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  1. Okay, so I have a strange request... and I completely understand if this is too weird. So here goes... I have enormous legs, always have, hence the user name. I am starting to freak out about saggy skin and envisioning my current extra leg skin looking like a shar pei around my ankles once I get to goal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take shar pei ankles over being in my current obese body... I am just wondering what other large leg ladies look like after WLS.😊
  2. TreeTrunks

    Leg pics??

    Thank you all for replying! New&Improved - I hope this is the case for me!! I wear an 11 right now! Ugh! Lynda486 - I will take normal looking calfs/ankles any day! Congrats. So hoping this will be the case for me as well! S@ssen@ch - We might be long lost sisters... I am also 5'7"...so there might be hope. Although, the genetic gift of our tree trunk legs I could have passed on! I am so looking forward to THIS (ha ha ha): Just curious - are you an Outlander fan?? LaLaDee - YES! Thank you...this is my hope TOO!!! ms.sss - What can I say that doesn't sound like I am a creaper... YOU LOOK LIKE A SUPERMODEL! Holy Hannah - you should be on billboards announcing your amazing results. I took a look at all the pics you posted and I am in absolute love with the navy polk-a-dot dress. This is def. a goal dress now!! As for the following... I am not young and I have won the lottery on the bad gene inheritance...so... only time will tell! Thank you all again. I so happy I found this site!
  3. I will definitely not miss being treated like I am ignorant and that my ideas have no value. I will not miss the crude comments or the farm yard animal sounds made when I walk by. I will not miss the absolute disgust on people’s faces when I speak to them I will not miss always hiding in the shadows I will not miss being the biggest in the room, yet the most invisible I will not miss the aches and pains that come with carrying so much extra weight Most of all, I will not miss my boys being embarrassed by having such a fat mom!
  4. Thank you all for the insights! It gives me a little sigh of relief that the WLS will continue to work after the weight is lost as long as I continue with the new lifestyle. I think Heather13 said it best... I realize it will not be an easy road, but remaining prisoner in my current fat body is no longer an option! I will try my best to not continually psych myself out! Again thank you everyone. This is an amazing site!
  5. Hi everyone! This is my first post, but I have been lurking for a while. After months of new research and years and years of thinking I should go through with WLS, I *believe* I have finally made the decision to do it. My first appointment is Monday, (Gulp). Over the past couple weeks as this appointment has gotten closer, I have strapped myself into an emotional roller coaster... one day I am raring to go and impatient for it to be done already then the next day I am uncertain and have doubts about long term success. Today happens to be the latter. I am stressing about maintenance as I am a self proclaimed EXPERT Yo-Yo dieter. If there were an award for yo-yo dieting, I’d have a trophy case full of awards. I can loose weight, I just have never been able to maintain the loss and typically gain more back than what I lost. So....my question is for those of you out there in maintenance-land, do you find it easier (not the right word, maybe doable or achievable are better choices) to maintain with your WLS than you did prior to your surgery? Thanks in advance for any advice!