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  1. I had surgery 8/24 and was wondering when everyone weighed themselves? I can't wait until the 2 week appointment.
  2. I had mine the 24. Just got home today. So far so good I except for some mild pain and some constipation. Doing good with the clear liquids and moving around. Don't start protein for another 2 days. Good luck!
  3. I was Aug 24. Just got out of the Hospital today. I am doing 30mls of clear fluids every 15 mins. I can do sugar free jello in a 30ml cup instead or a SF popsicle instead. I can't add protein until Monday. I haven't had gas pain or passed gas! My pain is from the large incision where they took out the stomach. Hope all goes well.
  4. I have my surgery scheduled for 8/24. My BMI is 36+. I met with my surgeon last week and asked what my goal weight is. She said for my height The charts say I should weigh 135 which we both agree is unrealistic. So I said what's the goal? She said I don't give my patients a "goal" weight. I just expect that they will lose about 40-50% of the excess weight within the first year. So that means about 50lbs. Which would put me at 180ish. Boy that is depressing. All this for 50lbs[emoji27]. That would still give me a BMI of 28.6. I was hoping to work down to 160-150 to try to get to a BMI under 25! Anyone else have this issue???
  5. Hi I am having my surgery on 8/24. I am trying to think of everything I want to do before surgery besides drink a glass of wine and have my last piece of pizza[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I was wondering for those who have had surgery what things you did or wish you had done before surgery? What clothes did you take some before pictures in for you transformation pictures? What foods did you buy?? I would really appreciate your suggestions and advice! Thanks
  6. lk2813

    Nerved out[emoji33]

    No I start mine on the 21st. My BMI is 36 what is yours?
  7. lk2813

    Gastric Sleeve - BMI 31

    I too have been concerned about having a lower BMI and losing weight. My BMI is 35 and I have Diabetes, GERD, Arthritis, Sleep Apnea and high cholesterol. I gained 80 in less than a year due to being on a steroid for my Arthritis and haven't been able to lose the weight. I also went through menopause which didn't help. I have my surgery on the 24th and pray that this tool helps me to lose the weight so I can have my life back. I do feel though that when your BMI is lower you get looked at differently like it is for cosmetic reasons and not health. That's so frustrating
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    Nerved out[emoji33]

    I am the 24th too!!! I am excited an nervous. It has almost been a year with this process. I got approved for April but had to push back due to new job. Now I feel like It has been so long since I have been researching and working with the center. I kinda forgot everything. My pre op class is tomorrow so that is exciting. My family seems to be asking me questions I don't have the answers to. We should be loser buddies!!!
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    Waiting game

    I feel the same way! I finally all set to go for Aug 24. They wanted to schedule me in April but because of work I had to push it back. Now I am getting a little anxious.