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Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. I’m 10 weeks post gastric bypass surgery. Can’t really eat anything- weight loss is slow infact some days scales go up!! I’m exercising daily. What should I be attempting to put in my mouth???
  2. claireJennians

    What should I be eating??

    I’m experiencing pain on eating and after eating for 2-3 hours. I was sick for the first time the other night after attempting to eat some chicken breast. I am very windy after eating burping but does not feel like acid reflux like before surgery! I’m only able to eat a few spoonfuls. Can’t eat any meat pasta and it also sometimes just depends on the day!
  3. claireJennians

    5 weeks post op

    Hello All Advice needed. I’m 5 weeks post op. I’m struggling with a lot of pain on occasions (random) with drinking water and eating!! Like sharp contractions but worse! Can last seconds / minutes or hours! My stools are very pale almost white! Plus I’ve not lost any weight in like 2 weeks in fact I’ve gained weight!! Help!!
  4. claireJennians

    Is this normal?

    I had mine on 20th December also!! I took lactulose to help with my first BM!
  5. claireJennians

    Post-op day 3 and struggling

    I’m day 6 and still hurts when drink cold water. Warm seams to be better! Feel I’m slightly dehydrated

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