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  1. Dr. Pleatman performed my surgery in March, and I would recommend him to anybody interested in WLS. He is a laproscopic specialist who started performing WLS in July 2002. He is located in Birmingham, Michigan and operates out of North Oakland Medical Center. He accepts insurances but charges $3500 to each patient. That money covers any expenses not covered by insurance, all fills, and any follow up work such as port repairs etc. It's kind of like "give once for good". He also has made arrangements with a group of surgeons in Tijuana, and for $10,000 will fly to Mexico and perform the surgery. My wife is scheduled for surgery, in Mexico, this September. This is nice because when she returns home she will not be struggling to find fill doctors, or surgeons willing to work on her. His website is www.laparoscopy.com/pleatman/pleatman.htm
  2. I've been using a website(scuba diving) that is very similiar in construction to this forum. In the User CP page they allow the addition of a 200kb picture(jpg/gif). The picture is viewable whenever you open a persons profile. Is it possible to add that feature here? The web site is http://www.scubaboard.com/ By the way I really enjoy this web site. The scubaboard website is so popular that it now has 17,000+ members. Thanks a lot for setting it up.
  3. Denny My wife has decided to have lap band surgery next week with Dr. Ortiz in Tijuana. She's been talking about having lap band surgery for about 4 monthsand since she does not qualify for insurance coverage she has elected to look at Mexico. I would never try to tell you who to go to, you need to do your own research and be comfortable with your decision. But I will tell you that I am happy with my research on this Doctor(he proctored my surgeon) and his cost is $9000. Of course I have to pay for the airlines. One other ineresting thing. We don't have to pay any up front money prior to arrival in Mexico. My wife needs to show up with two checks, one for the hospital, and one for the doctor. If she arrives and changes her mind she can turn around and come home with checks in hand. Good luck in your decision
  4. Hello Denny I assume you prefer Denny over Denise since that's how you sign your posts. I have had lap band surgery, but was fortunate/unfortunate enough to have BMI high enough to qualify for insurance. HOWEVER my wife does not qualify for insurance and is looking at having Dr Ortiz in Tijuana perform her surgery. I've used YahooGroups and looked at MexicanBandsters, but really can't find all the info that I need. My wife is somewhat skeptical about having surgery in Mexico. What I've started to do is to look at people who have had surgery from specific Doctors and then write them personal emails. I want to have some very pointed comments on quality, cleanliness, professionalism, etc etc. My wife has tentatively chosen Dr Ortiz because he proctored the Doctor that performed my surgery. If you are interested Dr. Ortiz's web site is obesitycontrolcenter.com
  5. Kendra Congratulations. I sent you an email. Hope you got it, and I am looking forward to you web page. I've wanted to build a web page but other things keep getting in the way.
  6. jerryg

    No Fill For 4 Months

    Nicole Good luck with your goal. I survived 6 months without a fill. At 5 months I hit a plateau and haven't lost anything for 6 weeks. I go in for my first fill tomorrow. So far everything has been great. I'm down 79 lbs and hoping to get the weight loss restarted with this fill.
  7. jerryg

    Dr. Joya

    Go to the top of this page and click on the search button. Type in joya and it will find a few people who have used Dr. Joya. Also you can go to yahoo groups and you will find even more people. My wife is considering lap band surgery and we are also looking at Dr. Joya. Good luck
  8. jerryg

    New Member

    Welcome Lenny You may be a geezer but I'm a real geezer. Got you beat by six years. I am six months post op and couldn't have made a better decision on how I want to live the rest of my life. Look forward to hearing more from you
  9. jerryg

