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  1. I've got one week down and have been happy that I'm not starving. But I am desperately wanting real food to chew. All in all this last week should go pretty quickly. Jan 3rd is coming and I still have a couple of things to get together.
  2. Thank you, that was interesting.
  3. RNY Jan. 3rd! In two days I start my liquid diet.
  4. RNY on Jan 3rd. I started this process a year and a half ago.
  5. I hope I can communicate my question to you all. I am in a long waiting period for surgery like about a year. So I've been reading lots. My question pertains to people's tendency to regain. For those of you especially who are years out from surgery has your appetite come back as strong as it was prior to surgery? Do you have the desire to eat even more frequently to compensate for your smaller stomach or can you eat like you did before? I have dieted so very many times in my lifetime with soul searching and introspection. I've been sure this was it to never to regain my weight back, several times. However, its never worked for me. So am I unrealistic to think that this surgery could be the physical help I need to help maintain weight loss? I guess I'm looking for insight as how the actual surgery worked for you long term. I know there is the change in eating but if that were all there were I would think more of you would be unsuccessful. Thank you in advance for any insight you can give me.
  6. Ok, I hear you all. And I get it I think. The surgery is a tool to help you get to a point where your mind, willpower and new habits have to take over. Some of you seem to be saying that years down the road there is little difference, except for starting point and maybe some restriction, between having had surgery and just following a good healthy diet for weight maintenance. I will try to follow a maintenance plan now and not graze. I suppose its good to know that I will always need to be diligent. Thank you
  7. E-mom

    Final Weigh-in

    Boy do I hear you. After fulfilling months of my plan's requirements I had my surgeon consult last February. They are working through a covid backup and battling a hospital staffing shortage. I'm hoping for a late fall surgery. Coming to sites like this one help me keep it real. I hope your call comes soon.
  8. Hope you are doing well. I am still on a long hold for rny. Keep us updated on how you're progressing. I'll be watching.
  9. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That's why I decided to go for the surgery. Each time I regained, my all time high weight increased a few pounds more. It is time to break the cycle.
  10. RickM thank you for your thoughts. Some of which I had not considered before. I have only the two choices with my medical plan. I'm adding to my list of questions for the Doc once I get that appointment.
  11. I'm trying to decide between the sleeve and the RNY. I am retired and don't want to destroy my outlet of socializing with friends. Once you have healed up is there a difference between those two surgeries and being able to enjoy food and drink? Of course I expect limits on what and how much I ingest and I understand the dumping syndrome. My question is about enjoyment. I like the greater longevity of the RNY but not if I can't travel easily or go out and socialize without feeling deprived. Thank you for any insights into post WLS life.
  12. Thank you all for the information and reassurance.
  13. E-mom

    Post VSG Regrets?

    I'm still undecided on surgeries. Would you mind explaining your regrets for getting a sleeve?
  14. E-mom

    Documented weight loss attempts!

    I'm also still in the process of getting approved. My advise while too late for these people but for anyone reading this at a later date is to start anything you think you might need asap. You can always cancel or drop out later if you find you don't need it. I wasted months thinking that what I had would be OK. Now I use "Overkill"! And I'm still just hoping that will work.
  15. I have not found great information on long term (10 years) results with the sleeve. I understand its relatively new but I thought maybe some of you might have received this info from your Docs. I'm probably just not searching with the proper words. Thank you for any help on this.
  16. E-mom

    Sleeve long term

    Thank you, and the history on it is interesting.
  17. E-mom

    Insurance Medicare

    Yes, I'm in Medicare and I just was denied because I don't have an unsuccessful attempt with a medical weight loss program on record. I am about to start a 4 month approved program. Hopefully that will cover it. I saw your post was from April. What have you found out in your case?
  18. That's nice to hear Blackcats... Do you feel they have good follow up care? Or what did you do for the year or more following the surgery? I was thinking of a bypass but not if I get the surgery out of town. I think a sleeve would be safer. I've been waiting weeks for Kaiser's verdict but I'd like to be ready with Plan B.
  19. I am a great yo yo dieter. So at 66 yrs old, I've finally come to the conclusion that if I want to keep my weight off I need a new approach. WLS fits the bill on that. I've scoured the internet and feel fairly informed. My doc agreed that WLS would be a good option for me. I have Kaiser insurance but I may not quite meet their qualifications. So my question is - Is there a bariatric surg. program in the Portland, Or area that will take a marginally non qualifying person? I won't have insurance so cost will be a consideration. Thank you for any info you can give me.
  20. Thank you. I will talk with my doc. I guess I was hoping there would be a Blossom type clinic around me.

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