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  1. chubbychops

    8/16/09 193ish

    oh my gosh, you look 10 years younger, and sooo handsome, great job
  2. chubbychops

    August 1st 101 down

    Mel you look Fab-u-lous, such a great inspiration, you have worked a miracle girl!
  3. chubbychops

    PICT1735 me and my girls

  4. chubbychops

    IMG 6962 day before my surgery july 6th 2009

    good luck bstone, I am with you all the way!
  5. chubbychops

    July 25,2009 44 lbs down-10.5 weeks post-op.

    Rachie... you are doing great and look fan-bloody-tastic, good job. Now I need to catch up again dammit lol
  6. chubbychops

    this is 3.5 weeks out from face lift.

    Corliss, you look lovely, so pretty and youthful. I am jealous lol
  7. chubbychops

    No caption

    fab-u-lous and some.
  8. chubbychops

    6 mnths post-op, 50 lbs down

    amazing, congrats, so pretty and look so much younger, good job
  9. chubbychops

    76 lbs gone. 30 more to go.

    wow, you look great, good job. a new woman!
  10. chubbychops

    5th week post op

    good job, you look so different already, years younger and full of life, well done
  11. chubbychops

    Hi from UK

    hello Heather I am in the uk in Durham too. How did the tummy tuck go? Hope all is well. I was banded april 09 and am doing okay, lost 39lbs so far, still have a way to go. Would be good to chat. Chubbs :thumbup:
  12. chubbychops


    holy moses! you look fab, what a difference Hun, great job!
  13. chubbychops


    Chica, you look soooo good, a different person, I love your photos, thanks for sharing
  14. chubbychops

    Am I too old?

    hi lexus lady I was banded April 5th 09 and I am 54 years old. I am in good health luckily, so no co-morbitities. I weighed 238 at the outset and have now dropped 34lbs. Almost getting into the one hundred, just another 4lbs to go. I have not regretted it for a minute, it has given me back a sense of control in/over my life. I think it probably took me slightly longer to recover after the op than it would have done 20 years ago, but so what. I am going to be healthier and stronger than I have been for many years and I am going to live a better and probably longer life. I hope this helps Chubby ps my hubby held me tonight in his arms and said "wow you are really shrinking" made me feel great
  15. Hi, I Have been banded since 5th April 2009. I has an empty band until my first fill on May 7th, when I got 4mls put in under x-ray. Result..... no percetable difference. Second fill was 19th May (3ms more), thing is......... I can feel foods goiung down and if I do not chew enough is a bit painful. I have been stuck once on a dryish mothful of sea bass ( not nice) BUT I do not seem to have any restriction as to the amount I feel I can eat. I could (but really do try not too) eat plates full of food and do not feel any different. Am I resticted or not? Do I need another fill or not? Will another fill just mean it is harder to get down some foods like the sea bass story, or will I start to recognise fullness before I have eaten a full plate of food? Anyone else felt like this, or am I a lap band freak? Chubby
  16. chubbychops

    is this normal... or am I wierd?

    Queenie, You are in the healing phase at the moment, Your tummy is confused and inflammed and irritated so it is giving you conflicting messages. The main thing to remember is not to put any strain on the band or your stitches until healing has taken place. This means following your Dr's instructions faithfully even though it will be difficult to do so at times. You will get to where you want to be, but it does take a bit of time too. Hang on in there and you will truely be a queen bee! Best of luck Chubby
  17. chubbychops

    is this normal... or am I wierd?

    Susan and Bro, Thank you so much for the replies. I am so relieved not to be the only one feeling like this. Sounds like it could be quite normal then lol. I have an appt for my third fill on June 4th so fingers crossed it will get better. I must admit I am less hungry than I was before my second fill so there is some merit in what your Dr said Bro. However like you also said........ I would not have needed this band if I could control my portion sizes to begin with. Susan, please do not worry or be afraid about the fills. They are so easy and virtually pain free. I have felt more discomfort when having a routine blood test, therefore you need worry no more. The fills are what will lead us to success, on that ground I embrace them and actually look forwads to each one..... it means I am getting to where I need to be. I know the band is a tool I must work with but I am hopeless at DIY lol, hoping it all falls into place soon. Thanks again Chubby
  18. chubbychops

    is this normal... or am I wierd?

    Sorry for the omission. The band is a 14mls band. I have an appointment for a 3rd fill on 4th June, hopefully that will sort out my confused feelings then Thanks for your replies Chubby
  19. chubbychops

    One word-TRAUMATIC! First fill-10 1/2 wks out

    oh Brie, what an shocking experience. But I must say I really loved your post. You should write a book, just about your medical experiences! You could retire on the proceeds. Hope you are feeling okay, we missed you on chat tonight
  20. I have had laproscopic strilisation and lapband. In my instance they were very similar in pain/recovery. I took me about 6 days each time to feel okay. Good luck with your surgery.
  21. chubbychops

    after losing 73lbs, from a size 18 to a 8

    wow, wow and wow. You look fan,bloody,tastic lol and years younger too. Well done, you are a star!
  22. chubbychops

    This is why I have to change........

    good luck for Friday, I am sure you will be fine with the needle thing too. Welcome to a new life
  23. chubbychops

    It's me and my new look 02/29/09

    fantstic result, you look fab and so much younger, a total babe!
  24. chubbychops

    The Itch is Back

    jeez are you sure you are not from Newcastle upon tyne lol

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