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  1. I was initially looking into DS but feel that RNY may be a safer procedure for me. Sort of kicking myself for not going with it in the first place. I think my sleeve did right by me but I failed it. I lost 60 lbs now the first 2 years then an additional 20 about 5 years out. I think I fell victim to the "I'm good now so I can eat what I want" syndrome. I am now up 50lbs and need help getting back down. I'm in the research phase and haven't made any decisions just yet. Good luck with your surgeries, looking forward to hearing your experience!
  2. No I didn't get it done because my BMI wasn't high enough. I am now around 230 smh. That's a 30lb gain since I started this thread last year. I may qualify now but I haven't looked into it any further but I will update here if I do!
  3. Hi all! I haven't been on in forever. I was sleeved on 7/28/10 so I'm almost 6 years out. I have lost a total of 95lbs and just within the past year gained back 15-20. Lowest weight was 180 and now fluctuate in the high 190s. I have an appt in two weeks to discuss the Overstitch procedure. I had never heard of it until I requested a referral to a bariatric center to discuss a revision to my sleeve. I'm not finding a lot of information so I'm reaching out to see if anyone has this procedure and what their experience has been. I have about 40 more lbs to lose to reach a healthy weight. I absolutely love my sleeve and have had no complications. Feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback about the Overstitch procedure. Thanks!!
  4. @@Wolfgirl78 Congrats on being so close to goal! Would you mind sharing what you eat in a typical day and if you exercise? You can message me if you want. Thanks!
  5. @@Mooseknuckle Yes, when I was just a year post-op, the weight did just fall off, slowly but surely. When your are as far out as I am, not so much lol. Like I said, when I did a drastic clean eating diet, I lost about 15lb over 2months but I wasn't able to stick to it. I do it clean most of the time which is why I haven't gained an insane amount of weight but will admit to liking my snacks! Hummus and triscuits are my thing right now. I didn't see the post that offended you but hopefully we can continue to encourage each other on this journey to being healthy.
  6. @@SiSSi829 Did you mean to post a link to the video? I don't see anything. It's probably the one from the Apollo company that is posted on Youtube. Let me know what you found. Thanks!
  7. @@LadyK44 Thanks for the encouragement! I also spoke to the bariatric center about a doctor supervised diet so I will discuss that at the appointment as well. I'm just a little frustrated because I've been working out, got a trainer, modified my diet, but haven't seen any real results. I think I am fairly fit as I completed a 5K the other week so I'm not sure how I can get these last 40lbs off. I'm always open for advice!
  8. @@Wolfgirl78 I actually have 40lbs I would like to lose. I was maintaining in the 180s (low 190s on a bad day) for a few years and now I'm averaging 200. I'm seeing a slow increase instead of loss so I want to take action before I gain even more weight. Although I'm considered a success because I lost 80lbs, I never reached my goal so that's what I'm hoping to achieve. I had not heard of this procedure either. I had to youtube and google it but found some good information. The surgeon goes down the esophagus to the stomach to make it more narrow with stitches. I like that there are no incisions and is considered a safer procedure than laproscopy. Some patients can be discharge the same day. Look up Apollo Overstitch to see the video of the sleeve revision. There are several different techniques for the different types of weight loss surgeries.
  9. @@Jesm1029 Yes unfortunately I did start eating carbs and sugar again. About a year ago I started clean eating (which cuts out a lot of carbs and sugar) and I lost 15lbs. I wasn't able to stick to it strictly but I believe changing my diet is why I haven't gained back a ton of weight. I use splenda as a lower calorie option.
  10. @@chele367 When I was newly post op as you are, I followed the instructions of my doctor and nutritionist. As the years passed, I was not so strict. At about 3 or 4 years post op I stopped waiting the appropriate time to drink before and after meals. I now drink with meals as I did pre op. I mainly eat chicken and seafood. I always keep Protein powder in pantry but do not drink one daily. Those are some of the main changes. I can eat more now than I could newly post op but not nearly as much as before surgery. I feel that my pouch has stretched in that aspect but with a little more restriction, I may be able to get a handle on portion control again. Hope I answered all your questions! Good luck and congrats on your success thus far. Hang in there. Weight loss may be slow but it adds up. Trust me lol.
  11. Hey Patty! I just want to say hello! I haven't been on here much so I'm trying to catch up with everybody. Hope all is well.

