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  1. Dreashall

    Body Twins

    I’m a newbie here....so this may exist already or just be a terrible idea. Help for me in this pre op stage would be seeing photos reading experiences of those with similar body types as myself. I been over weight so long I don’t even remember/can’t envision myself at a healthy weight. 🤷🏾‍♀️ 5’2” 240 Apple shaped
  2. Dreashall

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Hello, I was sleeved on 12/11/19. So far I am down 23lbs. I hit a two week stall, but I realized I wasn't eating or drinking enough water.
  3. I was sleeved on 12/11/19 weighed myself yesterday...down 25lbs. I was stalled out at 17lbs down for 2 weeks(frustrating indeed) but I realized that I wasn't drinking enough water (thanks for the reminder Constipation!). This past week I really focused on getting 60-70 oz of water in addition to my 60 grams of protein. I was released to full activity on this past Thursday, so I will see what exercising will add to the scale moving more.
  4. Dreashall

    December Surgery dates???

    I'm scheduled for December 11th, my head is spinning just a little. I was originally scheduled for 12/23, but my surgeons office called me yesterday afternoon to move my procedure to 12/11....... I'm glad I won't be in the hospital over the holidays, but ever so slightly stressed.
  5. Dreashall

    Body Twins

    I been looking for you all my life...🤣🤣. How has it been going? I am working on these last 10 lbs. that is my surgeons preop goal for me...230. All of my testing is complete, psych evaluation is done. We are purposely waiting until after the 1st of August because my employer is changing the Bariatric Surgery Benefit of our insurance plan (to our benefit) from a 50% coverage to 90-100%) who-hoo. All that savings will be going to supplements and protein drinks😁. If you are willing would you share pictures?