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  1. Hi everyone! I am struggling with my weight right now. My surgery weight was on 4/19/21 I was at 396lbs and now its January 16th and I'm at 309lbs. I am a slow loser haha I feel like I should have lost more weight by now. Before surgery though I actually lost seventy pounds to get approved so my biggest weight December 2020 was 470lbs. I know I have come a long way and I am proud of myself but since October ish, I haven't really lost weight. I been at 309lbs for the past two and a half months and I am starting to not feel as motivated. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to help me get back to losing weight? I have a long way to go and I really want to get in the 200s already.
  2. Kat L

    Hungry Girl Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Ooooo I am making this this weekend! thanks for the recipe
  3. Thanks. I have actually struggle with logging in my food, I haven't done that in a really long time. I felt like I didn't really have to do it for the first six months so I recently started trying to get used to that habit, I would do well logging in breakfast but than the rest of the day I would just fail so I think I should start logging in my foods and try to develop this habit. I think I am doing well with my exercise; I think it's mostly my food. I know I was snacking way too much too so I am trying to now avoid snacking on those snacks that im like hooked to and im going to avoid eating out for this coming month and see if that helps. I just bought tons of meat at the store and veggies so im hoping this will help me this week, taking it day by day I do love cooking so my goal is to cook in batches for the next day and week, to make my food delicious and colorful and to just enjoy it again. I also do struggle eating slow, I tend to eat fast and I haven't been drinking at least 64oz of water per day, I know my body needs more especially with me exercising more. I guess I am just feeling overwhelmed with logging in my food, exercising, drinking enough of water, etc. So I guess I know what im struggling with, so I just need to focus on those to help me get back on track. It just seems harder already, my appetite has increased greatly and im lacking motivation at this moment because I still have a long way to go
  4. I knew that WLS was the right course of action for me because I have already tried everything else....I would lose like 30 pounds but than gained a 100 back within just half of a year. I started at 470lbs last December and I lost 70lbs to have my surgery, im now at 330lbs and it hasn't even been a year yet. I knew that if I didn't do anything, I would of stay depressed, still be experiencing a lot of back pain, and would probably end up in the hospital and, or dead. This has been the best decision I have made, it hasn't been easy but its been easier than it was being at 470lbs.
  5. Hey Gals! I'm really glad that there is a separate room for just us women! So I been struggling lately since surgery. I am 6 weeks post op and I was told that I can transition into soft foods, they told me between phase 4-phase 5. So I am just now starting to do that...but lately, I just feel like everything is a chore especially getting my water in. Since my surgery, I haven't done even 30oz of water per day but now im starting to finally do that, I actually woke up early this morning and set my timer for every 5 minutes to take a sip of water. I am almost done with 33oz so far and its not even 10am yet where im at. But I just feel like I should be losing more at my size. I started last December at 470lbs, before surgery I lost 70lbs and since surgery 6 weeks ago I have lost 55lbs but I dont know why, it just seems like I should have lost a lot more weight thus far. I went 2-3 weeks in the 360s and it started finally coming down again....but now the scale isn't moving again. I been exercising more than I did early on, started to go to the gym and starting to drink my water now. I just feel kind of just ugh, almost feeling like, why did I get this surgery? I also have a hard time knowing when im full sometimes and even when im feeling full, I have a hard time learning to stop when I do feel full, which before surgery that was always a challenge. Anyone else experience these feelings? I just feel like im way more obsessed with my weight than I was before surgery.
  6. Kat L

    Struggling! Motivation needed please :)

    Thank you everyone! I know I am so hard on myself. I need to just remind myself that I have already lost over 115lbs since only last December, its only been six months which is amazing. I have felt a lot better, im able to actually put on my shoes, able to move more. My joints dont hurt as much as when I was in my 400s. I found myself doing more around my apartment now like re-decorating and I have a much easier time cleaning. i dont ask my fiance to help me out as much, so I definitely feel more independent again. I am having a difficult time getting my protein and my water intake in, so I definitely need to work on this. i know today I only did about 30g of protein and I need to do at least 65 grams of protein per day. I tried drinking a protein shake to increase my intake but after a few sips, I was so sick of it. So that to me is a bit of a challenge. Today, I haven't done 64oz of water but I have done 50oz of water so far today which is the most I have done in the past month so at least im moving forward.... I definitely need to start paying more attention to the NSV. For example, now when im driving, my stomach isn't touching the steering wheel anymore which means I have a much easier time moving the steering wheel. I also don't need a seat belt extender anymore, however I still use it because my seatbelt sometimes locks up but still....that's a huge accomplishment! Now when im reminding myself how far I have come, I am feeling quite proud of myself. Thank you everyone, this is the motivation I needed
  7. Hi everyone! I was told that I can move past puree now, thank goodness. I am just nervous though because I feel like im just always stuck at the same weight. Does anyone have any websites or resources that help you come up with meal plans? I am going to try to make an appointment with a nutritionist next week but I just want like a solid plan for now. I guess they told me im in between phase 4-phase 5 which they mention is soft foods. I can have more food groups, including salad. But I am just feeling a little overwhelmed I guess. I am having a hard time knowing when im full and sometimes even when I feel full, I want to still eat everything thats on my plate. I am still trying to drink water every 5 minutes, I actually set a timer this morning to remind me to drink. I have been terrible at getting my water in, everything just seems like a chore right now.
  8. Kat L

