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  1. California Guy

    Revision from VSG to BP

    I had a revision VSG to SADI-S Modified DS (Loop DS) 7 months ago. I read this surgery produces 85% excess weight loss on average. Sure enough, I lost 85% of my excess weight this year. We got to the point of needing surgeries due to poor nutrition. If you make a permanent change to your daily nutrition plan, you will get similar results. With the VSG 7 years ago, I lost 77% of my excess body weight then regained most of it back. I failed to establish and follow a good nutrition plan. The revision was a second chance and mal absorption helped me get where I am.
  2. California Guy

    Post op diet

    I like Premier Protein the best. Yes, they are for PRE and POST surgery. Before the surgery, they support a calorie restrictive diet. If you are told to consume liquids only. After surgery, while your stomach and intestines heal, you'll need to only have liquids at first. Protein punch like Isopure, protein shakes, or protein powder added to liquids will fulfil your protein requirements.
  3. California Guy

    Sleeve scheduled Jan 9th!

    When I had the sleeve I stayed in the hospital two nights. Once home, I only took pain medication once, the first day I went home. I was ready to return to work for desk work after being out one week. It wasn't complicated and I healed quickly. The surgeon recommended taking two weeks off. There is a lot of adjusting and healing going on. You'll feel pain in the sutures in your belly when you move around into the second week. Two weeks off work is the right amount of time. You shouldn't need more than that.
  4. California Guy

    Risks Concerns

    I did some research and found studies with zero, 0.2% or 1.3% mortality rate for the SADI-S WLS. I had a 43 BMI at the beginning of the year when I requested the surgery. I had a 35 BMI on the day of surgery. Compared to most patients in these studies, I was probably the healthiest person so I believe my risk was quite low. The benefits of lowering my BMI to 28 so far definitely improve my health and outweigh the risks.
  5. I recommend getting rid of all the clothes that don't fit anymore. This year, I went from a size 48 waist and bigger 3XL shirts to 40/2X. I ditched all my old clothes. Last week nothing fit again. I realized I was a 36/1X now. I cleaned out my closet again. Putting on smaller clothes and getting rid of the old clothes was one of the best rewards for the effort I put into the weight loss surgery. Think positive and commit to doing your part to continue losing weight.
  6. California Guy

    How long off work

    I had three operations in four days in May. I was able to concentrate and focus answering emails and making a few phone calls in the hospital. Worked from home two days after discharge. I remember going back to work in the office one week after my sleeve surgery in 2013. That was too soon. Two weeks were recommended by the surgeon and would have been the right amount of time. Two weeks give you time to heal, get strong, and adjust to your new diet and system. It helps to be home and have all your special diet foods on hand.
  7. I just passed my intermediate goal weight of 208 lbs. I'm celebrating this milestone today. My final goal weight is set at a realistic 190 lbs. The intermediate goal of 208 pounds is significant since that is my lowest weight in over 20 years. Also, with a BMI under 30, it is the weight I am no longer obese. I am classified as overweight. Results came so fast. I weighed 300 lbs. at the beginning of the year. It has only been 2 1/2 months since my revision SADI-S surgery. I cleaned out my closet since I couldn't wear any of my clothes anymore. Finding nutritious food I love to eat has made this so easy. Nearly all my meals have been prepared at home. I created a set of original recipes. Today's lunch was ground turkey meat tacos. Dinner will be stir fry cashew chicken. Two factors that motivated me to make these changes are resolved with my weight loss. My blood pressure is now always at a healthy level. Pain in my hip joint has diminished by over 90%.
  8. California Guy

    No longer obese!

    Congratulations on your weight loss and sticking to the diet. You will reach your goal for sure! I'm right there with you, just dropped below 30 BMI this weekend.
  9. California Guy

    What are the best items for liquid diet?

    My liquid diet included shakes, sugar free or fat free versions of pudding, Jello, popsicles, soup broth, gatorade, yogurt and milk.
  10. California Guy

    Yonanas dessert maker

    The potassium is good for you. I try to have one banana along with other fruit everyday. With such a strict liquid diet, low in sugar, I found I was light headed at times. From the research I did and from discussions with my doctor, I believe one of the factors was low sugar. I simply eat more fruit now to get natural sugars which are much better for you than added sugars. Other factors I attribute the lightheadedness to were the dosage of blood pressure medicine, my body's reaction to rapid weight loss, low food intake during the restrictive diet phases, and dehydration from not drinking enough water. I corrected my diet and halved my blood pressure medicine. I am feeling much better and get excellent pressure readings everyday. I had one of these machines. I ended up taking it back. It was a bit of trouble to get the bananas in the freezer just when they were over-ripe.
  11. California Guy

