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I have used holistic things after surgery several time. I just brought them in my bags when I knew I was going to spend several nights in the hospital or just used them when I got home.
I would just be careful to use anything that contained TCH if you are going to be using the pain meds you come home from the hospital with.
If you are taking the pain meds you might not need them for any arthritis!

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I had RNY nearly two years ago and take CBD tincture daily (50mg), with no problems. My PCP approved this. I also take multiple prescription medications for ailments but the CBD doesn't adversely interact with them.

If you are uncertain whether CBD can work for you, ask for your doctor's opinion.

The tinctures are great but just one suggestion... If you decide to take CBD tincture, have a little food before using it because the oil can cause a little nausea for people with sensitive stomachs.

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