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  1. Hi everyone, I'll be a year out in August, and I have been majorly stalled. I'm about 20 pounds from my goal, and would really like to lose the rest, so I called my doc's office and asked the nurse there a few questions about my current diet, etc. and what I can do to start losing again. Sooo....to my surprise, she said that I should no longer be doing the protein shakes as a meal supplement (I had been doing an Oh Yeah! chocolate shake - 220 cals, 32 g protein - for breakfast most days) This is news to me. I thought that this was ok, so now I'm thrown off a bit. Do your docs tell you not to do the shakes any more once you're farther out? To me, they're more convenient and a great source of protein, but my nurse said that they won't fill me up as long and that my body won't absorb that protein as well. But, most breakfasts I eat wouldn't come close to the amount of protein and I'm worried I won't get to my 60g then...any thoughts?? I would love to hear feedback from those of you who are a bit farther out. Thanks!! -Andrea
  2. andreanoelle

    Longest Stall Contest

    Whew...you guys are lifesavers for my emotional well-being! The last few months have been kind of rough...finally this last week I have started losing again, although slowly, and I was worried that I was sabotaging myself! I hadn't really lost anything since mid-December. Thanks for the reminder that I'm still going in the right direction, not gaining, and that I just need to be patient as I get closer to goal!
  3. andreanoelle

    Birth Control after VSG

    My hormones have been completely out of whack for the last five months since surgery - I'm on the pill and have been "spotting" since mid December. That being said, my OB recommended using back up methods for sure! She said that you just don't know the effectiveness level with a hormonal method because our bodies are reacting to some pretty intense hormonal changes. I know that using a back up method for me right now is much better than an oops!
  4. I must be a bit more "hippy" than the rest of the ladies who posted above. Lol. I'm 165 right now and am in size 14's (which are starting to get loose). But I'm wearing size medium shirts, so I'm not complaining! I remember the last time I was at 150 and I wore 10's or 12's. But, as I mentioned, I have lots of booty and hips, so I tend to be a bit larger in the numbers when it comes to jeans. Hope that helps for the curvier girls out there!
  5. andreanoelle

    Vertigo anyone???

    What are your symptoms? I too have been having weird issues since surgery, but don't know if it's related to hormonal changes in my body due to rapid weight loss. I get these weird prisms in my eyes, get a sense of dizziness or imbalance, and have blacked out spots in my vision. Conveniently, I just had my annual eye exam, and the eye doc said everything physically looked fine, so that was a relief. He mentioned that it was probably ocular migraines - basically the migraine symptoms without the headache. Could this be it? Or do you have a history with vertigo that you know that's what it is? Just curious if anyone else out there has experienced more frequent migraines or related symptoms after surgery versus before. Thanks for any thoughts!
  6. andreanoelle

    Operation New Leaf

    Good luck, Bryn! Like LilMissDiva said, if you need anything at all, let us know! It's an exciting time to make positive changes in our lives, isnt' it?
  7. andreanoelle

    What were/are your safe clothes?

    Ooh..I forgot! The Vera Wang jeans at Kohls (watch for sales!!) are also a great fit and I seem to move down quicker in sizes with that brand!!
  8. andreanoelle

    What were/are your safe clothes?

    JC Penney has been a lifesaver for me during the losing phase!! I completely agree - the Worthington dress pants seem to be really flattering - and I even have lots of booty!! Lol. I completely agree about dressing for your body - big and baggy just makes you look even bigger than you are, yet too tight accentuates the wrong parts too, so it's about finding a healthy balance! Isn't shopping fun now!!
  9. andreanoelle

    18 year old sleeve surgery

    Hi Pink, You know, I think that the others have it just right - you will have moments where you almost want to cry (or maybe will!!) because you miss certain things, but once you make it through that a few times, it gets better. It really does. That's not to say that you won't have your moments, but I just look back at how many times I was completely miserable because of my weight or because of complications of my weight (swollen ankles, etc.) and it's nothing in comparison!! The sleeve rocks! And another great point that they made above - without the food as an easy substitute, it helps us get to know the real "us". We can work through some of the reasons why we felt the need to go to food in the first place, and although that process might be a tough one, the happiness and contentment that we all search for is easier to obtain without food getting in the way as much. Good luck with your procedure and let us know if you need anything! Andrea
  10. Ooh...thank you for sharing your story. It is nice to know that other peoples' supporters are getting sick of hearing their stories, too, and that this is somewhere we can go to find support from one another. Congratulations on your success - keep up the great work!!
  11. andreanoelle

    Just arrived

    I hope your surgery went well! Keep us up to date with your progress!
  12. andreanoelle

