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    Still a virgin at 46

    Guess I'm a little late to this, but it's not true that it's not about looks. If that were the case, I would just date men. There has to be a physical attraction. I learned I was just as unattractive thin as I was overweight. I was rejected just the same thin as I was overweight.
  2. I received a gastric sleeve back in June of 2016 so I'm coming up on my 5 year anniversary. I at one time weighed nearly 500 pounds and got the surgery at 380 as I lost 120 pounds on my own prior to surgery. I was down all the way to 160 pounds. My doctor even said I could stand to gain a few pounds. Problem is, I gained more than a few. I currently weigh about 330 pounds now. I have developed a hernia that will probably need to be surgically repaired. Given that, I'm considering a revision. Can a hernia be repaired while doing a revision? Has anyone gone from a sleeve to bypass? What are the differences you experienced with a sleeve vs bypass? I will also add I'm in the process of seeing a psychiatrist. I've learned I have social anxiety and the weight loss wasn't a cure for that anxiety. I'm almost looking at it as a do over and continuing therapy after surgery. Anybody have success doing a revision?
  3. Revisionist

    Considering revision

    I think I got too caught up on the success. I went from about 500 pounds to under 170. Doctors were telling me to gain a couple pounds. I was eating about 900 calories a day with plenty of exercise. I would eat about two pieces of chicken breast tenderloins for dinner. Now I eat six and can probably still keep going. Just can't seem to shake these extreme shifts in weight.
  4. Revisionist

    Considering revision

    I don't have issues with GERD. My surgeon is pretty respected and has been doing this for a while. Patients travel from out of state to see him. Even patients who are too large to walk and need medical transport see him. I'm interested in the differences of living with say a bypass vs sleeve? Maybe that's best to look over the bypass forum. If I need to have the hernia surgically repaired, I think I would want to have a revision done as well and hopefully do it in one surgery. I think I got the hernia because I gained so much weight.

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