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Time is really flying! I am doing well overall. Side effects/complications from surgery were minimal. In the hospital I had 2 dry heave events that felt like I needed to happen to release some pressure/gas or something, and only a couple nausea episodes after discharge. Abdominal pain subsided pretty quickly, except for that main incision site which would have occasional stabbing pain if I moved in a way it didn't like. I haven't had that for about 2 weeks now. Incisions healed very nicely. Energy level is improving, however when I overdo it I am definitely still wiped out. I am much more awake during the day. I can stay up much later than I did before, and still rise early. I sleep better. Still on my CPAP, but I no longer take my medication to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. Haven't taken it for at least a week, maybe two weeks. I also didn't take my restless leg syndrome medication last night and was fine. Wondering if I will be able to stop taking it altogether. Not sure on that one. That leaves me with my metoprolol (for tachycardia/fast heart rate) in the AM, along with Protronix which was prescribed for me to take for 60 days. I haven't had ANY acid reflux since surgery, so once the script is up I will probably go off of it unless I start having symptoms. I think I will be fine, and doc prefers to not continue it unless necessary. Yay! And at night I have to take my Lipitor for high cholesterol, but I am going to ask my doc if I can attempt to wean off of it when I lose a little more weight. Cholesterol has been controlled for a couple of years already and losing weight and eating healthier gives me hope that maybe I won't need it anymore. Seriously, the thought of only taking my metoprolol and no other medications daily has me really excited. Diet: I am doing well, but struggling with measuring and tracking. Need to improve on that for sure! I am finding that things that are higher carbs/higher fat do not sit well with my stomach, but that is fine with me since those are things I shouldn't be eating anyway! I usually take a bite or two and then just don't want them. What can I eat? I do well with ground beef, chicken, and Beans as real food sources of Protein. I love them when they are in some kind of a broth. I still really enjoy my homemade chili. I made a huge batch a couple weeks post op and froze most of it... and over the last month I finally finished ALL of it off. It seems to be my most complete meal that I actually enjoy. Debating whether or not to make another batch lol... on the fence since I don't want to get sick of it, you would think I would be already! I am fine with cooked veggies but don't feel quite ready to attempt many raw veggies. I am not doing any breads, rice, pastas etc. I have had a few whole wheat crackers with tuna/chicken salad twice... but not sure how much I want to eat of that even at this point. While I have definitely felt the effects of over eating... I have NOT thrown up even once. (Thank goodness lol) Weight loss? I am doing great, although I am on my 2nd stall right now. The first stall was at 4.5 weeks and lasted probably 5-6 days. Maybe it wouldn't have lasted so long, but I was at Disney with my daughter lol. This time I think it was triggered by me ordering take out from my favorite Mexican restaurant. I ordered healthy options and took several meals to eat it... but I am sure it was loaded with salt and such. I also find that when I order something, I am having a harder time keeping my portions small like they should be. Happened at Disney (though less so) and is happening again this week. Guess I need to not order any food for a while! Anyhow... since last May, I have lost 47 pounds, with 26 of those being post op. I wish it was more, but I think I am still on par considering I started at a lower BMI. I have officially lost more than 50% of my weight to get to MY goal (and only 19 pounds away from the docs goal). And as for the BMI... only a few pounds away from being "overweight" instead of obese! I am walking at least 2 miles every day. I hope to increase to doing this twice a day. I am also debating when to start pilates.

Anyhow... for any lower BMI people on the fence about surgery... I don't regret doing this for one minute! It is a lot of work. It requires a lot of lifestyle change, with regards to diet and exercise... but it is SO worth it!

Personal goals going forward:

Do better with measuring and recording

Walk more, twice a day preferred

Consistently make a green smoothie with protein for Breakfast (started this week).

Attempt to eat small salads for lunch soon

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I am SOOOO excited today... I am officially exactly 50 pounds down from my highest weight! I thought it would take a couple more days to get here! 50 down, 41.8 to go! Also very noteworthy... my doctor has my height listed at 5'4". For my ticker I go with that because I want my recordings to match what the Dr's office is recording. Based om that, I am almost at my "OVERWEIGHT" BMI... but my actual height is 5'4.75" if if you calculate BMI based on my true height, I am already OVERWEIGHT! I AM NOT OBESE! Feeling accomplished today!

