting enough water, I sometimes get a "hungry" feeling. My doctor said dehydration can imitate feelings of hunger, and i should drink a minimum of 64 oz a day. Could it be you need more water? Just a thought.
  6. Michell

    Woo Hoo

    Awesome! Congratulations.
  7. Michell

    Size 4?

    Hi Casey. Do you still have some items left to sell?
  8. My middle name is Renee, too. Just wanted to share some news. I made it to onederland today! Just barely (199.8), but I will take that! Definitely doing the happy dance today.
  9. Michell

    Size 4?

    Hi Casey. I'm having trouble sending you a message from my iPad, but I may be interested in some of your items in size 16-18. Do you have a listing with prices or photos? Thanks!
  10. Ummm....WOW. Really? Don't be a hater just because you're not at the same point yet in your journey. Longerlife is right. We all lose at different rates. Sometimes I go 2 weeks or more losing nothing and then will drop several pounds. We have ALL been through a lot and I don't think I just speak for myself when I say I am very proud of myself for doing this well so far. But just because I have up to this point, doesn't mean I automatically assume that those who haven't aren't doing what they should - nor do I assume that those more successful than me have to be exaggerating. I wish you (and everyone else here) all the best with your journey and hope we'll continue to support each other whether there's a need for celebrating or encouraging.
  11. Hi StrasVegasGirl - I had my surgery on Nov. 7th, too. Looks like we're pretty close on loss. I'm down 54.6lbs. I haven't been checking in here very often (work has gotten super crazy), but I still think about all of you and wonder how everyone's doing. I hope more Banana Babes will check in and update. I feel SOOOOOO good. Even if I didn't lose another pound (though I'm sure planning on it), the surgery would still have been worth it. I'm thankful for this sleeve every day. I've not done as good a job at taking photos for comparison as I'd planned, but I've got a couple, and plan to take more this weekend. I'll get them uploaded once I do. Hope everyone's doing well!
  12. Michell

    Something To Help My Thighs?

    I'm very interested in this too. I still have a long way to go, but the saggy skin I already have is gross!
  13. Michell


    Great topic! I normally don't buy crazy expensive clothes for myself. However, there are a pair of Rock Revival jeans that have my name on them as soon as I get to goal. I too have been wearing the same fat mom jeans for years. My weight and health are not the only things I'm planning on changing! I have a board on Pinterest titled "Dream Clothes" where I save ideas for the kind of stuff I know I'll get to wear someday. It's a fun motivational tool. Here's a link to my "dream" jeans: http://pinterest.com/pin/37576978110497042/
  14. This made me smile! Both for you (congratulations!) but also just imagining that this can happen to me someday.
  15. Michell

    November 07th

    Hi snoozeyoulose. I'm doing great too. I also have some acid issues, but after trying a few different things, my doctor finally put me on Prevacid and that seems to be doing the trick. I've lost 37 lbs. so far. Still having trouble getting everything in, but that's gradually getting better. I'm still amazed and very thankful this is the surgery I chose! Glad to hear you're doing so well, too.
  16. This week I'm on my first business trip since I was sleeved on Nov 7th. It's also my first experience with eating in restaurants. I hate it. Why did I not realize before how absolutely HUGE portions are at most restaurants? And without exception, every waitress/waiter looks shocked at how "little" I've eaten, asking if everything is ok (I always assure them it is) and always ask if I want a box. I've just started getting one and taking it back to the room with me because it seems less awkward. But then I feel terribly guilty about all the food I'm throwing away. Not guilty enough to eat it (I couldn't even if I wanted to). I know it won't be so bad once I'm back home because at least there I can take the leftovers home and eat a few more meals from them or share with family. If I were by myself I'd just go back to my room and eat the leftovers. But eating out is actually part of the trip (working lunches and dinners) so not much I can do. Anyone care to share your clever comments for those inevitable questions from strangers or others that don't know about the surgery and it's not really appropriate to share the truth?
  17. I was sleeved November 7th and so far down 34.6 lbs. I was stuck at 25 lbs. for a couple of weeks and was frustrated, even tho everything I've read here told me to chill. I went on a business trip last week (the eating experiences alone are another story for another day) and my calorie intake was as high as its ever been. I struggle getting 500-600 calories most days, but on this trip eating every meal in restaurants, I averaged 750ish and one day almost 1000! As crazy as that would have sounded a couple months ago, I just knew I would have gained weight. But no! My "stall" was broken and I lost almost 6 lbs in the 6 days I was gone. So I think I will try to relax when things slow down and just trust that this is going to work. I'm finally starting to believe this will not be another failure - and will be the answer I so hoped it would be. And I'm starting to feel great! Energy level is way up. As far as exercise, I'm walking as much as I can, at least 30 minutes a day. I want to do way more, and have the energy to go much faster and further. Unfortunately, I have a knee injury that forces me to quit before I'm ready. However, I will be having surgery to fix that on the 22nd, so hopefully can start the new year off better than ever. As soon as my orthopedic surgeon gives the thumbs up, I'm going to start the C25K program. So excited about that! Over all, considering my lack of much exercise, I'm pretty happy with my results so far. One more thing- I feel so blessed to have found this forum. Y'all have been my saving grace on more than one occasion! Best wishes to everyone on their journey. Even at this early stage, I already know this was definitely the right decision and I know if you don't already, most of you will feel the same way.
  18. Finally home! I know it's going to get better. Sometimes I just feel the need to come here and vent. I know no one else gets it like everyone here. And there are some great suggestions - thanks! To top off the week, the waitress yesterday morning was like all the others. But she took it a step further. When she brought our check, she said that she had removed the cost of my meal because she couldn't charge me for something I didn't eat! That was awkward in front of everyone. Doggz109 - it is a small world! There is still an office for the BNR here (it's part of the national parks system). Dogpatch however, is long gone. I had some fun childhood memories of that place too (that crazy rickety roller coaster and the barrel). It changed owners several times and fell into disrepair before finally closing down. It's kind of sad. It's a massive property just sitting empty. The locals keep hoping someone will buy it and do something with it.
  19. Michell

