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  1. JamieLynn77

    My Journey so far

    my surgeon told me 6 small ones a day. post op liquids were the hardest.. cuz i never think of liquids as a meal. but to get everything that you need in, they told me 6. But I have seen on here that so many people are different with what their surgeon requires of them. I know that post op...i was never hungry so getting 6 in felt like a challenge odd compared to where i came from pre op, where NOT eating was a challenge. Listen to your body is my best advice. and make sure that you are getting your protein. and wtg on what you have lost so far! and welcome to the board! :hurray:
  2. yeah it sounded kinda crazy to myself too. so i try to keep it between 60-70 a day.
  3. JamieLynn77

    My First Interrogation

    divadee....in no way is this the "easy way out". its a lot of work changing a lifestyle...keep your chin up, and if it is right in your heart, and you are comfortable with this choice and know its what you want to do, then you keep on that path and get 'er done. no one should stand in your way of being happy.
  4. JamieLynn77

    Menstral cycle

    i stall before my cycle and then after i tend to drop a lot. like anywhere from 3-6 pounds. but has anyone noticed that when your cycle comes around...your pouch is more forgiving? I mean, it just seems like i can eat more without the full feeling and the vomiting. its wild. and then right before my cycle is over, my tummy returns to normal. anyone else experience this?
  5. JamieLynn77

    Weird Food Cravings

    indeed, the mind is a powerful thing. whats wierd is that now that i am post op, i STILL have wierd cravings. things i never liked before, i am picking up at the store. and things that i LOVED before, i have no interest in. Things just taste different for me, and with the want of making good diet choices...its all very exciting. i am finding so many things that are good and good for me. but i still get the wierd 'head hunger' and when i go to satisfy it, i am totally disgusted. its crazy!!
  6. JamieLynn77

    Pre op diet

    I was allowed SF popsicles, jello and all the broth i could eat, crystal light, and unsweetened tea. And for the week i thought i was gonna go nuts. I ate broth 6 and 7 times a day. devoured jello and was still hungry. But after the first week, it started getting easier. I agree with the keeping busy cause if i wasnt thinking about it, i was golden. it was when i had down time, i went crazy. I also took a lot of naps. seemed to help out. i know its hard, and as if the pre op liquid diet was hard, i thought for sure then post op would be miserable. but no....i came out of surgery and havent been hungry since. sounds crazy. but i haven't gotten that 'chew my arm off' feeling since right before surgery. I love it, and it was well worth those 2 weeks. hang in there!!!
  7. you can eat cottage cheese already? lol holy moly...they made me wait 4 weeks. sounds to me like maybe too fast or not chewing thoroughly. if i dont chew good then it revisits me, and that is my hardest habit to break. i would try small small bites and chew slowly and i have heard to wait 2-3 minutes between bites if that helps. but i get the hiccups too now, when i am full. that is my new alarm for a full tummy. i get the hiccups, and i leave the table and dont eat anything else.
  8. JamieLynn77


    its defintely exciting!! especially all the new shopping lol! Good luck to you on your journey as well!
  9. Still no regrets. I think this was the best decision I have made. I have noticed I am still having these little spasms? In my tummy, like when I swallow air. I think its normal. What do you guys think? As far as pain goes, I have little. But am still takin it easy. Back to work at my desk next week. Kinda anxious, I hate sitting around.
  10. I am having the same trouble too. Restless nights and headaches. i have found that napping has helped. Like maybe i am getting them from being too tired. which i have been from not getting enough calories. I can take tylenol, but nothing else. I actually have liquid tylenol which isnt bad. i also find that when i drink a lot more, they tend to go away. so i have been pushing the crystal light. but nothing has yet to solve the sleep issue. surgery next week? when? Mine is the 11th. good luck to you on your big day!!
  11. I can't believe that I am only 7 days out to surgery. The liquid diet is definitely getting easier. Thank goodness since I will be on it a while, right? I noticed though that i gained a few pounds this week. Thats kinda wierd since I'm not eating anything. kinda discouraging but I am pushing on. I keep hearing about this drain they put in. Can someone tell me how long they leave that in? Sounds painful.
  12. JamieLynn77

    anyone else feel this way

    That's where I'm having the most trouble. Boredom. Seeing everyone else eat makes me miss it. I only have 10 more days on liquids then my surgery. So I try to focus on the outcome.
  13. JamieLynn77

    January 11th is the day!!!

    the liquid part is easy when i am busy. so i can see why you say the night is soo hard. you have more time to think about it, and watching tv is the worst lol...the food commercials lol makes me hungry. so i know its all in my head. i get 3 protein shakes...that i can mix with milk...but then thats done 24 hrs before surgery. i can have broth...jello...and crystal light. and all the water i can drink. lol woohoo. but my NUT told me yesterday that i can by like vegetable soups and strain them for the broth if it spices things up for me so i dont get so bored. but i am on day 2 and so far i dont feel like robbing the local mcdonalds lol so i am doing okay. we absolutely have to keep in touch. where are you having your surgery done?
  14. my doc lets me have milk up to 24 hours before surgery. so my Protein comes from a supplement called Body Fortress from wal-mart. chocolate flavored. its reasonalby priced. like $15. and its soooo good. very easy to stay on and not get frustrated. best wishes to you on your journey!
  15. JamieLynn77

    Tell my boss?

    i told my boss right away. and she was way supportive, and her daughter even comes into the office and covers for my shifts. and word has spread, and with overwhelming support and concern. everyone has positive things to say, as well as being behind me 100%. so i guess it just depends on your relationship with your boss. i work in a dealership and we are all kinda like family. so its kinda like they are going to hold me accountable in a good way, to make sure that i succeed. good luck with this and i hope your journey goes well!
  16. JamieLynn77

    Story of me! long...

    congratulations to you and your success. I am hoping to be getting my sleeve the first week in january and hope mine goes as well!! good luck to you!!
  17. JamieLynn77


    i LOVE the boots!! you look great!!! congrats on your success !! :happy:
  18. JamieLynn77

    Protein drink shots???

    really like the chike!! my doc gave me samples and my nutritionist said i could mix it with water or milk. and i love it! it mixes well, so its not all...clumpy. *gag* :puke: i have tried the chocolate and strawberry and like them both enough that i think i can tolerate them for meals for the next couple months lol.

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