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  1. I got surgery four months ago and I’m losing some hair. Dr and all research I’ve done says it should stop around 6 months. Sontwo more months. I take biotin and had pretty thick hair to begin with so it’s not noticeable to anyone but me. Has anyone ever bleached their hair during this stage? Did it make it worse? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but since any hair that’s going to fall out is going to fall out anyway, how could bleaching it make it worse? Thanks for any input!
  2. I got the sleeve and I’ve been doing pretty well with my vitamins. Calcium in the morning, two hours later a multivitamin with my iron in it, two hours later another vitamin with iron in it, and two hours later my last calcium pill. Now I’m reading on these forums that you can take both multivitamins together??? Is that true? Thanks for any help. And yes I’ll call my doctor, just getting your thoughts as all doctors say different things!
  3. Surgery date: June 26 Heaviest weight: 284 Current weight: 190 I’m 10 pounds away from my goal weight! So now I have a new goal weight 😂 I am VERY proud of what I’ve accomplished and the changes I’ve made in my life and in my diet.
  4. Thanks a bunch! I do actually have loose skin 😬 arms, thighs, stomach. But it’s not THAT bad. I always planned on getting a tummy tuck anyway. Thighs I can live with bc I don’t wear shorts anyway and will try to tone them by working out. Arms...I’m contemplating getting them done when I get my tummy tuck but idk yet.
  5. Thanks a bunch 😘 you’re too kind!
  6. Thanks! I do have loose skin my arms and thighs and stomach are the worst. Stomach is no problem bc I’ve always planned on getting a tummy tuck anyway. Thighs, eh no so worried. Arms, I’m contemplating getting skin removed when I get my tummy tuck but I’m not sure it’s bad enough. They look fine in a pic but if I wiggle my arms yikes! Also, I have not started working out 😬 I should do that 😂
  7. The black sports bra?! Layne Bryant! I’ve been searching and searching for a sports bra that could hold them up! This one is AWESOME!!!
  8. No! But I get Jennifer Lawrence a lot bc of my voice and personality lol
  9. I’ve tried many different types of multisband I finally found the right one. It’s a large pill that I take twice a day. Just Costco brand. Same with calcium. I tried the liquid, chews, chewable, etc and it was awful. Costco calcium pills are perfect. I do get a bit nauseous from time to time with my multis so I make sure I take it and eat something small right after. Like a small cheese or some pistachios. I have a cute little pill container and fill it on sundays for the week. It helps big time! Good luck!
  10. Hi! Here’s a disgusting story for those who love infected, gross, oozing things: After my surgery in June of this year I healed up very quickly and nicely. Except for my belly button. It was very sore and smelled horribly. I figured I was just healing and since belly buttons are gross anyway, it was just taking a little longer. Additionally, my belly button was all the sudden TWICE AS DEEP! WTF?! Went to my two week post op and the nurse practitioner (bc my a-hole dr just couldn’t find the time to see me after a $40k surgery) said he didn’t even cut me open in my belly button. I said “uhhhhh yeah he did! I have stitches in there!!!!” How the hell did she not know where he cut me open? Anyway, she said oh it’s just the way you’re healing. Fine, whatever. Then a couple months goes by. Still infected, smelly, sticky, etc. I go back for my 2 month check up. She again said it’s just the way I’m healing. So it’s been four months since surgery and last night I was in the tub and washed my belly button and it hurt so bad! It’s beyond infected. Swollen, full of yellow puss, skin is falling off and there are little sores. WTF?! So anyway, my question is: has this happened to anyone else? Also, I know some insurance companies will cover skin removal if the area is constantly irritated/infected. Has anybody ever had any luck getting a tummy tuck covered through their insurance due to irritation/infections of the skin? I have medical mutual in case anyone has ever had any experience with that specific company. Thanks for listening and for any advice! (Yes I will call my doctor AGAIN tmw morning).
  11. Hi! I’m almost 12 week’s post op and I’m feeling great. I am, however, covered in bruises. Is this a side effect of the surgery? Thanks for any input. Ps: yes I’ll ask my doctor at my next appt.
  12. Dfox1984

    Bruising like crazy!

    Nothing came back on my blood work. Just fair skin and maybe being too physical in the yard/house work lol
  13. Dfox1984

    Bruising like crazy!

    Thanks for all of your responses! They bruises are not on my abdomen. Just arms and legs. They don’t hurt and I’m not too worried. I have to get blood work done this week anyway so I’ll be sure to tell my doc!
  14. Dfox1984

    Too much protein/Kidney stones

    Good for you! I’m only 10 weeks out and I can only eat three tablespoons of food I can’t imagine eating that much but one day I’ll be able to again!
  15. Dfox1984

    Too much protein/Kidney stones

    How is this even possible?! I’m lucky to get 50g a day. What are you eating and how often???
  16. Im nine weeks out and I FINALLY go to the doctor tmw so they can weigh me and give me the go ahead to be on regular food! I’m SO sick of eating the same things all day every day! What are some healthy, low carb options for me?! I’ll be honest, I’m also very sick of meat in general. I feel like that’s all I eat I can only eat about three bites of food so even if it’s not super low carb it will be ok bc I’m barely eating but 500 cals a day. Thanks for any advice/ideas! Post pics!!!!
  17. I’m two months out and I’m still only able to eat MAYBE three tablespoons of food. Any more than that and I feel it coming back up. Is that pretty typical? I know people say you can eat about one cup of food when all is said and done, but when is that typically? I have a dr appt sept 6 so I’ll obvi talk to my doc. Just wondered if anyone has had such a tight restriction like me. I’d like to be able to eat a tiny plate of food instead of spoonfuls 😬 should I ask him to stretch me out a little? Idk the terminology for it lol
  18. I know this sounds bad, or sneaky, but eat like **** for a couple weeks/months and gain a few pounds, put heavy weights on your wrists and ankles, go back in a month and get weighed and they’ll cover it. I know someone who did that. Worked like a charm and now they’re 6 weeks post op and down 50 pounds.
  19. I’ve been on soft foods for almost 4 weeks and I’m soooooooo sick of eating the same things! Today I was craving potstickers after I saw them in the freezer. So I improvised and cooked three of them, cut them open, and ate the insides. It was already soft and really fine so why the hell not?! It was sooooooo good just wanted to share for those who are stuck on phase three and sick of eggs lol
  20. Hi, I’m taking the bariatric multivitamin with iron (I’ll try to attach a pic). The first time I broke it open and dumped a little bit in my mouth with some water bc I wasn’t sure my stomach could handle the big pill or break down the capsule. I instantly vomited (first time since my surgery 4 weeks ago). Then today I took the whole pill hoping it would just break down. It didn’t hurt or get stuck, felt fine digestive wise, but within five minutes my mouth started watering and I vomited again. Ughhhh is there a chewable that has the same thing thisnone has? I don’t wanna take more than one pill a day so that’s why I bought this one. Thanks for any advice, I really appreciate it!
  21. Can you cancel the order and I’ll send you this? It’s a full bottle and I’ll never use it.
  22. Calcium with d3 twice a day.
  23. Hi, I’m about 4 1/2 weeks post op and I still haven’t started taking my multivitamin. I’m only taking calcium and D3. I tried to take my multivitamin but I kept vomiting it right back up. It sucks bc I know I need to take it AND I had one that was once a day with iron so I didn’t have to take 8 different pills per day! Is there ANYTHING out there that’s a chewable one a day that meets our requirements and includes iron??? Thanks so much for any advice!