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  1. I’m twenty days “new” today. I had complications (there were two hours of removing former surgical adhesions and scar tissue). I was in the hospital for 10 days. I think they just liked me being there. I’m a super optimist so I tried to make light of things like horrible diarrhea. I was treated so well the whole time. I’m still nauseous and in pain but like my mom said.. “this too shall pass”. On the happy side.. I’ve lost 23 pounds. I have no idea about how many inches. I think I look the same. I think it’s all lost in my face. 😀😀
  2. OMG..I had surgery on October 29, was in the hospital 10 days. I’m on clear liquids and protein shakes. Can’t wait to get to the next part! I had liquid diarrhea every few minutes the entire time. The first night back I non stopped puked and had forceful diarrhea from 9pm until 7 am the next day. I think they were 15 minutes between where I was ok. I was SO exhausted! It finally stopped and I was so exhausted. I still haven’t gotten sleep since December 28th. I’m SO tired.
  3. I had mine scheduled for today but they rescheduled it for tomorrow due to an emergency. After disinfecting my whole body and itching all night.. now I have to it all over again. I’m with you!
  4. Mine in Tucson is: Dr. Guillermo Higa.
  5. Mine is tomorrow. Please send updates of how you’re doing and things to look out for. I’m SO excited for you. We’ll be on this journey together. 😀😀
  6. My surgery is tomorrow afternoon. Please send good karma my way. The surgeon said it was going to be more challenging because of previous colon surgeries. I’m super excited and nervous at the same time. I hope to get off some of my meds, get rid of some pulmonary, blood pressure and back problems. I have struggled my whole life with my weight. I have really gotten a lot of good advise from this site. Thanks to everyone who is on here. At least I’m not alone in this adventure. 😀😀♥️♥️
  7. Was there a reason that you got your surgery in Turkey? Did you have a language barrier with the nurses? Was the plane ride hard for you on the way back?
  8. Mine is the 28th. Please let me know every thing that I should expect!
  9. I’m scheduled for the sleeve December 28th. I started pre op The 22nd. No Christmas candy, cookies and my much loved Prime Rib. I had no Thanksgiving either.. I was in the hospital with blood clots in my leg. I’m going to Las Vegas in April. I’m worried about what I could eat. A lot of people claim they could eat anything after four months but I don’t want to get sick eating something I shouldn’t. Since you already had surgery.. please tell me everything I should know. 😀😀 Thanks so much.. Betsy

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