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  1. amandamellor18

    Non Scale Victories

    NSVs are amazing - my surgery was 5/31/18, I reached my surgeons goal on Sunday. Down 95lbs and ready to maintain. I bought all new pants In January and they are all too big now. I am now a size 8! Never in my life have I been an 8! I was an 18-20 when I had the surgery. I can feel actual bones under my skin - that’s new. my goal was to be the weight I was when I was married 15 years ago. I am 25lbs past that. I have never felt this good. The best decision I have ever made for myself
  2. I decided after my GP told me he didn’t see any other way to lose the amount I needed to others than WL surgery. Tried the diets, pills, etc - you know the drill. I was turning 50 and I was tired of failing and being obsessed with how heavy I was. It was all I thought about - that and food lol. THE best decision I have ever made. I have energy like I did in my 30’s. My cholesterol and the rest of my numbers are like a 16 year old, said my doctor. My surgery was 5/31/18 I was 5’2” and 220 lbs, today I am 134 and I couldn’t be happier
  3. amandamellor18

    Those nooks and Crannies

    Zzorb available at Walgreens, great for any fungus related issue. If you can’t find the regular blue and white container get the one for athlete’s foot - same ingredients. Good Luck
  4. amandamellor18

    Before and After Pics

    I’ve taken maybe 3 pictures of me and my son over his lifetime-he’s 13 : ( I’m looking forward to having more than 3 for the next 13 years
  5. amandamellor18

    I buried my 15 year old grand-son

    Such a loss - I am so very sorry. I have a 13 yo and teenage life these days is perplexing and frightening. My heart hurts for you and your family and your grandson's friends. I can't imagine saying anything that could help you feel better . I will keep all of you in my prayers to deal with your loss the best you know how and start to heal when you are ready
  6. amandamellor18

    Please help!

    I'm sorry that you are so down. My surgeon and his team were awesome, so fear not : most weight loss takes place in the first 12 to 18 months after surgery - and who's to say it wont continue?? all the advice about logging your food, measuring your servings and getting in enough protein are all keys to success. There is time to tweak your habits and figure out the right plan for you. The best part is that you have lost weight, you didn't gain!! Slow and steady wins the race Best of luck to you
  7. amandamellor18

    Reached A Mini Goal!!!

    Wonderful 🎉 it’s a whole new you!!!!
  8. I too, watched A LOT of YouTube videos and vlogs. And you are right many folks out there had problems. I actually expected some of these things to happen to me. Nope. Not a one. If I eat too fast it is uncomfortable until it get down the pipe, lol. I’m just guessing but I think we hear about the problems more and less about successes. BTW I had the sleeve on May 30, 2018 and I’m 50. You trust your surgeon which is great - I know there are many rules with food and measuring food and vitamins and timing and amounts of water, but you will get the hang of it in no time. Plan your meals, take snacks when you leave the house, log your food with any of the many apps out there. More protein and less carbs and do your very best to eat food that is fresh and good for you ( I eat fish about 3 + days a week. I wish you great success - you can do this!!
  9. amandamellor18

    50 and Up Sleevers

    DebbyC64 thats wonderful!! I will admit my exercise column needs a lot of work. My skin situation is odd - not sure what I expected but I’m kind of looking like my 84 yo mother, lol. But I don’t care! I feel amazing and have energy like I did in my 30’s. I clearly was in denial about my appearance because people that I haven’t seen in a while are letting me know I looked like a different person. I wish you the very best on your quest. Maybe we can stay in touch and root each other on?
  10. Crystal Light in A LOT of my water, Diet Coke - takes me a long time to drink it. Red Bull. My nutrition person at the surgeon’s office said don’t buy the Russel Stover SF candy - I did it anyway and it was good!! Had to hide them in the freezer from myself so I couldn’t eat them all at one time. And popcorn - snuck some into the movies , the 100 calorie bag - totally worth it. PS I really, really miss red licorice. I want to but better not, might start something that I can’t control : (
  11. amandamellor18

    Support and honesty needed

    I’m so sorry your husband said these things to you : ( I’m 50, I was 5’2 and 220, I’m 141 and still 5’2,lol You can do this!! Don’t let his crap keep you from feeling better about yourself. Life is really great on the other side. I was lucky that I had no complications. My meals taste great, they’re much smaller but so much better for me. I wish you the best of luck and I hope your husband comes around on the idea. You deserve this and your husband should support you as you supported him, but if he doesn’t, you take care of you ❣️
  12. amandamellor18

    250 pounds lost!

    Wonderful! Congratulations
  13. amandamellor18

    50 and Up Sleevers

    Hi! Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! I’m new here also. I turned 50 in March - that was the month I decided to have surgery. I had the sleeve on May 31, I was 220lbs. I just reached my 80lb loss and I am 140 ( what I weighed when I got married : ) I would say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Once I was without carbs for a few days I stopped craving them. I have followed my teams rules the best I can. Vitamins, weighing my food and logging all of my meals. I think logging all of my food is key. The weight just continued to come off even after the holidays and I can always find something to eat when we are at a restaurant (a LOT of salmon) Best of luck to you - your age is just a number, once you see some results it will make you try even harder : )

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