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clear liquid vegan protein source

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what did y’all use as Protein source during clear liquid stage? i am hoping to find some unflavored Protein Powder to vegetable broth but no luck so far.

* edited * found some: BulkSupplements Pea Protein powder

this was highest rated unflavored vegan protein; i’ll review it.


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okay i bought: PROMIX Vegan Protein Powder | Dairy Free, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Organic (1 Pound, Vegan + B12)

mixes well and is very filling. i mix it in 16 oz of vegetable stock, with dash of cayenne pepper. each serving (2 scoops) is 25gm of protein.

very easy on tummy. no taste BUT strong green pea smell. it doesn’t bother me but if smell of peas puts you off it might not work for you.

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