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    Band Slippage

    how do do you know that your band has slipped
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    OK I'm 14 months out. Ive been feeling nauseated and really tired for the last 4 days, any suggestions.
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    I don't think i have a bug im 41 and being pregnant is out of the question don't drink maybe my hormones are out of whack lol
  5. I'm considering having a tummy tuck done, I live in Texas. Does any one know of a good surgeon.
  6. What size band do you have? Sometimes food gets stuck when you eat to fast or your not chewing your food till its mushy. I also had my lap band in Nov 2010. I've lost almost 50 pounds it is a struggle ever day.
  7. vickieolv

    Getting Stuck...

    like he said get up walk around for a little bit and it should pass, Teejo im going half to try the enzyme tablets.
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    Big Girl Skinny Husband/boyfriend

    thanks, bayougirlmrsc
  9. vickieolv

    Big Girl Skinny Husband/boyfriend

    I have had my lap band for about 14 months, I've only lost about 50 pounds. But he tells me that'' I don't know why you got it , its not doing nothing for you'', it is depressing when he tells me that
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    What part of Texas are you from
  11. vickieolv

    Big Girl Skinny Husband/boyfriend

    my husband is a lot smaller than me, know that I'm losing the weight he's not liking it. Does anyone else have that problem.
  12. vickieolv

    Getting Stuck...

    in my opinion, chew your food till it becomes mushy and eat slow. Sometimes I forget to eat slow and I don't chew my food all the way. I will get a feeling in my chest and it is very uncomfortable.
  13. vickieolv

    Plastic Surgery After Lapband

    I'm going in the route of a abdominoplasty. I'm in the search of a plastic surgeon at the moment. After you got to your goal weight, how long did you wait to have plastic surgery
  14. vickieolv

    Plastic Surgery After Lapband

    oh OK thanks, i was considering trying to go the ins way, but the more I look into it I'm going to go the self pay way and get what I want.
  15. vickieolv

    Plastic Surgery After Lapband

    my insurance is covering my surgery,because it is medically neccesary,i.e. rashes or sores under belly how many times did you half to go see the dr, so the ins would cover it
  16. vickieolv

    Texas Where You At???

    I live in Waco, about 45 min from Austin. banded 14 months ago.
  17. vickieolv

    Realize Band

    I have had the realize band for about 14 months and I have had no problems with it
  18. vickieolv

    Gastric Bypass After Lap Band

    if you have had the lap band will ins cover another surgery
  19. what size is your band

  20. i was banded on Nov 19, 2010. I just wanted to check and see how everyone is doing. Has anyone had any fills yet.
  21. the last two days has been rough for me. i went back to work monday first thing i did when i got there at 4:30 in the morning was i got on the scale and noticed i gained two pounds back. since then Ive been very depressed cause i have been tring very hard to watch what i eat. i barely got my lap band on the 19 of nov.
  22. Don't be discouraged! One of the hard things about weight loss is trying not to have our emotions be determined by a scale. It's just another tool to help you, not the beginning or the end. Having said that, I have to ask -- you're up 2 lbs according to what scale? Were you on the same scale the last time you weighed yourself? And did you weigh yourself at the same of day both times? I jump on the scale first thing every single morning. It's in my bathroom. But if I forget (and sometimes I do) I can't go back to the bathroom 10 minutes later -- it won't be the same as it would have been before I got myself up and moving around. And if I weigh myself at the end of the day, forget it! I'll be up 10 lbs. It's crazy. it was the same scale and around the same time maybe 15 min differance
  23. vickieolv

    Nov 2010 bandsters

    the last two days has been very rough for me. im trying to do everything right but i feel like im felling myself.
  24. vickieolv

    I want a lap band

    I live in McGregor TX i got my lap band done in Waco by Dr Sims at providence
  25. same as below noticed we had the same surgery date