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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Newbie here

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  2. TexasHeathen

    3 months versus 6 months????

    I have United Healthcare Choice with Surgery Plus and I rattled off all the diets and programs I’ve tried over the last decade and didn’t really have a diet to follow for approval of the sleeve, but I met with a nutritionist once a month for three months while knocking out my other requirements and we just discussed the preop and post op diet phases. It was so easy. Started in January and was originally scheduled for Apr 1st. I feel a bit guilty for those who need the surgery more severely and have to fight and appeal.
  3. I went with Ultimate Bariatrics in Fort Worth. Dr. Roberts did my surgery and Dr. Novack did my EGD test before it. There are two other doctors at the clinic Dr Snow and Dr Adams. All four are great docs that know their stuff. Dr Roberts did my VSG, hiatal hernia repair, and removed my gallbladder and my visible incisions are super tiny.
  4. TexasHeathen


    I am having the same issue. Sleeved 5/13. It’s damn hard to get all this liquid in and I have a new symptom of waking up with really dry eyes as if I slept with them open or something. I get the racing heartbeat throughout the day but noticed it sometimes during exertion like unloading the groceries or helping getting the kids ready. I also wasn’t taking my vitamins yet and I am waiting on them to arrive so I went to the store to get some centrum chewable. I figured normal folk vitamins were better than none. I am also making sure I get a Gatorade zero in. Only had two episodes today so I think I’m on the right track.
  5. TexasHeathen

    VSG + Hiatal Hernia Repair

    I had vsg, hiatal hernia repair, and gall bladder removal 5/13. There is a bit of tightness when I swallow and my throat gurgles a lot. They said I could experience some tightness when I breathe in deep from the repair too because of the swelling/healing. Nothing bad or major. I took pain meds mainly just the day of surgery and the next day. I’m very thankful to have it all taken care of together. I had heartburn every day before surgery even after having something like cereal or nothing at all! I thought it was just because I was chubby and getting older. Didn’t realize that my stomach was trying to high tail it outta there. (Although I think being chubby contributes to getting the hernia)
  6. TexasHeathen

    Stomach churning

    My surgery was 5/13 and sometimes my innards are bothersome. Usually more intestinal. And my throat always gargles after water or “eating” (full liquid phase right now) I am hoping that goes away as it is rather embarrassing!

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