    Meal Plans for Phase 4

    Thank you! That's great advice! I do struggle with eating fast because once I start eating, I feel so hungry and your totally right...sometimes I eat so fast and I dont feel full until after im done because I didn't give my stomach time to register. I need to remember to do what I do when I go to a restaurant or when I eat out with friends or my fiance. Every time I go to a restaurant, I would feel full fast because im eating slow and because im socializing. So I just need to remember to put my folk down between bites and to stop eating when I feel full, that to me is the biggest challenge right now.
  9. Hi everyone! So I definitely need some support in getting my water intake. I'm struggling getting water in big time. Its not like its that difficult for me to drink water, my problem is that I have such a busy work life as most of us do im sure. Most of the time im working strictly from home but I am also a mental health case manager, so I do outreach clients out to their homes and sometimes a session can be like an hour long and I would literally forget to drink water when im with my clients. Today for instance, i went to visit eight clients and I didn't drink water at all while I was out I'm concern about my water intake, im hardly getting any in. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions of something that works for you? I really need to get at lease 64oz in per day, to help with dehydration, for more energy and also to help with weight loss because I think my weight might be stalled because of me not drinking enough fluids.
  10. Thank you so much everyone! You gave me some ideas, I am finishing up my fourth cup of water today, its not too much yet but im really going to aim to get 8 cups of water in today. This is my goal!
  11. Hi everyone! So I am feeling very discouraged today. I weighed myself today for the first time in a week. I thought the scale would show some weight loss because I noticed that my stomach looks more flat than the previous week. To my surprise, the scale shows that I've gained five pounds in one week I'm not taking in that many calories on the puree stage, im just surprised to gain weight so soon after surgery. The first two weeks I have lost a lot of weight. The day of my surgery almost four weeks ago I was 397lbs and I am now in my 360s. But I still have a lot to lose and I just have so many thoughts in my head now, like was this surgery worth it if im just going to gain weight? I understand it may be water weight, I have been struggling drinking my water. Has anyone else had a similar story when they first started their journey especially being a couple hundred pounds overweight? Also how do you get 64oz of water in per day so early on? I am struggling, mostly because I forget to drink haha any suggestions?
  12. I haven't seen a nutritionist yet, I believe my first class appointment is late May. I eat small meals throughout the day, I found myself hungry a lot and I usually only eat 2oz at a time. But I usually eat something every three hours. But I guess I keep more tab on it, however still being in the puree stage, I wasn't expecting any weight gain. I'm not sure if anyone can share their experience as well? I would love to know that im not alone haha
  13. Kat L

    Weight loss first two weeks

    I think it depends on your size as well. For me for example, my surgery weight was 396lbs. In my first week post op, I lost 18lbs which my surgeon said it was normal especially for my size and now 2 weeks post op I have lost a total of 35lbs. But it does depend on the person and I think that you are doing fantastic
  14. Hi everyone! Has anyone felt like they can eat more than others? Yesterday, I ate 2oz of cream of wheat for breakfast, lunch was 2oz of egg salad, snack was a protein shake and dinner was 4oz of Ricotta Bake - I thought I ate 2oz but turns out I ate 4oz. I am only in my second week and im on puree. Most of the time I can eat 2oz before I get full but I notice sometimes im able to eat a little more. This makes me nervous like im doing something wrong and, or that im going to gain weight eventually from this. I know it sounds crazy but it just makes me nervous. Any encouragement is very much appreciated. Thank you!
  15. That's true. I keep reminding myself that I'm still eating so much less than I used to haha and I still feel that restriction, today I ate 2oz of egg salad again and I felt that restriction. Its just interesting because I read so many post about people struggling on getting anything down so it just surprises me. I can also get water down so easily, sometimes can even gulp water. I dont feel any pain at all.
  16. Kat L

    Im hungry

    I am on puree as well, second week! So far I have done cream of wheat, ricotta bake, egg salad but you can also do chicken salad, tuna salad, puree soups as well, do protein shakes in a blender to mix it up a bit, refried beans.....I found that there is actually a lot you can do on puree. I'm enjoying it so far
  17. I'm only on my second week and I can eat 2oz at a time usually and also, for some reason liquids for me goes down a lot smoother. I am able to drink a 16oz water bottle within an hour to an hour and a half. But thats just me I guess....I would suggest to talk to your doctor
  18. Kat L

    Am I dreaming?

    I feel like I can totally relate in a way. My surgery date was 4/19. I did have pain at the hospital but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, it hurt less when I first started walking. Honesty, I mostly just felt tired haha I actually haven't had to take any of my nausea medication through my recovery, I haven't felt any nausea. In fact, im only in my second week and im already having more energy. I did feel more proud the next couple of days after surgery especially when I tried to get out of bed, my fiance had to help me. That was really painful, I had to take pain meds for about a few days but it was mostly gas pains as well. However, after four days, I have been fine! The walking really does help and I just believe that my recovery has been a lot of smoother than I imagine it to be.
  19. Hi everyone! I just found out about this amazing site not too long ago and I been very encouraged reading everything's post, so I decided to create a profile of my own it also feels great to have this community of other people that know what each other may be going through. I recently had the Gastric Sleeve done on 4/19 which was performed by Dr. Zane in Southern California. I waited nearly an entire year to get this surgery, once I did all of the nutrition classes and did all of my appointments to get the surgery, I gained 40 extra pounds and I just give up on myself! But since December of last year, in order to get prepared for my surgery, I got my mind back on track and knew I had to lose a little extra weight so I lost 70lbs in almost 4 months before surgery. My starting weight was 470lbs. Surgery weight was 396lbs. After a little over a week post op, I am now 375lbs which is just crazy! Of course, this week has been challenging but I expected it to be a lot worse than it actually is. I am actually really excited right now because I got a call from my surgeon and I can now start the pureed stage, which I'm super excited about because im just sick of liquids.

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