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  1. I really need to vent.I have had intense fatigue since about my 2nd wk postop. I'm about at week 7 and I am still totally tired ALL OF THE TIME!! Has anyone else lived through this? If so, do you eventually come out of it? If so, how long before you start feeling normal? I eat/drink right, sleep 8 continuous hrs/night, I work a full time job and have 4 very busy kids. I'm sure I get plenty of activity in a day. Now I am about to add in an exercise routine. Bahhhh! I just can't imagine how I am going to do it. I have zero energy. For instance, right now, it's 2:50pm where I am, I'm at work and if I closed my eyes for even 2 minutes I would be asleep. What is even scarier...is that I have to drive about 30 min to get home and I have to fight falling asleep all the way home. I just wish I knew what is wrong with me! My doctor checked my labs and everything was fine, I take my Vitamins every day and I'm just totally frustrated cuz I get kinda crabby when I'm tired (I guess most people do). Well thanks for letting me vent and if anyone has any ideas or words of hope let me know. Big hugs. Lisa
  2. From the album: Before Pics 10/30/11 5'6" 234

    Wore a swimsuit in public AND wore sun dresses! Loved it!
  3. I'm getting frustrated with finding jeans that fit. It's funny because I used to have the same problem. It was so hard to find jeans that would fit my big booty! So I would buy the same pair from the same place year after year. Now that I'm smaller I'm shopping and the jeans usually fit my thighs, butt and hips. However, at the top of my hips/waist line the jeans flare out?? My teenage daughters say they are for "muffin tops"...we called them love handles. Yeah, sure I'm happy that I don't have love handles to fill that flared waist but I just don't get it. Is there a certain style I should be looking for? Perhaps "hip huggers" or something. I was anti-shopping for so long that I'm truly out of the fashion loop. Anyone have suggestions? By the way, I've tried belts but they are uncomfortable and just gather the waist, look silly. Thanks for your help!
  4. Low rise!!! That's probably what I need! I will check out that thread too! Thank you!
  5. I'm 5'6.5" and I weighed 235# when I had surgery. I had surgery November 2nd, 2011 and I'm down 73#. I went from a size 20 to a size 12 jeans. I wear medium tops and my thighs don't rub together anymore. I feel great! I've only done some moderate exercise, no big daily routine. Just brisk walking, yoga and I play in a weekly volleyball league. The best part is that I don't have back pain anymore and I don't have to take pain pills. Best wishes in your journey!
  6. I like to make ham/tuna/chicken spreads to have on crackers. So far I eat them on saltines. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good choice of cracker that is sleeve friendly? I haven't worried about it much so far because I eat so few calories but it's time to look at the long haul. Should I look for a low carb cracker? If so, any suggestions. The cracker aisle at my grocery store is filled with many, many, many choices of crackers. Frankly I don't have the time or the patience to read each one to check the carb count etc. Then again, maybe it doesn't matter what the carb count is because I can only eat four saltines, with spread on it, at a sitting anyways? Your input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. OMG! I can't believe I'm actually down 70lbs and it will be six months on 5/2/12. This is so awesome! I love that I can cross my legs without having my lower legs go numb. LOL! My thighs don't touch when I walk and I had to buy all new clothes. I feel like a million dollars. To wake up every morning without back pain is the absolute best thing I have gotten from this surgery. No more pain pills, no more bulging discs and no heel pain at the end of the work day! I will post pics when I find the time. Thank you all for posting. Your words have helped through the weird times, the frustrating times and the happiest times. Stay cool!
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    That's great! I noticed a similar thing about holding the steering wheel steady with the top of my thigh. It's so awesome, isn't it?
  9. Lisa821

    Down 70Lbs In 6 Months

    Thanks everyone!! Isn't great to go get your hair done and pamper ourselves. I didn't do much of that before, just didn't even like the idea. Krissy20: you will be here eventually...you will look and feel HOT! Keep me posted!
  10. I started at 235# on the day of VSG surgery which was 11/2/11. I don't have all the numbers with me right now but here's what I have for the last few months. 2/2/12 3/7/12 4/13/12 Wt=? 177 169 Waist 39" 37" 35" Thighs 28.25" 28.25" 25.5 Hips 48.5" 46" 44" R. Calf 16" 16" 15" (had a cast on this leg for 9 wks as a kid) L. Calf 16" 16" 15.5" R/L Biceps ? 13.5" 12.5" As you can see, this is proof that even when the weight isn't dropping fast, you can still be losing inches! Stay strong friends! Keep up the good work! You are worth it!
  11. I am totally thrilled with my weight loss! I started working out more regularly now but it's almost like my weight loss has slowed down. Maybe it's just because it'll do that at 5 months? Maybe I need to get more Protein or calories? Any advice? I eat about 900 calories a day on average. 60g of protein from meat sources/day. Plain Water intake is only about six cups/day, which I know it should be more but at times it almost makes me feel sick. Feels like my guts are sloshing around. I walk a mile three times/wk at a good pace. I take my Vitamins as prescribed. I highly doubt that I building a big muscle mass, just mild toning. What's up?
  12. Jenn, Wow! I hadn't heard that. Interesting...
  13. I will try upping the water and calories. Does anyone know of any "safe" higher calorie drinks? Gatorade? Hmmmmm...I'm stumped.
  14. Lisa821

    Feeling Frustrated?