    Hi! New Here

    donali This website has perhaps the most comprehensive list of Doctors and costs that I've seen. Just in case you can't get to it I've copied the info and attached it below. Please be careful and don't let cost be your ONLY reason for going to any Doctor. Good luck in whatever decision you make Jerry First Name/State Doctor Date of surgery/ Pounds lost/Complications/Cost Dr. Kuri-Tijuana Teresa – Va Dr. Kuri – Tijuana 1/14/01 30 lbs NC $8500 Christine-CA, Dr. Kuri-Tijuana 1/9/03 69lbs $8500 Amber-CA- Dr. Kuri-Tijuana 07/03/03 20lbs NC Beverly-CA- Dr. Kuri-Tijuana 07/03/03 22lbs NC Also, hernia repair ($1,000) Total for both, including Palacio Azteca hotel 2 nights, meals, tips, taxi fees $17,207.00 Dr. Ortiz- Tijuana http://www.tijuanalapbandcenter.com/obesity2/team/team.htm Susan –WIS Dr. Ortiz-Tijuana 9/21/02 70lbs NC Tom – Newport Beach Dr. Ortiz-Tijuana 2/27/03 52 lbs NC $9995 Liliana- NV Dr. Ortiz-Tijuana 4/15/03 32lb complication $16,000 Sheryl – CA Dr Ortiz, -Tijuana 4/16/03 43 lbs NC $9995 (includes the hotel stay and all transportation) Jane-LA Dr. Ortiz-Tijuana 5/28/03 15lbs NC $9600 Kevin-CA Dr. Ortiz-Tijuana 5/28/03 22lbs NC Joy – CO Dr. Ortiz-Tijuana 6/5/03 NC $9950 Holly Dr. Ortiz 7/24/03 -7 lbs NC $9995 Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Acuna http://www.joseband.com/ Michelle-OR Dr Rodriguez-Acuna 2/12/03 (see note) $8000 Note: 11cm BioEnteric Band (9cc capacity) Deborah-CA Dr Rodriguez-Acuna 2/13/03 22 lb. NC $6500 Marie-CA Dr. Rodriguez-Acuna 3/20/03 22lbs NC $6500 Shauntelle-LA Dr. Rodriguez-Acuna 3/27/03 25 lb NC $6500 Sherry-TX Dr. Rodriguez-Acuna 5/06/03 22lb NC $6500 Bill- OR Dr Rodriquez, Acuna 5/20/03 NC $6500 Julie-FLA Dr. Rodriguez- Acuna, 5/31/03 15lbs NC $6500 Joseph-NM Dr. Rodriguez- Acuna 6/02/03 18lb NC $6500 Kathleen Dr. Rodriguez- Acuna 6/04/03 15lb NC $6500 Grand total was $7035 that included Barbara's services, meds and hotel Monica – LA Rodriguez – Acuna 6/06/03 7 lbs NC $6500 Dr. Joya- Puerto Vallarta Gerald - LA , Dr. Joya-Puerto Vallarta 4/20/02 170lbs. $9000 Kathy-CA Dr. Joya Puerto Vallarta 2/12/03 see notes) $8500 Note: Complications: 4 hour surgery looking for broken needle, abscess on extra 4" incison, major infection, and blood clots in my leg. No special post-op care was given, even though surgery was almost 6 times longer than normal. Diane-WA Dr. Joya ~ Puerto Vallarta 3/4/03 38 lbs NC $9000 Brenda-WA Dr Joya-Puerto Vallarta 5/16/03 NC $9000 included airfare Sandy- WA Dr Joya - Puerto Vallarta $9000 Dr. Rumbaut-Monterrey Thanya G.-MI Dr Rumbaut, Monterrey 7/4/02-98 lbs NC $9500 Barbara-FLA Dr. Rumbaut-Monterrey 7/9/02 75lbs NC $10000 Joan - IL, Dr. Rumbaut-Monterrey11/12/02 77lbs. NC $10000 Amy – NJ Dr. Rumbaut-Monterrey11/29/02 58 lbs. NC $10000 Jean, WA Dr. Rumbaut-Monterrey 4/29/03 33 lbs NC $9600 Kalee-AZ Dr. Rumbaut Monterrey 5/14/03 12 lbs. NC $9600 Note: +$700 airline/hotel/food Lynn- WA Dr. Rumbaut 01/14/03 15lbs NC $10,000 + hotel Dr. Verboonen/Dr. Ponce De Leon-Tijuana Judy-NC Dr. Verboonen/Dr. ponce de leon 3/10/03 40 lbs (see note) after surgery currently having problems with bloating and gas. Suzi-CA Dr. Verboonen-Tijuana 3/22/03 25 lbs NC $8500 (everything included, even airfare) Cecile-CA Dr Ponce de Leon Tijuana 5/20/03 NC$8500 Neyda - FL Dr. Verboonen-Tijuana 7/22/03 17 lbs. NC $8500 ALL inclusive Dr. De La Garza-Puerto Vallarta Sharon Johnson - Dr. de la Garza 12/10/02 38lbsNC $8500 Dr. Sanchez-Monterrey Carol-KS Dr. Sanchez-Monterrey 10/08/99 140lbs (see note) $6500 port flipped at 3 months- correction no problem MJ, PA Dr. Sanchez, Monterrey 1/9/02 -78lbs $9000 included everything but airfare Ardie/Fl. Dr. Sanchez, Monterrey 1/15/03 46lbNC $9970 C. Angela-MI Dr. Sanchez, - Monterrey 5/1/03 15 lbNC $10140 Sue-NC Dr. Sanchez- Monterrey 6/10/03 -17 lbsNC$10190
  10. jerryg