  12. Hey Lea, Just stopping by to say hi! Hope everything is going well.

  13. Hey Lea. I've made my videos private but send me a message on YT and I will send you my latest upload! :-)

  14. LapGyrl

    July Surgeries

    Hey Everyone! It's been a while since I've posted here. Glad to see everyone is doing well for the most part. I have been a slow loser but I am losing so I can't complain! I actually gained weight this week for the first time. 1.6 lbs I think. That kicked my butt into gear and I joined a gym. I am already 4lbs down since Wednesday so inactivity was definitely my problem. I've lost about 22 lbs since surg which was a little over 7 weeks ago. I just wanted to check in with you all. Hopefully school will take it easy on me so that I can find more time for VST! Probably not though lol. Take care!
  15. LapGyrl

    Booked With Dr Aeves Sept 28

    Wishing you the best
  16. LapGyrl

    eek! Tomorrow!

    Wow, I told myself I would be his first leak too lol. And I wasn't! It's only natural to think the worse but try to focus on all the benefits you will reap. Be sure to take the ativan so you won't freak out tomorrow night. I wish you the best :-)
  17. I'm sorry you are having such a tough time post-op . I really hope you get better and have a great journey with the sleeve.
  18. LapGyrl

    Surgery Secrecy

    When I was pre-op I only told 3 close friends and the family I work with because I wouldn't be able to lift my client for a few weeks. Since I've had surgery I've told a few more people. I'm not keeping it a secret but I also don't feel the need to post it on Facebook either! If it comes up in conversation I'm fine with telling how I lost the weight. I haven't lost a lot so not many people have said anything yet.
  19. Glad I found this thread. I have only gone once since I left the hospital 10 days ago. I didn't even realize I haven't been going until yesterday when I started feeling uncomfortable. I will be getting some Miralax first thing tomorrow morning!
  20. I also had trouble urinating. It was so weird because I knew I had to go but couldn't. The nurse gave me something in my IV and I went instantly. I was just a few hours post op and little loopy so I didn't think to ask what it was. I usually always ask what the med is before I accept it.
  21. Wow you have lost so much weight!! Are you really 1 lb away from goal? Congratulations!

  22. LapGyrl

    Soft foods: Italian Beef & Zucchini recipe

    I saw this on your site and I can't wait to try it! There was another recipe I saw that I thought was good but can't remember what it is. I'm just now going to full liquids so I have some time before I can try it. Thanks!
  23. Hey everyone! Today was the longest day ever! I left this morning at 430am and got to San Diego at 1030 (but it was really 130pm my time). I had to wait forever for my bags but they eventually came and I was off to Mexicali. It was a two hr drive. I had my pre-op testing so all I could have was water. By this time I am HUNGRY! I got to the hosp and had my blood drawn, EKG, chest x-ray and urine test. Everything looked good, thank God. Then I met with several people. An intake person, Dr. Garcia the anesthesiologist and finally Dr. Aceves the surgeon. Tomorrow I meet with Dr. Campos the nutritionist. I finally got to eat something at 5pm (remind you 8pm my time!). I walked to a pharmacy with a lady I met on the ride over. All in all a good day but just busy. Everyone is just as nice as I've heard. Tomorrow is the big day. I'm first on the schedule so I'm glad about that. Say a prayer for me please!
  24. Hey Donna! I will be sure to check out your site as I am a newbie, 5 days post-op. Thanks so much.
  25. I'M HOME!!!!!! It felt so good to sleep in my own bed last night (and on my belly woohoo!) Traveling yesterday was long but I upgraded to first class so I was more comfortable. I was mad I couldn't eat the short ribs, chicken chowder, cheesecake, steak and pasta they served. I just sipped my tea and was glad that I at least wasn't hunger because that would have been torture. I must admit I was going to get a bowl of soup and just sip the liquid but when I saw the other passengers bowl I knew it was too thick and didn't want to get sick on a plane. I took a pain pill last night when I got home at midnight and a friend stayed over so I wouldn't spend my first night alone. I hope I won't need anymore of those. I am feeling great today. I had to by antibacterial soap (Dial) to wash with because the wound where the drain was is open and I had to get gauze to change the dressing. I already had skin tape. I have to take the dressing off before my shower and put a new one on after drying off. Well, I guess this is my last entry to this thread. I can now post my weekly updates in the Post-Op forum! :-) Thank you all for being there for me. Any questions please let me know and I will answer them privately or on here, which ever you prefer!

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