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    medication after surgery

    I was able to swallow all my meds (capsules and tablets) starting the day after my surgery.
  2. dramermom


    I'll be having my gastric sleeve surgery on Sunday July 14th in Mexico. The pain medication that they will be giving me is Ketorolac which is an NSAID. I've heard that NSAIDS should be avoided after sleeve surgery. Should I take this medication?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm 11 days post op and doing well. I've had an easy recovery. I just bought a 2 pound container of the Syntrax Nectar Sweets Chocolate Truffle and it didn't come with a scoop! Could someone who uses this please tell me how much powder I need to add to 8 ounces of milk? How many tablespoons is your scoop. Thank you! -Melinda
  4. I'm totally picky too. I can't stand the premier protein. What I have found that's the best tasting in the Syntrax Nectar Sweets Chocolate Truffle. I just mix a scoop with 1 cup of my skim milk for 31 grams of protein. It's very smooth and doesn't have that protein after taste. It's kind of spendy but worth it. You can actually buy it in one serving packets for $1.99 to try it first before buying the 2 pound container. Good luck!
  5. dramermom

    syntrax Nectar Sweets

    Thank you soooo much!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm 5 days post op. Since my stomach can only hold 4 oz at a time, does that mean I can only measure out 1/2 cup of liquids for each meal? How often can I drink 1/2 cup of liquids and not overfill my stomach? for instance, I have the premier protein clear that is 16 oz or 2 cups. How long should it take me to drink that? Do I just sip on one constantly until it's gone or do I measure it out 1/2 cup at a time? How long should it take me to drink the 1/2 cup? This is hard! I hope I'm making sense.
  7. dramermom


    I had surgery on Sunday. I just got home today. My doctor sent me home with some prescriptions. They are mostly liquid but one of them is a capsule and one is a tablet. I started taking them today as per instructions. I'm just nervous because of some to the posts I've read on here about not taking capsules/tablets right away after sleeve surgery. Did any of you take capsules or tablets right away after your surgery? When were you cleared to start taking medication in tablet or capsule form? Shouid I just follow my doctor's instructions? Help! I don't want to cause any damage to my new stomach.
  8. dramermom

    post op liquid diet

    Thank you. Your response helps me a lot! I'm still trying to figure this all out.
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    I can't wait to get to ONEDERLAND! Awesome job! Congratulations!
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    I have some of the Isopure unflavored protein...just got it in the mail. I haven't tried it yet. I hope I don't have the same issues with the clumping. I read that you want to mix it with fluids not hotter than 140 degrees. So if you're mixing it with jello, wait until it cools down to 140 degrees before mixing the protein powder in. Anyway, I hope it works. I'll let you know if it doesn't.
  11. dramermom


    Thank you everyone for your responses! I feel much better about taking my prescribed medication. I love this forum!
  12. dramermom


    Another thought I had was to crush the tablet and open the capsule and put them with applesauce. Which is worse?, taking the pills or eating the applesauce?
  13. dramermom


    Hello, My name is Melinda and I'm going in for sleeve surgery on July 14th. Can you tell me your favorite way to get protein? ei shakes, clear, powders, etc... THANKS!
  14. dramermom


    Thank you to everyone for all of your suggestions and advice. I appreciate it.
  15. dramermom


    The unflavored protein powder is a great idea! What brand is the best?