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  1. Hello All! Hope all is well, So I had the VSG is TJ Mexico in 2016. I lost over 100 pounds. I have gained 70 back. So I went back to my original surgeon in TJ and he did a RYN bypass...or so I think I did. I had more restriction before I had the revision. I am at a loss. I wander if they did anything at all, I mean I am sore from the surgery and I feel like I had surgery but I feel hungry, don't really feel full. How am I suppose to loose this weight??? If I had to do it all on my own than what was the point of the surgery? Sorry y'all I am just venting and really worried. Can anyone share their input?
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    Sleeve to RYN No restriction

    Thank you all for your replies. I thought I was going crazy. I know I had the surgery last week, I am still very sore but then I am thinking I wander what they took! Oh my, thanks again.
  3. Hello All! I am a newbie to this thread but I did have VSG in 2016. I lost over a 100 pounds unfortunately I failed my sleeve so now I'm going back to Mexico to have the mini bypass done. Notice I said I failed my sleeve not my sleeve failed me. I went back to my old habits. I still Have quite a bit of restriction but I'm just eat all of the time I have joined a support group and I'm also going to counseling for my eating disorder. Hopefully it will work this time. PLease don't judge but I am a heavy smoker and I am 41 years old and really worried about the surgery. I would like your opinions on the revision and any tips that anyone can offer. Thanks and well wishes to all!