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  1. MegHealthy

    6 months

    I’m the same and I believe it’s the fact we can eat a little bit more... or our bodies have adapted to the low calories? I don’t know, it’s depressing and disheartening but I’m telling myself every day that I can’t give up. So keep going because we have to.
  2. I have had shrimp, scallops, seared tuna, salmon, cod, dark meat chicken (Rotisserie), lean meatloaf, roast, lean sausage, stewed lamb. So I have had a lot of the meats. The only one that sat heavy and did not give me a good feeling was the roast. We chose a lean roast and cut fat off but it was still to much. Everything else has been great. I would also say that a boiled egg has left me feeling a little less than stellar.
  3. MegHealthy

    It loves it-It loves it NOT

    I am like that with the on again off again sleeve. Mornings, like Sosewsue61 said, can be more difficult until I have some liquids. Warm liquids seem to help even better when I have time to make tea. I have experienced eggs making me feel like a whole new person and amazing and eggs (cooked the same way) sitting like a lead weight in my new stomach. I'm beginning my 8th week post op so this may be something that gets better with time.... maybe not. Good luck with it!
  4. MegHealthy

    MAY 2019 Sleevers

    Lovelots, my pre op diet is 2 weeks. Two shakes a day with high protein snacks in between and a lean + green dinner.
  5. MegHealthy

    MAY 2019 Sleevers

    I’m going in May 29th, my pre op at the surgery center done- just pre op diet and waiting!
  6. MegHealthy

    MAY 2019 Sleevers

    Hey! just got my 'tentative' date today - May 29th!!! woot!!! so excited, anxious.. well Anx-ited. Ive done so much for so long that i'm really just ready!
  7. MegHealthy

    Middle GA(2018)

    That’s a great idea to start to taper more! Diet Coke and not drinking while I’m eating are going to be two big ones for me! I’ll keep you posted, I hope you are doing well on your journey!
  8. MegHealthy

    Middle GA(2018)

    I’m super excited and still on my way towards a VSG! My sleep study is complete with no need for follow up. My psych eval has been completed and cleared. I have 4 more visits with my Dietician and I hope to have my surgery scheduled in May or early June. I don’t really know how long the approval process and scheduling usually extends beyond that last visit with my dietician which will be the last week of April but I’m thinking at least two weeks due to the liquid diet. Haven’t lost any but haven’t gained either while I wait. I haaaave tapered out most carbonated beverages and cut down on caffeine. How are you all? I’m nervous one week and excited the next... and then nervous all over again. Seems like 6 months is just enough time to go through the wringer emotionally!
  9. MegHealthy

    And Goal Has Been Hit!

    Beautiful! Congratulations!
  10. This is still so inspirational! Thanks to everyone for sharing!
  11. MegHealthy

    Southern Sleevers

    Hi! From Macon Georgia here, in the process to have the sleeve this summer!
  12. MegHealthy

    Hard time

    I haven't had my surgery yet but I think you're averaging about 3lbs a week right? Sounds amazing to me! At this rate, even if you slow down some you'll be around 200 lbs at a year mark - how awesome will that be!! I think you're kicking butt, but I know there are a lot of experienced peeps on this board who can lend some knowledge to.
  13. Hope you're doing well! How are you about 3 months out? I was reading over the packet the dietician gave me yesterday and i'm definitely going to need to work on some of the habits to make this process easier now. Cutting out carbonated drinks and caffeine will be biggies. I am nervous about the risks but I probably was at higher risk when I had a C-section back in the day so I keep telling myself that. How is your energy? I figure it will be a challenge the first six or so weeks but after that, are you able to stay hydrated easy enough? Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I wonder how those traditions around food will change or how I will change around those. Have a good one!
  14. Had my first appointment and starting to check things off my requirements list! Hopefully this will put me in line to have the sleeve in May or June! Hope all is well your way to!
  15. Afternoon All! For anyone who is curious I had my appointment with the surgeon and the insurance specialist today. The insurance requires that I attend 6 months consecutive visits with a dietician. I was told that if a month is missed, I will have to start over. Insurance requires that I have that consultation with a psych. The doctor's office requires more - that I attend a surgery seminar, join a WLS support group (in person or online), have an upper GI, and a sleep study. I'm excited to start the journey! My first visit doesn't count as the dietician visit, but that will be later this month. Now, the insurance question I had as it relates to my BMI. I ended up having a co-morbidity that will put me in the range to have a 35 or 40 BMI. Because of this, as long as I stay above 35 I will be ok per my Surgeon. If I fall below 35 before the 6 months, I will not be approved, even if my first BMI measurement was at 41.5. I don't even know if I can lose that much weight before April/May but I do want to try to get my habits surgery ready.
  16. Good Morning everyone! I am 5'5" and 243lbs. That puts me right at a 40.4 BMI. From what I understand my BCBS of GA requires that I participate in a non-surgical weight reduction regimen for at least 6 continuous months. During that time BCBS requires of the 6 month program as follows: The clinical record includes: A description of “what” the individual actually did in the program, that is, did they follow the diet and exercise recommendations as an active participant for six continuous months in the two years prior to surgery? A record of the individual’s weight at the time of each preop visit, and the amount of weight loss achieved each month of the documented 6 month period A description of the actions taken by the surgeon and nutrition team, prior to surgery, to encourage the individual’s compliance and address any individual obstacles to positive behavioral changes Ok. Have any of you experienced that in this 6 months weight loss program that your BMI dropped below the requirement of 40 resulting in denial of coverage for the procedure? At this time, because I don't know if PCOS and untreated borderline high cholesterol counts as co-morbidities, I want to see if the drop below 40 will derail my efforts. Thanks you all for any help in advance!!!!
  17. MegHealthy