    Banana Babes

    Also, it is driving me CRAZY that I haven't been able to weigh all week. I sure hope my scale has good news for me when I get home! Edited to add - I lost 5.8 pounds this week! I think I may be able to better deal with those stalls now. Yay! I really needed this little boost.
  20. Michell

    Banana Babes

    Hi Banana Babes! I've been traveling for work (get to go home tomorrow night YAY) so I've missed getting to check in here every day. I don't think I was quite prepared for how hard it would be to travel so soon after surgery (I was sleeved Nov 7th). Eating all meals out with my co-workers has not been much fun. I'm SO ready to get home and eat my "normal" food again.
  21. Michell

    Banana Babes

    Just checking in after a few days away. How quickly this forum has become such an important part of my day! Congrats to all the newly sleeved! And yes bellabbr, it does get better. I'm almost a month out and even though I'm still not quite where I should be on getting in enough protein/calories, I can say every week is better than the last. I can see that things will gradually get back to normal (well, a new normal). For the first time in my adult life, I no longer feel like FOOD is in control. And that is Ahhhhh-mazing! What a feeling of freedom! Thanksgiving was a wonderful experience. Everyone in the family thought I was crazy but I was so happy not to be tempted or even be interested in all that BAD food.
  22. I'm going to call my dr as soon as his office opens but wanted to see if anyone here might have some input. BTW, I'm 3 weeks postop today. I woke up around 2:00 am this morning feeling like I was choking and what I first thought were the "slimes" that I've read about from others. I was gagging and then finally started vomiting, but it was only bile. After I got through that, I slept the rest of the night in the recliner. My stomach was empty, as I hadn't had anything to eat since around 9pm, and didn't go to bed until after 11. My gallbladder was removed several years ago, so that's not an issue. My dr didn't prescribe a PPI after surgery, but I did mention to his nurse a couple weeks ago that i was having some burning sensations and coughing at night so she said I could try an over the counter solution. I bought Prilosec and it did seem to help as the night time coughing has stopped. Would reflux cause you to vomit bile? My stomach muscles are very sore from all the vomiting last night. I'm afraid to try eating this morning. Anyone else have trouble like this?
  23. I do find it odd that I didn't have these issues before surgery. They did repair a hiatal hernia that was discovered during surgery, but other than my last pregnancy over 15 years ago, I've never had heartburn or other acid type issues. Hopefully this is a temporary thing.
  24. Well, I ended up at ER early this morning after another awful night of waking up with choking/vomiting. After some IV fluids and some medicine for nausea, I got to come home and slept for several hours with no problems. Talked with my surgeon's nurse again and she still feels sure it's a virus (I definitely don't but not going to argue with her). She said she asked the dr and he said just in case it is reflux to be sure and take the Prilosec right before I go to bed. I have an appointment on the 8th, so in the meantime I'm going to document every little detail and talk to my dr about all this then. I just feel sure this is an acid issue. I also asked my husband to pick up some tums and I will try those when I eat to see if that helps too.

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