    Sleeve revision (re-sleeving)

    Modified DS has worked well for me. For me, bowel movements are different from prior to surgery. I'd say they are sporadic. I can have many in one day then none for a couple of days. I haven't had any lack of control. Having VSG surgery, losing weight and regaining was a lesson for me. Now this time around after the revision, I'm taking the nutrition plan seriously. I'm eating healthy foods all day at the right portions. I've never followed a diet plan so carefully before without having some junk food time to time. From the research I did prior to selecting this procedure, I read the modified DS is offered as a procedure that reduces dumping syndrome and diarrhea because you keep the pylorus (opening from stomach). Surgeons claim it has a lower degree of GI side-effects and resolves irritable bowel syndrome. Research your options and ask your surgeon all the questions you have. Good luck with your journey!
  12. The seminar should be a toned down sales presentation for the medical procedures available. Everyone involved is either a caregiver, patient in need of WLS, or a patient that successfully went through the process. I've been through three "first" consultations. Once with a family member, once for myself, and once for a revision. Doctors are always very considerate.
  13. California Guy

    having trouble breaking 400 calories

    I was told to drink 4 protein shakes per day for my liquid diet. I also had sugar free or fat free versions of pudding, Jello, popsicles, soup broth, gatorade, yogurt, and milk. While the total calories were not a lot, I got plenty of protein and nutrition. I never felt weak. With the liquid diet I lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks and 15 lbs. more by 2 weeks after surgery.
  14. California Guy

    Food during weeks 1 & 2?

    This will give you more options. Remember the puree diet includes everything in the liquid diet so you still have the option to continue consuming those things you like in your liquid diet. I did liquids only for 10 days post op.
  15. California Guy

    Protein from Food.

    I am getting all my protein from natural foods. I eat plenty of turkey and chicken. I have eggs 3 - 4 times a week. I have cereal with milk the other days. I snack on yogurt daily.
  16. California Guy

    Returning to work

    2 oz. carved chicken or turkey breast, 6 triscuit wheat crackers (low fat version), 6 cheese squares (cracker size), mandarin oranges, soft, well cooked carrots.
  17. California Guy


    Congratulations on getting that done! We all worry about worst case scenarios. Relax and focus on recovery. I also had no trouble with fluids after my sleeve or bypass revision. No nausea or gas pain either. I did have a reduced appetite so I didn't have a lot of desire to drink a lot of liquids.
  18. California Guy

    Guess this is my new hangout forum!

    I remember waking up from surgery, they asked how I felt. I told them my laparoscopic incisions felt OK but my neck bothered me more than anything. That was probably from laying on a pillow that was too large.
  19. California Guy

    Post Op Day 4, intake

    Regarding Vitamins, my surgeon said to wait two weeks post OP to start. This is to prevent nausea. I found I had plenty of energy during the 2 week post OP diet. Drinking 3 - 4 protein shakes per day and occasional soup broth covered most of my needs. After 2 weeks I stopped protein shakes. I planned to get all my protein from natural sources. I found my energy levels dropped so I am drinking one shake per day. It will take some adjusting.
  20. I'm a picky eater too. I got through the pre/post op diet just fine, twice. Once for the Sleeve and once for the bypass. My first two weeks post op included 3 protein shakes a day, water, chicken or beef broth, non-fat yogurt, sugar free popsicles, sugar free pudding prepared from a powder mix, and sugar free sports drinks like gatorade. Since you only follow this diet for two weeks, you could pack a box of supplies and bring them with you. My second two weeks include eggs, string cheese, applesauce, bananas, mashed potatoes, yogurt, creamy peanut butter. I also make home made turkey chili and puree it. During this phase you can have everything from the Liquids only phase, but I was ready for new food. I was told if you can get protein from natural sources, it is better than getting it from protein shakes. The last phase will be soft foods which allow more meats, cereals, toast, pasta, vegetables, and cheeses. You should get a list from your nutritionist, but there are several informative lists online. Search for a Post Op bariatric surgery diet. You'll want to purchase a large supply of bariatric vitamins online as those are usually difficult to fine in stores. My Doctor asked me to wait two weeks post OP to start vitamins to avoid nausea. I wish you good luck with your surgery, travels and studies. Sounds like you are really getting a new start this year.

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