    Hiccups seems to be a common problem in banded folks. It is the first sign that the pouch is filling up and to slow down or quit eating. The next phase is PBing, which you don't want to do. A lot of people who drink carbonated beverages also seem to have trouble with hiccups
  11. I'm 22 weeks post op and have not yet had a fill. However I've reached a plateau, and can eat more than I think I should be capable of eating. I see a fill in the near future. So far I've been very lucky -75 lbs and no fill. It sure is nice to have that little sucker sitting there waiting to help me in my time of need.
  12. Hello and welcome to the board I'm also from Michigan
  13. jerryg


    I can drink anything I want. Beer, pop, lemonade etc. Fortunately I don't often drink beer and sugared pop turns my stomach.
  14. jerryg

    Hello i need help

    Erika I'm surprised that your Primary Care Physician (PCP) hadn't heard of the band. While I don't know what your doctors will require I can tell you my sequence of events. Also note that I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and that ALL insurance companies seem to be very different in requirements. 1) I received a referal to a surgeon from my PCP 2) I did extensive research on the web to learn as much as I could about all the options, NOT just the band. The research was a requirement of my surgeon prior to the initial consult. He stated that he expected intelligent question regarding the surgical options. 3) I visited the surgeon discussed all the options, potential dates for the surgery, and all the requirements that were needed to be met for insurance to pay. 4) The first requirement was a letter from my PCP documenting the medical needs for the surgery. It needed to discuss both medical and personal past attempts at weight loss, and co-morbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc. 5) The second requirement was a psychological evaluation. As I understand it this is intended to check for psychological problems so that they can be dealt with prior to surgery. 6) The final requirement was that all this information had to be sent to my insurance company for pre-approval The entire process took me about three months and I am so happy that I stuck with it. Right now I'm 20 weeks post op, down 72 lbs, and enjoying life more than I have in a long while.
  15. jerryg

    Michigan Bandsters

    Yep, and I'm one of them
  16. jerryg

    Regarding plateaus

    I hear you Alexandra. I am in a plateaul and while it is frustrating I'm definitely not panicking. I know that I am not eating anywhere near the way I used to. I also remember when I was on optifast and eating liquid protein at a rate of 750 calories per day. I still hit a plateau. Like you said the body sometimes needs to rest and recover.
  17. jerryg


    Nikki and Shery Must be something about that 60 lb mark. I hit it about 4 weeks ago and came to a screeching halt as far as weight loss goes. I'm just a little out of control, but am finding it difficult to get back to eating like I should. I haven't had any fills as yet, but am thinking that one may be in my near term future.
  18. jerryg

    Any comments?

