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    Hi all, Anyone else out there worried about wrinkles appearing as their faces deflate?! I am taking collagen each evening to try to help my skin reset itself but I wonered if anyone out there has any tips to help. I am also taking resveratrol every morning to maximize body repair. I suppose I should not expect to look like I did before I gained weight but a fair approximation in a dim light would be nice.:confused1:
  2. Jane_J

    Came back to forum, because I need support...

    Jack what a brilliant post, love the sandwich analogy, that's exactly how I have been feeling. My NY resolution was 'Yes to positivity' and I am trying really hard to change my way of thinking, bit like CBT. Jane x
  3. Jane_J

    CHECKING IN! Wow... love the new look and website. :)

    Its so nice to hear from you all again. It's sad though to hear about so many health issues. I have resurrected my supplement regime as of today just in case. I think I was left with a slightly larger stomach than the size the US and Mexican surgeons do, as I can eat a 6 oz filet steak and some veg in one go these days. So hopefully I only have to watch out for the B12 trap. Psychologically I think I believed that if I lost all the weight my life would suddenly become perfect and all my problems would disappear. What actually happened is that i lost the weight, became incredibly vain and introspective, had to confront that I'm in my mid 50s and that boat has sailed, and now i'm trying to find the real me. You would think by now I would have more self awareness and be able to see these things. The thing the sleeve does not help you govern is booze. I can drink quantities of it, no problem (apart from falling on my face of course), and Tony and i have had some massive sessions. I cannot join him in eating any more but iI can drink with him. Why God blessed (!) me with an addictive non moderate personality I don't know, is there an up side to it. To be able to be moderate in all things is an unobtainable dream to me. I post this hoping it might help others who are in a similar boat. I wish all my fellow sleevers (and any other types of surgery) well and especially those with health issues. Hang on in there and hopefully 2014 will be the year it all comes together. Jane
  4. You need some meds for that Kim, it's really horrible feeling sick and being scared of hurting your poor little stomach by retching. See your doctor and when you do drink your fluids do it very very slowly. It'll all get better xx
  5. Excess weight can be defined as if your waist measurement is greater than half your height, seems to be a new measure that is more accurate than BMI and also abdominal fat is the really bad type.
  6. I think it is good that your posts are seen. I think the medical profession should do a better job of weeding out unsuitable people for this op for their sakes. I just want to say though that for a motivated person who understands what they are doing WLS is a good option if all other avenues are exhausted. I am now 4 years out and from a BMI of 41.5 I achieved a normal BMI (sub 25) within 10 months and have maintained the normal range ever since.
  7. Laura, I've had rum cocktail poured into my mouth by a near naked man on the bar counter in a gay bar in Panama. Well I think it was rum cocktail. What a great night that was :-)
  8. Wow, I can't believe some of the responses on here. I think the medical profession need to do a better job of screening to only perform the op on people who are in the right place mentally. I hope no one who really really wants to lose the weight is put off by some of these replies. For me and many, many people I have talked to since early 2009 VSG has been the answer to our prayers. Yes hunger comes back but it's normal hunger, not the deranged stuff it down as fast as possible type. Yes you have to be sensible with what you eat but again it's a normal way of eating. Today as I approach my 4 year anniverary of my sleeve I had 2 fried eggs and 2 grilled rashers of bacon for Breakfast. For lunch I had a large bowl of homemade chicken and sweetcorn Soup. For a snack I had an apple. For dinner I plan on some roast pork and vegetables. I walked for 1 and a half hours in the woods so all of this will give me net calories of approx 800. I am trying to shed some weight I gained from partying too hard. I have been having a ball since I got down to a normal BMI. Jane
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    From the album: Jane_J

  10. Hi isajck. I had over a years bad health after my surgery. I think it takes a while to adjust for some people. I took Vitamin D, Calcium Citrate and sub lingual Vitamin B12. Deficiencies in either of those rwo Vitamins could be causing your problems maybe. Any hows I hope you get back to tip top form ASAP! All the best, Jane
  11. Jane_J

    Feeling Miserable

    Yes I am the same. Life will become normal for you, just believe that and hang on in there.
  12. Jane_J

    2 Years Sleeved

    I was sleeved on the 12th May 2009, I initially weighed 254lbs and am 5ft 6in tall. I am now 133lbs. You have done really well. It's important that we tell those making this decision now what the outcome will most likely be, extremely positive.
  13. Jane_J

    OMG I want a beer!

    I can drink beer no problem now. So when you are at target and want to take the foot off the weight loss gas you can have a few beers.
  14. 65lbs from the actual date of the op, there was weight loss prior to that due to the preop diet.
  15. Jane_J

    I'll show you mine... (LBD's)

    Wow you look very good indeed. You gotta love the VSG & LBD!!
  16. Jane_J

    Frustrated that the Sleeve is "just another diet"

    Hi Rose, I am 53, was 51 when I had the op. It will work as I can attest even if you are older. How many calories are you getting in each day? I found that I lost most if I ate around 1200 a day, otherwise my body went into shut down mode. When you get to goal it's easy to just maintain I have found, so don't lose heart. Jane x
  17. Jane_J

    NSV shout outs

    Claire that is great and pretty funny too. My daughter is studying medicine and they know that the fat bodies they dissect will have massive muscles compared with the thin ones. We need those muscles to move the bulk around, so the trick is to lose the weight and retain the muscle mass, hence the high protein diet.
  18. Meggspeggs, you will not die from this procedure and there are many people who have had their stomachs reduced in this way for other medical reasons who live happily and healthily to old age. In fact you are more likely to live longer than if you were still obese. So put a positive spin on it. Maybe go to your doctor and see if you can get some meds for the anxiety, life is too short to be unhappy. Good luck and love to you. Jane x
  19. Thanks all. The dress and shoes came from our local charity shop and cost a whole £14.50 total!! The charity shop purchasing was born of rapid weight loss and it was the cheapest way to get through it, and I got the habit. I think the dress is Italian designer, Rinascimento, the shoes were unworn and made by Unisa which is an expensive brand. I love a good bargain I do!
  20. Jane_J

    NSV shout outs

    I just tried my wedding dress on from 22 years ago today and it fitted!!!! Whoo hoo! :D
  21. Jane_J

    Jean that FIT!

    If you can get them in the USA Marks and Spencers jeggings are good.
  22. Jane_J

    Hey you guys...

  23. Jane_J

    Hey you guys...

    Budgie smugglers you mean?!!!
  24. Hi, There is some data and it's from people who have had essentially a VSG for other reasons, like ulcer or cancer removal. I have a freind who had a large proportion of his stomach removed 20 years ago due to an ulcer and he is absolutely fine. Jane x
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    My kids call it their mimsy, this a completely new term to me but it sounds quite nice

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