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  1. Jodikins67

    Is pain normal?

    I had surgery June 22nd. I had pain that I thought was gas….it got pretty intense. It was actually spasms in my pouch and esophagus. I drank warm peppermint tea and used a heating pad on my upper stomach and chest. Pain was totally gone in 1 week. Good luck!!!!
  2. There is an app called Baritastic it is awesome for tracking everything and really helps me. On a week day I eat a breakstone cottage cheese double with fruit .. usually blueberry. For lunch I alternate tuna in the pouch with light Mayo, a dash of mustard, salt and pepper, and egg salad. Snack I like hummus or the 2 oz marketfresh guacamole with about 6 pita chips. Dinner I have baked or air fried chicken with pinto beans or green beans. I also like the P3 protein snacks when I am in a hurry. I make a taco casserole the family have also. Brown Turkey with taco seasoning, add a can of mild rotel, and a can of black beans drained…. While that is simmering, lay carb control tortillas in the bottom of a 13 x 9 baking dish and spread warmed up fat free re fried beans on top of those … then pour the meat mixture on top and spread out. Cover with fat free Mexican cheese and bake till the cheese is bubbly and brown. This is flavorful and delicious … the rest of the fam can eat with chips ricotta cheese with Splenda and cinnamon is good also
  3. Jodikins67

    Typical weight loos

    I use the baritastic app to help me track everything. It is really helpful. I’ve lost 37 total since 6/7/2021, but only 20 since surgery on 6/22/21. I’ve lost a lot of inches. I’m down 1 pants size and 2 shirt sizes. I just don’t feel like I am progressing as fast as others and it scares me
  4. Jodikins67

    June Surgeries

    Same here. With Food and protein drink I get over 100 grams of protein. I was told to out drink and it should pick up. I’ve lost a 4’inch bra extender 👐🏻👐🏻 I feel the slower it comes off maybe the less saggy you are doing great!
  5. I keep reading about people only able to eat 2 tablespoons post sleeve…. I am almost 3 weeks post op, and on the purée phase. I am prepping in 4oz containers. I can eat 4oz of puréed soup with no issues, the same with puréed cottage cheese, yogurt, jello or pudding. I do get fuller after hummus or ricotta … but can usually do about 3oz of those with no issues. I do stop at the 4 oz even if i don’t feel full. I really dont want to over do it. I am not having nausea or pain at all and haven’t since day 1. I can also drink more than a sip or two at one time. If I drink too much I do get a pain from that but not bad. I think I am afraid the surgeon didn’t make my stomach small enough or I have already stretched it out if that is possible this early….. I just want to get this right. I am getting between 600 and 700 calories a day and on average 55 to 60 grams of protein. Doing pretty good with the 40/40/20 split protein/fats/carbs. Any help, advice or re-assurance welcomed
  6. I had sleeve at CER Hospital with Dr. Carlos. It was sparking clean, I had great care! No hotel involved, I was at hospital 3 days. I followed the pre op 100% which made surgery easier and quicker. We wanted for nothing. Pick up and drop off @ San Diego airport . It was easy peasy and they were great. Surgery 6/22 and I am already off all my diabetic meds and a1c Is improved. It was a great experience!!!!
  7. Jodikins67

    Help … am I eating too much???!!!

    ❤️❤️. Thank you!! Sounds like you are doing great too
  8. I am needing to track mainly my protein but also other nutrition and fluids ... need some suggestions on apps that do this easily .... thanks in advance And go!
  9. Jodikins67


    I am loving the Baritastic app 💜💜. Thanks y’all!
  10. Jodikins67

    Help … am I eating too much???!!!

    Thank you!!!! I am so glad I found this forum! I appreciate your input
  11. Jodikins67

    Help … am I eating too much???!!!

    This makes me feel so much better !!!!! Thank you
  12. Jodikins67


    Thank you!
  13. Jodikins67

    Post Op Liquid Diet - Juice Ok?

    I am 1 week post op and I am allowed diluted no sugar added apple juice. I will say after I drank it, I had bad gas and diarrhea… so I won’t do it again for a while. I think it must be like dumping syndrome on a smaller scale due to the sugar🤷🏻‍♀️
  14. I had surgery 6/22/21 at CER in Tijuana with Dr. Carlos. Great experience, but I have been having spasms in my esophagus/pouch area.? Was wondering if anyone else experienced these and how long did they last? Thanks in advance 😊
  15. Jodikins67

    Esophageal/stomach spasms post op

    It’s like a Charlie horse in my lower chest. A heating pad helps as well as hot tea or broth. They were really bad but are getting better. I do have follow up here
  16. Jodikins67

    June Surgeries

    New here. I had the sleeve 6/22/2021 in Mexico. Look forward to learning from this group.

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