Also, last night I did Yoga for the first time since surgery. I didn't do everything, but I did most of it! So... I walked my 2 miles in the early AM, then in the evening I did an hour of Yoga and followed up with 2 more miles of waking before going home! I am HOPING to do Yoga 3 days a week now that I am able to do most of it without worrying about my belly. That is... until I feel ready to go back to Pilates. I really don't like Yoga but I LOVE Pilates. I am until I feel more ready for hard core "CORE" work.

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      Me: Hey Siri, Is it raining outside? (for my morning walks with the dogs)
      Siri: I don't think it's raining at the moment.
      Wet Dogs: Then why are we wet? This damn Siri person is more stupid than we are.
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    • Billy Bob  »  lvidacovich

      Drink Muscle Milk. lol  Gt 60 to 90 gm quality Protein & daily vitimins, good sleep, walking & resistant ( weight /bands/squats ) You absolutely build muscle. 
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    • SabrinaGoddess

      I received my nutrition book and checklist today! I am so very excited (and a tad bit scared too) Each day this is becoming a reality!
      I created a new blog post about how BRAVE we all are for doing this. Because I think we are! Most of us know the horrors of people calling us nasty names, saying we can't control ourselves, we are easy targets for people's verbal attacks! But I feel we are BRAVE because we are taking control over our lives and creating a new world of happiness.

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    • SabrinaGoddess

      Today I scheduled my mental evaluation and my nutritionist appointments. Yes, we are moving along quiet nice.  December 9th will be here before you know it.
      I have informed my inner circle of family about the surgery and I will be keeping it in my CORE!

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    • drac2you

      Well, it has been a while since I posted here, but my journey continues. As for breaking my stall, I was able to get down to 214 with the help of a friend via our Fitbit fitness trackers which has made me ecstatic! Since that has happened I was fortunate enough to have my insurance company approve a panniculectomy to remove the panniculus (THIS is the correct term, NOT pannus, see this reference: https://www.merriam-webster.com/medical/panniculus) that has been deviling me for years, even before I had bariatric surgery. It was to the point that it was hanging down far enough to cover my pubic area, covered half my thighs when I would sit, and also drooped between my legs which I could hardly manage to keep together when sitting. For any males that may read this, for a woman that is pretty uncivilized, not to mention, unladylike especially when wearing a dress or skirt - just looks slovenly to say the least. Despite the numerous skin issues I had the last couple of years, my health insurance insisted the procedure was cosmetic... 🤐 . I would guess no one that is saying so has been in the bariatric patient's shoes. The damn thing was just getting to be a self-esteem killer in addition to a medical nuisance requiring many visits to my primary care physician, and interfering with my mobility. Now, I realize there are folks with more egregious panniculus sag issues, but the fact that it interferes with mobility is an important consideration.
      One thing I have to say is that this surgery is drastically different from any other I've had. Things occur that are deemed routine, expected even, after a panniculectomy that would be downright unacceptable after any other procedure. This plastic surgery experience is definitely a learning experience that is still unfolding as I key this entry. For one thing, the swelling is a story all it's own, I had no clue my abdomen could get so large, so quickly, without causing my skin to just split open - it's crazy! So far, I'm pleased to have been able to get this procedure despite may be perceived as drawbacks, just to get the pendulous adipose tissue demon off of my person. Here are a few links to information about this procedure for anyone considering it in the future:
      https://www.yourbariatricsurgeryguide.com/panniculectomy/ https://www.healthline.com/health/panniculectomy https://www.yourplasticsurgeryguide.com/tummy-tuck/panniculectomy/ https://www.plasticsurgery.org/reconstructive-procedures/panniculectomy/safety https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK499822/ I hope you find this information helpful. I will provide updates periodically on my progress of this surgical recovery. Have a wonderful day! 
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      1. Panda333

        Thank you and good luck to you!

      2. SabrinaGoddess

        WOW, thank you for sharing all this with us!

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