    Middle GA(2018)

    Hello there! I’m from north of Macon and have my first appointment with Dr. Danny Vaughn this week to discuss the sleeve and get started with the process I’ll need to go through with BCBS. Hope you all are doing great- I’m so excited to get started on this journey!
  18. Hope you’re doing well! I’m in Macon to and have my first appointment later this week with Dr. Danny Vaughn who works though Medical Center - I’m really excited!
  19. Boldilocks - what health insurance do you have? I'm wondering if BCBS of GA will be like yours. Good luck with your journey! Your posts have been great . I'm so nervous but also really curios. Thanks!
  20. You look ah-mazing!!!! Congratulations on your success! Love that before and after! Can’t wait to get an ‘after’ to!!!
  21. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!!! I am currently at your weight pre surgery (242) and i'm 5'5" and 36... so i'm really relating to where you started this journey!! After reading about your recovery i'm hopeful for a similar experience! I have my first appointment next Friday but I may be in for a longer stent of insurance hoop-jumping due to my "6 month medically supervised diet by surgeon requesting authorization" requirement. I've been so encouraged reading about your progress, your weight loss, and the way you describe your feelings and the food at your different restriction progression. I feel like I am going to be the same way. I already am unsure what to eat on a regular basis when i'm dieting to keep carbs etc... in line but I can see how sticking to the soft foods or a set lunch can be a comfort. Keep on posting on your progress if you can, i'm following your story girl and cheering you on in the sidelines!
  22. That's a great suggestion! I will make sure I set a reminder to check it, I know it's still my requirement right now so you never know! I think it's valuable to meet with a nutritional specialist and all but six months seems excessive.
  23. CW 208? That's A-MAZING! I will double check with my surgeon - i'm not sure if what my med records say confirms any comorbidity or not, if so, maybe I can get to a 35 and still be covered.. Maybe it's like you experienced and any weight loss would be a good thing and encouraged. I may be able to (who knows) because I can lose sometimes, I just regain, I always regain.. that's why i'm thinking this tool will be exactly what I need to help and motivate me along the way. Congratulations on your success! How are you doing after your procedure? I'll post here if I do get a specific answer from my doctor.
  24. I hope you won't get denied! I'll ask my Surgeon's office to but i'm always worried they will miss something or I will and that will cause denial. Thanks though! If I do find anything definitive out i'll be sure to post and hopefully help someone else!
  25. MegHealthy

    Any Georgia sleevers?

    Hello Everyone! I have my very first appointment in Macon with Dr. Danny Vaughn coming up November 2nd. I want the gastric sleeve and i'm excited and anxious because of all the insurance hoops! I have BCBS of GA and I know there are 6 months ahead of me.. but my BMI is right at 41- it would be great if I could try to lose some weight ahead of time in the next 6 months but i'm afraid any drop below that "approval weight" will get me denied! I'm excited though and feel more hope than I have in a long time that a healthy life is possible! Feels nuts because I haven't had the appointment yet, but i'm excited. Hope all you other GA sleeve patients are doing good. Any one who knows what the office is like at Dr. Vaughn's office - Please help with any info! I have heard some offices even deduct two pounds from your weigh in for 'clothes weight' or some offices don't count the first visit towards the 6 months of visits. I have no idea what to expect!