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Developed Diabetes After Surgery

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Has anyone out there developed diabetes AFTER surgery? I am 6 years out and not overweight but feel sick after I eat high carb meals. Usually things that contain bread or Cereal and milk or yogurt. I feel like I’m in a sugar coma- very sleepy, short of breath, nauseous etc usually 15 minutes after I eat. I started testing my blood sugar and found my sugar was high when I am feeling this way- like well over 200. As I started testing throughout the day, I also see I am having very large deviations from highs to lows. Is anyone else unable to tolerate these foods and has anyone else develop diabetes after surgery when you are not overweight?

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developing reactive hypoglycemia (RH) isn't that uncommon, but I haven't heard of people developing diabetes after surgery. In any case, I'm not sure it would be result of the surgery or not, since these surgeries tend to improve diabetes (or put it in remission).

in the case of RH, the things you mentioned happen to people after ingesting a lot of sugar, but the symptoms usually kick in an hour or two later. RH can be controlled by limiting (or avoiding) sugar and eating something every three or four hours. And if you eat a carb, you're supposed to eat a Protein with it.

I'd check with my PCP - not sure what's going on. But I'd sure want to get that under control...

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