    Weight loss is great for the jeans

    Hey Mellifrits - I can completely relate to that line of thought. When I was bigger, I never saw myself as being a big person, but now looking back, I realize that I was. But on the flipside...I also do the whole thing where I overanalyze my different body parts and I'm much more critical now. I see wrinkles/stretch marks on my hips and thighs now whereas before I had them but didn't "see" them...Maybe it was a coping mechanism before to just ignore the things that I wanted to change because I knew I was limited in how much I could actually do?? Hm...anyways...I'm searching for body acceptance too...exercise seems to help me with that, but it's a process for me right now. Just thought I would share that you're not alone in that one!! - Andrea
  13. Hi everyone...looking for a bit of advice from those who are a bit farther out than I am. I'm almost 5 months and am very happy with my progress to date. However, the scale really hasn't moved at all since the beginning of December and I'm starting to get freaked out a little bit. My question is this: I hear quite often that people sometimes up their calorie intake when they stall like this. I also hear that sometimes cutting back on carbs is the answer. How do I know which tactic is the one to use? I really want to get these last 25 pounds off, and am beginning to worry that the scale won't move again!! Any thoughts??
  14. Oops...forgot to mention that I'm working out twice a week minimum - focusing mainly on abs/core class and yoga classes.
  15. I agree with what everyone is saying - that it's sooo individual. And for me, I find that it changes from day to day. Some days my little stomach just doesn't handle as much as on other days, and some days I feel less restriction. My doc always says to use biofeedback - aka listening to my body - to determine portion size. He tells me to focus on protein and hydration and the rest will fall in to place. I watch how many carbs I'm eating, but have never actually counted calories or carbs after surgery, and I feel that I have been pretty successful with weight loss and establishing new healthy eating habits...good luck!!
  16. Hi everyone, I just thought I would share some exciting news! I had set a personal goal to no longer be classified as obese before the end of the year. For me, that meant 175 pounds and a BMI of 30. Well, today I hit that goal! And I still have a month until the end of the year! I'm soooo ridiculously happy. I was trying on old clothes yesterday and I was swimming in my old pants...I can't believe how different my body is! I'm still shocked when I look in the mirror some days! I'm not there yet, I still have 30 pounds to go until my goal weight, but it has all happened so quickly that I just have to pinch myself sometimes. Anyways, I was just in a great mood and thought I would share with all of you. Before I joined this site, I just wasn't sure if surgery was for me....boy am I glad I listened to all of you! Thanks for changing my life!! Andrea
  17. andreanoelle

    No longer obese!!

    Thanks everyone! Yolanda - I guess I just follow the advice that my surgeon gave me - get your protein in first, drink lots of water, and stay active. I've been doing yoga and some abs/core work 2 or 3 times a week, and that really seems to help. But overall, this is so much different than anything that I've done before. I actually feel full now...that's a first for me! Feel free to message me if you have any other specific questions...keep up the good work everyone! This is almost fun! Haha...
  18. andreanoelle

    greek yoghurt

    tiffykins - Do you know about what your ratios are? How much pudding powder per how much yogurt? Would be great to know so I get it right the first time! :thumbup1: Thanks!
  19. andreanoelle

    On to pureed foods, need recommendations.

    Ooh...I would love to hear peoples' suggestions...I start pureed foods on Friday. :thumbup1:
  20. I had my surgery on the 20th and am home now and find that after snoozing for a bit, I get more gurgly. It's not pain per se, but just bubbles in my abdomen that want to get out one way or another. Lol. For me, it's only annoying, not painful. The only pain I have is when I cough - my right side (I believe the side where they removed most of my stomach...) is more tender and does not react well to my abdominal muscles contracting like that. Or I suppose I have pain if I forget and try to do things like I always did, forgetting about my incisions. So, when I'm cautious, no acute pain. Don't know if that helps! :crying:
  21. My opinion if you can't tell them the truth is to tell a version of the truth. Lol. Just tell them that your stomach has been bugging you...lol...not that far off, right? I am running in to that this week - I forgot that I was going to be on liquids and told a friend I would do brunch with her tomorrow. Luckily, she knows about the surgery and said she would just come over to my place so we could chat. I was supposed to have a luncheon with co-workers on Weds at one of my favorite restaurants - I just told my boss I wasn't going to go (it wasn't a mandatory thing...) I know that I wouldn't cheat, but why torture myself if I don't have to? BTW, you will be just fine for three days! The first day might be the toughest, but if you just tell yourself that you have to do it, and there's an end in sight, then you'll be fine. I could easily do one more day of this. 5 more is going to be a bit of a challenge, but I'll make it. :frown1: There's an end in sight.
  22. I get it...I'm actually quite excited about missing work for a few weeks. It will be nice to relax! Even if it is while recovering... I am lucky in that my family is quite supportive. I've even told a few people at work and most of my friends, so I feel very supported. Rely on us if you don't have people you can talk to in person! I feel like people don't always get it right away, but I've been trying to explain to people how I came to this decision, and most all of them are on board now...As far as my goals go, if I lose the 90 that I listed, I'll be a tiny version of myself. Lol. I would be completely thrilled losing 60 or so...so we're kind of on the same page, although I have a little farther to go than you. :frown1: What's your biggest fear/concern with all of this?
  23. I live in Green Bay, WI and am having the surgery done here with Dr. Kemmerling at Aurora Hospital. I've never had a major procedure done before (just wisdom teeth out when I was in high school) and so I'm a little nervous about that, but know that this is the right choice for me. Huge history of diabetes, heart problems in the family, and just need to feel like myself again! What are your goals for the surgery? How much do you want to lose?
  24. andreanoelle

    Pre Op Liquid Diet

    hi everyone, I'm kind of in the same situation - I'm on day two of seven for my liquid pre-op diet. Going a little crazy emotionally, and my stomach is rumbling, but it gets better if I make sure to have a Protein shake every 3 hours or so...otherwise I get quite crabby. I have to make it until Friday!! Wish me luck!
  25. Hi momoftwo! :frown1: I just started liquids yesterday - I have to go until Friday when I have my surgery! It takes a lot of mental strength, but I guess for me, not doing it isn't an answer. I am having a kind of emotional night because I would normally be hanging out with friends or at home and having great food, and now tonight I can't. It's making me feel emotions that I can normally ignore with food. But, that being said, I still feel strong and encouraged - after all, it's only a few more days, right? I guess when I get a craving for real food, I just shift my brain back to the surgery and the fact that I have to make the right choices to get healthy again. I woke up this morning and celebrated the fact that I made it through the first day with no cheating. I'll do the same tomorrow...focusing on the positive and using self-encouragement to build myself up. I don't know if this helps or not, but maybe I'm typing this to help myself feel better too. Lol. Good luck, and if you want to be sleeve sisters, let me know! I love having this community of support - I would feel lost without everyone here! Good luck!!! Andrea

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