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  1. I don’t know where else to ask this. for some reason out of no where I am having a pain in my abdominal fat. I never had this before and am wondering if anyone else ever had this. It’s not the “I can feel my fat growing” pain but like a dull uncomfortable pain in the muffin top area on the right side. It doesn’t feel like an organ or muscle pain but a literal pain in the fat. i have not had surgery. anyone ever experience this?
  2. You could be right, but when that person said “blah blah blah... period.” To me that is unnecessary and passive aggressive.
  3. Hello. I understand the people getting lap band need a port to adjust the band. But I feel like I’m reading about people getting bypass who end up with drainage ports. Why is this? Is it common?
  4. Can you call your wls team and ask them? I also have sciatica and see a chiropractor. Would that be an option for you? Or possibly acupuncture? Just trying to think of other options besides the shot
  5. Maybe you could have your insurance company write a letter stating this?
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    Confused about ports

    I see. Thank you for explaining.
  7. But why are you being mean about it?
  8. Ok well thanks I guess. I’m not looking for a diagnosis, just wondered if anyone else ever had that pain. I don’t really understand your response. So...
  9. Hi👋 New member here. Haven’t had surgery yet. I have my first consultation with the team on August 6. I’ve been thinking about having gastric surgery for years, ever since a co worker got the sleeve in Mexico. At that time, I think it was a fairly new procedure to the US so she went to Mexico bc they had been doing it for a while. This was maybe 2010. It ends up, I personally know about 7 people who have had either sleeve or bypass since then. I watched as some of them had a lot of success and some had a lot of non surgical complications such as other addictions, divorce, etc. I kept thinking that surgery was not the right answer for me. But every time I had success on a diet, I would eventually fail and the weight would come back plus some. i am currently at my highest weight of 250, I am 5’7” tall. My mother also struggled with her weight her whole life. I watched her become more and more ill from different diseases, All of which was compounded by her weight. When she died this past April, I finally realized that I had thought about it enough, it was time to do something. I don’t want to follow in her foot steps, but I see it happening. I’m not gonna lie, I have fears. But I am also excited. I’ve been lurking on these forums for about a week and you guys are such a wealth of info and experience, I’m so glad I found this website. 🖤
  10. I am still in the beginning stages of the process so i have only told my husband, sister, best friend and asked advice of 2 friends who have done this already, one of whom wants to be my “sponsor.” 😂 My husband is very supportive, my sister does NOT want me to do this, but she is borderline anorexic so she has her own struggles. My best friend is trying to be supportive but doesn’t really know what to say. She doesn’t want me to do it but understands why I want to and is trying. I am bursting to tell other people bc I am so excited at the prospect but I’m not going to tell anyone else until I have a date. Then I will inform the director of my massage program (in a student) and my work. Both of my parents died so I don’t need to deal with that. My dad was a diabetic and died of pneumonia, my mom was morbidly obese and died from a heart attack. I see myself going down those same paths so I am determined to do this. My main problem with telling people is that I have been a huge advocate for fat acceptance and body positivity. I feel like I will be judged as a hypocrite. 😢 But I am doing this for my health. It’s not the right choice for everyone and I will always advocate for fat acceptance, but I feel there will still be judgements made. You can’t please everyone.
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    This reads to me like someone who just took a creative writing class. Very descriptive. “A for effort.” F for that last comment “may you get what you deserve.”