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  1. So my weight is stable and my next step is skin reduction.I don’t think insurance is going to cover it so I guess i’ll Be paying out of pocket.Also if any of you had any work done at transformations at UW Madison Wisconsin please tell me what to expect there.So here are my questions. 1.Can I get my whole body done in one surgery? 2.I heard the pain after surgery and healing time is a great deal more than a bypass. 3.Has anyone had it done in Mexico or outside the USA? 4.What are the most important things I need to know or ask about? 5.What does the cost generally run for full body? 6.How long did it take for you to return to work? 7.How do you feel now? I’ve got one shot at this so I want to do it right.If there’s anything that I haven’t asked that I should know please tell me.Thank you in advance.
  2. George OG

    I’ve got questions

    @Strivingforbetter thanks
  3. My gastric team that did my bypass wouldn’t do lap band because they were having too many issues
  4. I never knew why I would binge eat even in childhood.After having my gastric bypass I learned what I suspected,I had ADHD.Since I’ve been taking meds for it I don’t binge eat,yes the bypass helps😂.If I had known this long ago I doubt I would have been overweight!
  5. @Missouri-Lee's Summit anytime!I look forward to some interesting stories 😊
  6. George OG

    Is it possible..

    Not sure I lost 40 pounds on my two week pre op liquid diet.I stuck to it exactly.
  7. I drink 3-4 Red Bull’s each and every day.I have become Mr Werther’s b***h as I eat one to 2 bags of these a week,and I didn’t like them before surgery 😂
  8. I think this would be a great idea.I’m not sure how all of you feel about it.Maybe I’m just getting old but I will always prefer talking to a person over looking at a screw.
  9. George OG

    I'm in a Size 10! woot woot!

    Congrats @Roxine.You gotta show some progress pics if you ever want to.
  10. George OG

    gastric bypass reversal

    Pleased keep us posted.I believe you can keep the weight from coming back!
  11. George OG

    79lb difference!

  12. George OG

    Losing weight but not seeing it

    Wow I remember feeling that way after the pounds started coming off after surgery.I thought maybe I was doing something wrong and second guessing myself.I guarantee you anyone that sees you on a regular basis will notice your weight loss immediately.We are at most times our worst critic.The only advice I can give you is that we didn’t become our overweight selves quickly.It will take time for your body and mind to catch up to what’s happening!
  13. George OG

    Holy Freaking PAIN!!!

    @photogirl70 hopefully you get a good nights sleep!
  14. George OG

    Holy Freaking PAIN!!!

    @Someday I was pretty sore after mine.You definitely should address any concerns with your team.How long were you at the hospital after your surgery?
  15. Ok so here I go.I’m very interested in lifting weights building muscle.For some reason since my surgery,I can eat 2500+ calories and not gain but maintain.For me to gain muscle am I going to have to really start knocking back protein powder or something?I’m new to this.I would appreciate any help!
  16. George OG

    Questions about working out/ gaining weight?

    @Missouri-Lee's Summit yes that’s correct
  17. George OG

    Saint Paul or other MN area

    @Krista27 I’m in Wyocena Wisconsin
  18. George OG

    Questions about working out/ gaining weight?

    @GreenTealael that’s a great idea thanks.
  19. George OG

    Questions about working out/ gaining weight?

    @Missouri-Lee's Summit I’m just in the morning process of starting to save up for the retainer now.,it’s 3500.Yes I do expect to get sole custody.Her mom will come and testify on the facts.I just wish I could get this over with.It sucks being alone.
  20. George OG

    Questions about working out/ gaining weight?

    I can’t cook,and my soon to be ex-wife keeps us broke.Its ok I just got vitamins opened my own bank account too!Thank you for offering I’m so thankful.You are an awesome lady.
  21. George OG

    Questions about working out/ gaining weight?

    @Missouri-Lee's Summit thank you.The next time I see my gastric team I’m going to see if they will print out my metric.I have been tested for cancer,autoimmune diseases etc.The only thing they can suggest is a lot of my weight issues are stress related.And I know I could do a better job at eating better food,but that’s a whole story in itself😂
  22. I didn’t have dumping until I got to solid foods.You will know when it happens!Its horrible.You get extremely nauseous.What I mean is the kind where people look and you and ask if you’re ok.Cols sweats,rapid heartbeat.Whenever I would dump I would have to force myself to throw up.I am not telling anyone else to do that.I couldn’t handle the feeling it was too intense.I would throw up,then I was ok.
  23. That’s fair enough.Thsnk you for that insight.This is all uncharted territory for me so I want to go about things the right way.
  24. So I weighed 380 and my wife is like 300 pounds.Now i’m 167 pounds.She really wasn’t supportive of my surgery.She was making comments about me calling me skin and bones man.She also bankrupted our family spending over 5000 dollars on a video game because I lost weight.She has no interest in me emotionally or physically.I am only posting a pic to get honest feedback.Believe me I can handle it.She has made me feel like I’m very unattractive even though I think I look ok.I have decided to divorce her because I can’t take getting crapped on anymore?I don’t regret my surgery even though I’m getting divorced.I hate to say it but she really made makes questions if I am hideous now.I can handle blunt truth.Have any of you had issues after a bypass too or other weight loss tool?

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