    I've felt the same way in the past. You have a great attitude. Keep up the good work!
  15. My 13yr old aughter had a dance coming up. So,I bought her a dress, size 14 miss. About a week later, before the dance, she went into a different store and came across the perfect dress for her. because the first dress was on clearance for only 25 dollars I bought her the second dress. just outta curiosity I decided to try on the 1st dress. btw I thought it was gorgeous! I was stunned, emotionally overwhelmed, thrilled and shocked to discover that the dress not only fits but it's actually big around my waist section. Yay mama got a new dress! I will post a picture when I get a chance I just had to share this with you all immediately!!
  16. thank you! that's exactly what I plan on doing. Gonna surprise my husband when comes home from work today. This is so fun!
  17. Lisa821

    Mommy Makeover

    I'm only 4 and half months post op and need to save a bunch of money still. I've already talked with Louise about possibly doing it November or December. We will have to see if I am able to save up the cash. I'm so excited for you to have it done. Please share pics if you feel comfortable, of course. Do your friends have before and after pics that they are willing to share? Louise told me she could get me some but I guess I'd like to know that the pics haven't been "touched up" like with airbrushing...you know?
  18. Lisa821

    Mommy Makeover

    I want to have that done too but when are you going?
  19. About a month ago, I decided to stop sharing my weight loss achievements and anything to do with my healthier lifestyle. I did this because he would always down play it or simply ignore me and act like he didn't hear me. For instance, I would come out of the bathroom really happy after weighing myself and say "down 2 pounds, yes!". He would say, "I'm sorry did you say something?". Ugh! Recently, I finally bought some smaller clothes and the first time I put them on for us to go out and I said "I'm loving these size 16's and my new heels". He said, "You shouldn't wear those heels. You'll break an ankle. I'm just worried about your safety". There are more comments like this. I usually just blow it off but it's sad cuz I want to share these things with my husband. He's my best friend....well he used to feel like my best friend. I'm glad I have this forum to share these things with all of you. I miss my friend and I just don't understand what's going on. Has anyone else come across this situation and, if so, what are your thoughts? Big hugs everyone!
  20. gramaof4: I'm sorry for your strife as well. It's obvious your husband just doesn't know what do about you shrinking. We need to remind ourselves that those things are their issues and not to make them our issues. Lord knows I have enough issues as it is. LOL! It's so weird that you mention "Fireproof" cuz I was just talking to my friend about that yesterday. Along with the "40 days of Love" workbook. Thanks hun for your love and support!
  21. Rootman: you are so wise and I love getting the man's point of view! We do have other marriage things we have acknowledged need work so we have agreed to couples therapy. However, we live in a small town that only has one therapist who can do this. My husband saw this therapist one time, on a individual basis, last January and was given instructions to read a certain book, see him another five times and then he will see us as a couple. Sadly my husband has not followed through with any of those instructions. I have invited my husband to my therapist appts, he agrees but then cancels at the last minute. So this topic is hard to address in this manner when one person keeps avoiding it. I keep faith that he will find the strength to face this and we will get the counseling we need. Amanda: Thank you for you support as well. I feel like you get where I'm coming from and are here for me. Big hugs!!
  22. Thank you so much ShapeShifter, Lilee84 and Vance! I am so fortunate to have your support. It's true that I have always needed validation from a man regarding my weight/weightloss....childhood issue for sure...so a special thanks to Vance for giving me that. My husband is very validating in all other areas, most of the time, but this area is particularly tough for him. I will practice patience and let him take the lead. He has gone to our local "Y" twice in the last 10 days so maybe he's starting to make his own changes. You all are so great! You are always here for me! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much! Remember I'm here for you too and keep up the good work in your own lives too!!
  23. I was suspecting it is just as you suggest. He's has only gained weight since my surgery. About 2 months post op he said to me that my overeating in the past was the reason he was overweight. This was very sad to me and I told him "you are responsible for what you put in your mouth, not me". We had a couple rough days after that conversation. I have talked with my therapist about this and he suggested the same thing you have. So I did tell my husband how much I enjoy his support. At the time, my husband said he does support me but he was having a food funeral of his own and he'll get over it. He's not having surgery and doesn't believe he would ever want or need it. Although he is about 80 pounds overweight and holds it all in his abdomen. Last Saturday he was very sad about his weight and said "When I look at myself in the mirror I think, how did you let yourself get so fat". I was very comforting, hugged him tightly and told him I know that feeling. So I know he's struggling with his own weight issues. However, I won't allow him to be silly and say I shouldn't wear heels cuz I'll break my ankle when I know it's really about something else. I just don't know the best way to address statements like that.
  24. sorry, I accidently left out the fact that I'm talking about my husband.