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    Before and After Pics

    You look good keep up the good work best decision I ever had
  2. deia123

    Breaking a Stall

    Hi, Asked my girlfriend about the stall she went threw that and she told me to go back to the beginning with just liquids for a week and she said her body went back loseing again how much did lose before your body was stalling.Get back with me on this/
  3. Hello Everyone I was sleeved may 6th so I would say im 2 mos out from gastric sleeved im doing well 37 pounds down oh im enjoying the ride it seem like my weight had stalled but its picking up again I was worried for a min.i have been walking and doing the pool.In 9 mos I would love to be 60 pounds down,i have been enjoying buying new clothes and donateing the old clothes that is in good shape and putting new things in there a different stlye.Im still on protein shakes and I cant eat much and still I cant finish my food off of a saucer and my dog be waiting to get what I cant eat.I pray that I will lose it im putting the work in that's for sure,im not having to much skin so far im trying to tone as im loseing so It wont be to much extra skin cause I cant afford no skin remove.I don't regret this surgery its just weird I cant finish a small helping of foof.but its all good im proud of you ladies you keep me on my toes I know im still early in the game,but it was so well worth the surgery and good luck to everybody.
  4. deia123

    Before and After Pics

    Its only been a month june 8th I hope in 4 more months I will be looking like that and no belly how did that happen were working on your tummy or just by loseing weight it went down.congrats to you,you look awlsome waiting for more photos I know with weight it took time to get on and its going to take time to get off you inspire me to continue to push on I walk everyday for about alittle over an hour 3 times a day.
  5. deia123

    New here

    Hi wendy im new to the group I had my sleeve done may 8th so im a month in I would love to become friends.i tell you its a lot the body has to get adjusted to,im still finding out whats going to agree and not agree regarding food,i eat but neverm being able to finish my dog be waiting cause she get the rest of it.so far how is it going since your surgery any problems?
  6. Hang in there im a month out I had my sleeve done may 8th.im ok doing better,im having problem with getting the water in I don't meet the requirement but with eating drinking protein drink getting water in I be full.i didn't lose 30 pounds like they said I should I lost 18 I just weigh myself and I lost another 8 I thought I was doing something wrong but the nutrishinist said everybody lose different but when I feel full I just stop eating cause it seem like it want to back up and I don't want to stretch my sleeve.i hope you feel better I think its just your period doing that to you,maybe you can swalb your navel with peroxide to keep it clean out.i wish you nothing but good luck.
  7. deia123

    Before and After Pics

    I am confused I didn't lose a lot before I had my gastric sleeve surgery and now im a month post ot and only lost 18 pounds following what I can eat excerciseing well just was allowed to go back to the gym,im walking 3 times a day didn't lose the first 30 like the doc said I would,i can tell im slimming down a lot.is this normal when I ask my nutrisnist she said everybody lose different.im glad that im loseing and not gaining and the clothes are a lot loose.just wondering if anyone has had slow moving weight at all?