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    Surgery in two days!!!

    nerves are so normal I had my sleeve surgery two weeks ago yesterday and I have to say 50lbs down and counting and I feel good about my decision . I went through the same fears as you are going through its normal remember why you started this journey to start with and try to block all the negative thoughts out . think of all the good that will come from your decision to have wls . It is your decision weather you go through it or not but after all you started it for a reason to begin with, I rest assure you that you will be fine you will come out the other side thinking why you were so fearful to start will . I wish you all the luck and support you in whatever decision you choose hang in there
  2. So I currently 5 days post op from having the sleeve done on Monday I am experiencing extreme what they say is gas pain I have been to er to rule out any blood clots I walk and move as much as I possibly can am also taking gas x was wondering if anyone had advice or suggestions on what to do cant get comfortable no matter how hard I try and about how long will this go last
  3. I have my preop appointment tomorrow hospital labs are set for the 9th was wondering if anyone could share with me what goes on at the preop appointment???
  4. Rays of Sunshine

    3 days away!!!!

    Hey guys just wanted to share some more of my small but BIG victories for me as I went to my primary doctor today I was weighed like always and to my surprise I am 8 more lbs down I cant believe it 30lbs in almost a month with just three days to go until surgery day I am so excited and everyone around me is excited so it leaves little room for me to be nervous but I still am just a but but I do keep telling myself that the risk of not having the surgery are far greater than having it as of right now Im good to go so come on Monday!!!
  5. Rays of Sunshine

    3 days away!!!!

    so at weigh in before surgery I had lost a total of 35 I am now home after a one night stay was able to keep liquids down and walk consistently no nausea which surprised me and the nurse doing well here at home just a little sore and relaxing while constantly sipping water Let the recovering begin. want to thank everyone for the support and encouragement makes me wonder why I was so nervous and scared to start with
  6. have you tried isopure they have many choices in flavors andn a unflavor and luckily doesn't leave an after tastes like all the ones I have tried the tastes is good but I have only use the dutch choclate and add the unflavor to soups and other drinks
  7. Rays of Sunshine

    3 days away!!!!

    just one more day to go I cant believe its almost here yes it is almost over yes we will definitely have to check in with each other !!
  8. Rays of Sunshine

    3 days away!!!!

    @Lynda486 I wish you luck and wellness for your surgery and I am relieved to know I am not alone I have to be in at 530 for a 730 surgery first on the agenda what time is your surgery
  9. Rays of Sunshine

    3 days away!!!!

    @smaller_sav don't get me wrong I am nervous the closer it does get and it is now just two days away and I am a big baby when it comes to pain thank goodness for pain meds for after surgery. I have been in some pain due to my weight issue like my back knees and joints but haven't taken anything and I know that surgery pain will be far greater than and pains I feel now. I am just ready to get through the hardest part of surgery and recovery . I thought the hardest part would be the month long liquid diet but know that seems to be like cake work now that I am 2 days away from completing that which I honestly thought I would not make it through
  10. Rays of Sunshine

    3 days away!!!!

    Thank everyone for their support and encouragement !!!!
  11. Today I had my pre surgical testing everything went fine easy breezy a lot smoother than expected. I sat there and it cam over me that my surgery is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY this is getting surreal as the date gets closer I am anxious nervous excited all at the same time. The best part of the testing was the weigh in I started this at a whopping 488 and today I weighed 466 22 lbs down well I was a lil excited not a lot but ill take it I well on my way to my future and the new me and getting my life, now to make it through the last week of this liquid diet and into the out to the other side of surgery so that I can recover I am sure that my emotions might change as the date grows closer but as for now I will look forward to my new me and my new life.
  12. Rays of Sunshine

    Pre op diet pain.

    congratulations on the lbs down big win. I weighed in today at my pre surgical testing and I am 22 lbs down only 6 more days to go @mase we got this the hardest part is almost over then we can focus on recovery
  13. Rays of Sunshine

    Pre op diet pain.

    mine is the 16th I wish you all the luck on your journey
  14. Rays of Sunshine

    Pre op diet pain.