    I know exactly what you mean. Last weekend I went to dinner with my wife and some friends. A couple friends were late so I went outside to call them. When I got back to the table I was greeted with "well we hear that you have a band". My wife felt free to discuss it in spite of the fact that I wanted it kept personal. I've always felt it was my decision on when and whom to tell. Like you I feel betrayed and very angry. I am slowly coming to grips with the reality of being "outed". I usually use the serenity prayer at time like this "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change The courage to change the things I can And the wisdom to know the difference."
  19. Tad I didn't have to fight too much with my insurance company, but I did have to stay on top of everything. For starters I would keep a running diary of every person I talk to, when I talked to them, their phone number and extension, what was said, and what you are planning on doing next. It really helps if you can establish a relationship with one person at the insurance company and deal with them EVERY time you call or write. All too often when I call in I get a different person each time who looks my file up on the computer and spits out "company policy". Good luck in your endeavor.
  20. Hello Amy I am from Michigan and had my surgery in March by Dr. Mark Pleatman. I am completely satisified. The actual surgery was less than 30 minutes. He has two offices, one is Bloomfield HIlls, and one in Waterford. If you are interested he is having a support group meeting and an information session next Thursday(8/21). The following information I extracted from his web site. "The next support group meeting will be held at 7:00 PM Thursday, August 21, at North Oakland Medical Centers in the Huron Dining Room, Pontiac Michigan. It will be immediately preceeded by an information session for prospective patients. The information session will be at 6:00 PM in the auditorium on the first floor, right beneath the Huron Dining Room. There should be a sign posted in the lobby. For further instructions or to register, call my office at (248) 334-5444. Please call to confirm, as sometimes the date changes due to unforseen circumstances." If you decide to come look me up
  21. jerryg


    Raj You sound a lot like me just prior to surgery. I never had a general anesthetic until my lapband surgery. Everything Nette said sums it up. Just take things as they come and remember that to the Doctors and Nurses this is just another day at work. They've seen it all and probably more than anything we could ever imagine. When I went into pre-op they immediately gave me a shot to calm me down. I guess my heart rate was a little accelerated. Everything will go fine.
  22. jerryg

    Difficult Fill

    I'm a little over 4 months post op and haven't had a fill as yet. After reading this I don't know if I want one. But I realize how important it may become, and with these statements maybe I'll be a little better prepared.
  23. jerryg

    scale or no scale

    I hear ya Wednesday. My doctor wants me to weigh in at his office once a month, and I know it weighs me 4 pounds heavier than my own scale. He also has me weigh in at his office in the evening and I know I weigh about 4 pounds heavier at night than in the morning. I have no idea why I weigh that much more in the evening than in the morning, but I know it's right since the last time I went in I weighed myself in the morning, then in the afternoon, then at his office 30 minutes after I weighed myself at home. Normally I weigh in on Thursday morning at 5:30am just after I get out of the shower, prior to going to work. Leo how does the fat measuring feature on your scale work. That's one of the reasons my surgeon wants me weighing in at his office once a month.
  24. jerryg

    scale or no scale

    Boy it sure sounds like Leo and Shelley are using the scale like normal people. It feels good not to be afraid of what the scale says. I know that if it goes up it is usually a very small increase and can quickly be fixed. In the past I would see a 5 lb or so gain in one week and panic, and eat more, and panic, and eat more etc etc etc.
  25. jerryg

    scale or no scale

    Scales can provide motivation, they also can cause depression. I've always tried to use mine for motivation even if I don't see the results I expect. although I am not overeating and am exercising I have been on a plateau for about 3 weeks. Every week I get on the scale and expect to see a loss. I will admit that my first reaction is depression, however I quickly change that into motivation in the form of what can I do this week differently. I kind of like the idea of weighing in once a month, but for me a plateau after 4 weeks could cause me to be depressed, since I think it would be difficult to wait another 4 weeks. I know my doctors scale is weighing me at about 4 lbs higher than my home scale. When I went for my consultation his scale couldn't weigh me so I used my numbers from my scale. Now that he has a good scale he wants to use his numbers.

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