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  1. So, I'm set to have surgery at the end of this month and I'm worried about what sugar-free options they will provide as I have an extreme sensitivity to aspratame. I know I can bring bouillon or broth easily enough as all I need is hot Water, but I can't really bring my own Gelatin or popsicles as they require to be chilled and I don't think that the hospital will do that for me. I plan to ask my dietician at my 2 week pre op appointment about this, but I was wondering if anyone had any issue at the hospital with food allergies and the clear liquid diet.
  2. giddygiddygiddy

    Under 25 and choosing this?!

    So, I'm 23 and set to have RNY on May 30th. I've never second guessed my decision for a moment, but for my family and close friends that I have told, they seem to equate youth with the ability to just diet and exercise to combat obesity (trust me...been there, done that)--stating, "But, like...have you tried just eating healthy and exercising? You're not even 25, and this is like major and a lifelong commitment." I'm sure many of you, no matter the age, have experienced this. I guess I wish the stigma was better for all of us. For anyone that is under 30, do you feel similarly?
  3. giddygiddygiddy

    Stalled stalled stalled

    I am just a month out from surgery, and am going through a stall. It has been so frustrating because I haven't lost any pounds in over a week, but I am definitely losing inches. Right after surgery, I was weighing myself everyday just due to excitement (bad habit...don't do it) and consistently losing at least two pounds a day. Once I hit my stall, it was quite discouraging to not see the scale change, but losing inches and having loose clothing has been helping me still feel good about this decision.
  4. giddygiddygiddy

    I CANNOT Pee!

    I had the same issue...I’m now a week postop. They did a straight catheter on me to relieve me, but then after that I was able to pee on my own. Anesthesia does some weird things...
  5. giddygiddygiddy

    Pounds lost

    I’m a week post op and I’m down 26lbs.
  6. giddygiddygiddy


    Like others have said, it does depend on your health issues. I was in the same predicament when I started this process, being told that either surgery would be good for me. I started the process wanting the sleeve because the bypass seemed too intrusive what with your anatomy being changed. However, I’m a week post op with gastric bypass and I wouldn’t change anything. I chose bypass over sleeve due to more weight on average being lost, and more success with it. I see a lot of people with sleeve getting a revision to bypass. Either surgery can be extremely successful, but my research led me to bypass.
  7. giddygiddygiddy

    Return to Work after Surgery

    I am off of work for 2 weeks, but then on light duty for another 6 weeks. I work on the admission ward of a psych hospital on a forensic unit, and have to be prepared to deal with assaultive patients. My best friend took 6 weeks total off of full duty at work, and the day she got back she was kicked in the stomach. There is no “right” answer to how long you should take off work. It very much depends on the activity level of your job.
  8. giddygiddygiddy

    Anyone in the Tacoma WA area?

    Any update, Washington friends? I just started my two week liquid diet yesterday...surgery still set for the 30th in Spokane.
  9. giddygiddygiddy

    Clear Liquids @ Hospital--Aspratame in EVERYTHING

    I won't be getting anything except ice chips and water swabs the day of my surgery, nothing actually to drink. Post-op day 1 they want me to consume 1oz every 15 minutes during the day of a clear liquid where at least 1 oz each hour should be something other than water--suggesting broth, SF juice or powdered drinks, SF gelatin, and SF popsicles. The second day is when I can start full liquids, to include baby foods, certain soups, and yogurt and pudding. I'll also be doing shakes. Full liquids will be easy enough, I'm more worried about the clear liquids while at the hospital and finding aspratame-free options there.
  10. Hey Kim! My parents live in Moscow--small world! A lot of what is required depends on you and your surgery choice. Everyone has to get a psych eval, EKG, dietary consultation, consultation with the surgeon and labs through them. I had to get a sleep study and be compliant with my CPAP once I got it, take supplements and do a second set of labs due to low levels of Vitamin D and Iron, do a short course of therapy after doing my psych eval, and then do a gallbladder ultrasound (because I chose RNY). Other tests, depending on you, may include cardiac clearance, chest x-ray, barium upper GI, EGD...in addition to other things I've listed previously. Is this the first visit with the surgeon or are you coming up for the information session?
  11. giddygiddygiddy

    Under 25 and choosing this?!

    With friends, do you feel like not even telling them? I have close friends that I made in my sorority in college, but they are all blessed with amazing metabolisms and they just don't understand anything to do with obesity.
  12. giddygiddygiddy

    Under 25 and choosing this?!

    Thank you so much! I agree that there is no "right time" to take back your health and life. My coworker, who is 72, just had the sleeve done! It was a bumpy road for him after surgery, but overall, it has been so worth it for him!
  13. giddygiddygiddy

    Anyone in the Tacoma WA area?

    I'm also in Spokane! Thank you for the tips!
  14. giddygiddygiddy

    Anyone in the Tacoma WA area?

    Of course! So excited! What surgery are you having, @fulfillingfavor?
  15. giddygiddygiddy

    Anyone in the Tacoma WA area?

    That’s so exciting! This process has been going longer than what it takes to make a baby for me, and I am so happy to finally have a date!
  16. I have Dr. Bright with Multicare Rockwood in Spokane! So cool to see so many Eastern Washington people here! I've been in this process since July of last year, and was just scheduled today for a May 30th surgery!
  17. giddygiddygiddy

    Anyone in the Tacoma WA area?

    Not quite Tacoma, but still in Washington! I just got scheduled for a May 30th surgery date!