    @maseI am currently on week three of my 1 month liquid diet and I can honestly say that the struggle is real. I too suffered from what appears to be huger pains, and then a few days later realized I wasn't really hungry I just wanted some actual food to eat. It will get easier it is difficult when everything you see on tv or in real life is about food and all you want to do is eat but then that gets better too. Here is a suggestion if it gets bad enough, my sister who has had the surgery years ago suggested that I have something to eat and chew it but just spit it out (great suggestion) because while at her house she was grilling hamburgers and we made me one and I chewed and savored every bite and then spit it out I learned that the gratification would have been to swallow but I did not. I know that sounds kind of gross but it was worth it really was because I have not wanted to eat any more food since. hopefully you are taking in enough protein and this should help with those hunger pain .hopefully your time will fly by and you will get to the other side you can do this . I hope this had been some what helpful . just remember you are not alone in this and you got this!
  15. Rays of Sunshine


    @Bastian thank you for that information that's good to know.
  16. Rays of Sunshine


    I definitely have to weigh in on this post because I have not had my period in like 4 years and I recently last week started my period for the first time in four years so I was baffled. I thought for the longest I went through an early menopause which would have been fine with me I didn't even miss it, but I guess now its back I guess my dietary changes and some weight loss are the cause and effect!! I cant explain it otherwise
  17. @Milaa my psych appointment consisted of an test evaluation(which was a bunch of paperwork of questions to answer about history of medical family myself and mental health , relationship with food etc.) then I met with the actual psych doctor to go over she asked me questions and at the end she gave me clearance for surgery. Once I had the psych letter of clearance from her and from all the other required clearances all of those were turned in to the bariatric coordinator then she would file with my insurance once filed I believe it was thirty days before I heard that I was approved once approved I was able to schedule my surgery pretty soon after that but because my surgeon requires a three month nicotine free clearance I of course had to wait till I was three months free of nicotine so I am proud to say that my surgery is coming up on the 16th of Sept. I can say the it was a lil of a lengthy process just to get to the surgery date but it all depends on how quickly you get all the necessary clearances completed and how quickly your insurance responds. I know that feeling of being anxious so I understand completely I do hope that this information has been helpful I wish you all the luck on you exciting journey!!!
  18. Rays of Sunshine

    Be careful what you ask for...

    congratulations I agree with the less time you have to dwell on remember the bigger picture a better life for yourself and why you started this journey to begin with !!!!
  19. Rays of Sunshine

    First appt.

    @pumpkiinry LOOKS like you will be at your first appointment while ill be having my surgery (its getting closer and I am a lil nervous and excited) I can only speak for myself I personally didn't ask that many questions ay my first appointment but I encourage you to ask as many questions that your wanting to know or curious about. Have you decided on which procedure you are going to have? I had questions on the other types of procedures after I had choose then the RNY which with my doctors advisement I switched to the sleeve …because it was the best for me I wish you all the luck !!! wish I could offer up more as far as questions I am certain there are other who will
  20. Rays of Sunshine

    Sept surgery people

    I have surgery September 16th and I'm on a one-month liquid diet 4 - 5 protein shakes a day chicken broth sugar-free Jell-O sugar-free popsicles 1000 calories or less a day Sent from my U504TL using BariatricPal mobile app
  21. Rays of Sunshine

    Last Meal...

    Good luck to you Sent from my U504TL using BariatricPal mobile app
  22. Rays of Sunshine

    Barimelts multivitamin

    I was given samples of different vitamins to try from my surgeon and the bari melts were awful the bariatric advantage were good, fusion was good lil bit of after taste but the ones I found the best which I order 3 months supply from celebratevitamins.com I have my mutli, calcium, iron and b12 which are all chewable and taste good( they come in different flavors) Good luck on vitamin hunting I hope I have been helpful
  23. Rays of Sunshine

    New to Bariatric Pal!!

    Welcome to group and congratulations on turning 50 but I have to say you do not look your age at all and welcome to the world of getting your life back!! This is all about you so never mind those that try discourage you from doing this and when it not about them its about you. I have tried quite a few of the different kind of protein shakes from pre made to powder and I have to say that I have two weeks left on my 1 month liquid diet which I had choose to go with isopure dutch chocolate powder that I mix with unsweetened almond milk its zero carb zero sugar ordered from amazon I think its the best . Isopure leaves no after taste or a chalk taste in your mouth so I found it to be the best. Id also like to say that you can order it on line from either Walmart or amazon ( which I found cheapest to be on amazon) you can order different flavors and in different size serving amounts(again I went with the 7lbs which is 107 servings , because it would get me through the whole month) This was also helpful Isopure also offers a unflavored protien powder that you can mix into any other liquid such as soups or drink and its unflavored so you don't taste it . I will definitely be reordering especially the unflavored for after surgery as a way to get my protein in. Good luck on your journey!!
  24. Rays of Sunshine

    Preop appointment????

    @Krimsonbutterflies awww thank you😉 that's great news cant wait to hear when your surgery dat will be that is exciting don't cha think??? It may see like forever but time will fly by. Here I am two weeks away from my surgery date and not two long ago I was two months away thinking I cant wait I wish time would go faster. i think getting answers to those questions are definitely helpful and reassuring. Well Best of luck and Have a GREAT SUN SHINY DAY!!!
  25. Rays of Sunshine

    Preop appointment????

    @momof3_angels my hospital work up is not til the 9th thanks for the response much apricated how do I add weightloss tickers