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    Anyone jealous?

    I only told a few people that were going to help me after surgery. Anyone else, I've kept it to myself and told them I was going in for surgery for something else. I just feel like I don't need to explain how I'm losing weight and taking care of myself. I can see how people may be Jealous , but they can go and get the surgery through their insurance if they need it too.
  2. Can anyone tell me their symptoms of when they started to develop Kidney stones? Ugh. I hope this is not happening to me.
  3. Ouch !! Yes, I heard they are very painful and I don't wish that on anyone. I think my pain was from my muscles in my stomach. I got so out of shape that now I use those muscles more.
  4. It's been 7 weeks since surgery and I still cant eat lots of stuff. Like chicken and hamburger. I can eat cheese, yogurts and Protein shakes. If I try to eat any kind of solids like chicken or meats , I get that hurting feeling at the top of my stomach below the chest!! I knew this was going to be hard , but it hurts to eat .
  5. Hi, You will get so many symptoms after surgery because your body has changed. My emotions after surgery were so bad from the meds they used to put me under and the calorie intake was so low that I felt deprived. I'm almost 8 weeks after Surgery and I'm able to eat a little bit more and I'm starting to feel better. My Surgeon said it was normal to feel depressed and lots of anxiety after this massive change to your lifestyle. I feel what you are going through. It's sure different. Keep reminding yourself that your body is going through changes from the surgery and it will calm your anxiety down a little.
  6. I know right? I think my anxiety is so high after this surgery! Life is sure a different way now! Food was always the center of everything.
  7. Yes, I'm so mUch better. I'm so out of shape I think I used more stomach muscles then I thought. I'm so happy about that .
  8. Hi, yes it went away!! I think I'm so out of shape from after the surgery that I may have just used more muscles in my stomach and thought it was !! I'm so happy its not stones. I would be so screwed ! Thank you so much for your support !
  9. I need to slow down when I eat!! I'm so hungry because I can't eat much anyways.
  10. James, I know all this. You don't seem to understand what I'm saying and feeling you're not helping.
  11. The hurry is I'm hungry and want to eat! I need food to survive and for my mental Health !.
  12. Probably not the way i should be drinking it. ;(
  13. I think I maybe eating too fast and not chewing well.
  14. wow! Sounds exciting!! I really hope it's not that. I had to get back to work less than two weeks after my surgery because I have to handle business fast. I could not handle my business and that kind of pain too. I can only imagine.
  15. I see on google search that Gallstones usually have pain on the right side. I'm having pain on the left side of my stomach. hmm
  16. Well , its not in my back or my rib, so maybe I'm lucky and do not have it. Maybe it's because I'm out of shape.
  17. Yes, I feel like I Pulled something in my stomach. Thank you for your response.
  18. Its been here for 3 days now. I cant run to the Dr. just yet. because I'm so busy at work .:(
  19. small pain in my left side. It's not unbearable, but it's there and hoping it does not get worse. Its not from working out because I have not even started that yet.
  20. Hi my friends. I just wanted to know how much weight you lost in the second month and 3rd month after surgery? I know it depends on your weight from the start, but I wanted to see if anyone around my weight has lost and what in the 2nd and 3rd months after surgery.? Thank you.
  21. WOW!! Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look amazing! You should be so proud of yourself. I'm very proud of you !! Keep your head up and keep going. Being happy is important and keep your mind happy by not having thoughts that don't belong there.. Think of good things because you deserve it. I have to remind myself all the time.
  22. Hello, I use to love to do my spin classes before surgery . I'm about 6 weeks after Surgery and still feel so nauseated to even walk around a lot . When did you start back up exercising after your surgery?
  23. I only lost 16 pounds in my first month after surgery . Is this a normal weight loss? I started at 201 pounds. I'm worried that this my slow down next month. I have not started exercise yet! I did start working again after 10 Days of Surgery its been a Struggle with lots of emotions. Just reaching out for advice. Thank you !
  24. Thank you for that. I needed this Board and I'm very happy you all are here.

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