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  1. I've hit the dreaded 9mo wall. I can suddenly eat a whole lot more than I'm used to and I'm losing control of the weight loss. time to reset

    1. OutsideMatchInside


      Do you portion your food out? If you weight and portion your food, it shouldn't matter if you can eat more. It helps a lot.

  2. after all that thanksgiving food, I just don't feel ilke eating anything! I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

  3. 104lbs gone in 144 days! I'm pretty proud of myself.

    1. ProudGrammy


      congrats - you should be proud as a peacock !! strut around!!!! - you are aces - keep up the good job - Kathy

    2. LipstickLady


      WOW!! That's awesome!


    3. Julz8209


      that's great!


  4. zooming through sizes of clothes! This is crazy!

  5. So I'm fighting with my brain right now. I really, really need to get rid of my old clothes that don't/won't fit but part of me is still afraid of failing. Last winter's wardrobe was well over 2k and I just can't seem to part with it. Ideas?

    1. Daisee68


      I really struggled with that (still do). I sold a lot of clothes on Poshmark.com and it gave me a lot of joy to get a tiny bit of money for the clothes but also to see that others really liked my "style". I also was able to buy clothes along the way instead of spending full price while dropping sizes so rapidly.

    2. WLSResources/ClothingExch


      Take the pressure off yourself -- you don't "really, really need to" get rid of anything. Keep the clothes until the moths get them. Try "I WANT to eliminate these things to make room for new ones that fit." See the difference? Whether you sell, swap, donate or take the better things that aren't beyond altering to a tailor, the money was spent last year and you won't miss it. It's always seemed to me that clinging to too-large clothes is giving one's self permission to regain the weight. You don't want any part of that.

  6. So I'm fighting with my brain right now. I really, really need to get rid of my old clothes that don't/won't fit but part of me is still afraid of failing. Last winter's wardrobe was well over 2k and I just can't seem to part with it. Ideas?

    1. Shrinkinqtpi


      Try consignment? In the right neighborhood you will find quality goods at reasonable prices. Start with one item you can part with and if you like it try it again.

  7. I'm just trying to get an idea of what other RNY'ers are eating right about now. My surgeon advanced my diet very rapidly so I'm technically on "regular food," although I'm really having a hard time with anything solid. I had 1oz of a grilled hamburger last night and about 30min later I'm in excrutiating pain and throwing up foamies. I've tried very thin deli meat and cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad, chili. This happens every. single. time I try to eat anything solid. I chew everything very well and I've learned to not take huge bites anymore. I'm just puzzled. I called the office and they told me to go back to liquids for a while and see if the foamy crap stops. Ov course it does, but I'm at the end of my rope of trying to find something to eat. Hopefully some more 8wk+ people are in the same boat I am.
  8. cleaned the closet again.....more tax write-offs for me!

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    2. WantToBe


      Same here - liberating to purge.

    3. WLSResources/ClothingExch


      Donating is a good thing, but don't be surprised when you see that used clothing is worth only pennies in deductions.

    4. VEGAN  ME

      VEGAN ME

      we should start a clothes circle


  9. I finished my pre op stuff today and called the surgeon's office to report in, and the gal asked if I wanted to schedule my pre op for her! I have to do a gallbladder ultrasound and an EKG and labs. She also gave me a tenitive surgery date of April 7!! I was so excited at the beginning of this but now having a possible surgery date, I'm scared out of my mind! All the research and studying I've done has helped, but the "realness" has suddenly hit me. Anybody else go through this? Any words of encouragement besides to just chill and follow the plan? Thanks in advance!
  10. one month check up is done! He was very pleased with my loss. Looking at a mountain, climbing an ant hill.

    1. jane13


      baby steps kiddo, baby steps....

  11. countryrose

    I think I have a date!

    Hard. I'm not hungry but seeing all this food my family can eat and I'm relegated to smushy, mushy stuff is really hard! I never realized how hard this was going to be. I'm down 27lbs. How about you?? Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  12. I cleaned out my closets today and put all the stuff i don't want to wear (and won't be able to) next winter in the Goodwill pile.

    1. jane13


      that's a NSV in my book. it's a win-win.

    2. Christinamo7


      wonderful feeling isn't it?

    3. 2goldengirl


      Isn't it great? My Goodwill pile grows weekly. I'm a bit sad to say that my favorite pair of work slacks, that I hadn't been able to wear in several years, only made it into the "wear now" rotation for about ten days!

  13. I am not a patient person it seems. I was in a kind of stall for the last 6 days. Now that I can actually eat food, the scale is moving again.

    1. Christinamo7


      it's always a relief when the scales move again.

    2. ProudGrammy


      you are doing great!! 6 days is NOT a stall - OFFICIAL stall is 3+ weeks - stalls will continue periodically- "God Grant Me Patience - Just Hurry Up About It" LOL good luck bud - kathy

  14. down 11lbs sine 4/7! stoked!

  15. Mercy! I am about 36hrs away from surgery time. Getting majorly freaked out and beside myself. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  16. this time next week, I'll be on my way to onderland again.

  17. countryrose

    I think I have a date!

    I got insurance approval the same day she turned it in. It was literally minutes after she hit submit, we had an answer. I'm sure each insurance program is different with their turn around times. As far as knowing a timeline for surgery, I just called my office and asked her when I could anticipate surgery so I could work on childcare for my kiddos. I have my surgery in 10days. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  18. countryrose

    I think I have a date!

    It's set for April 7, I'm just unsure if he will make me do a liquid diet pre op. That's what i get to find out Monday. I seriously can't wait though.
  19. countryrose

    I think I have a date!

    @Jade-no preop diet yet. I have to see the surgeon on Monday so that may change. @dadsrebel-I'm more than ready! Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  20. I'm from Iowa, near Des Moines. I only had 3 weight checks, a pulmonary function test, psych eval, and then the customary pre op labs. My surgeon doesn't require a pre op diet (YES!!!) and I'm so thankful for that. It's coming up so quick!
  21. Hi there, I'm scheduled for April 7. Preop is this wednesday and then a talk with the Doc on Monday.
  22. countryrose

    calling all april 2016 bypass patients

    I'm scheduled for April 7 and am excited, scared, terrified, by happy at the same time. Anybody else?! I want this so bad but the unknown is a little scary.
  23. countryrose

    Looking for any April surgeries

    April 7 here!
  24. countryrose

    How long

    I had my intial consulation with my surgeon on Jan 4, 2016. I had to have 3 PCP visits for weight checks, a pulmonary appointment for a function test; a psych eval; and some labs drawn. We turned into insurance on March 15 and was approved in minutes. (I have BCBS of IA) My surgery is scheduled April 7. Good luck on your journey.
  25. I got approved!!!! Surgery is April 7

    1. ProudGrammy


      that's great!! i've heard that April 7, 2016 is the best day in the whole wide world to have the bypass!! smirk - good luck, speedy recovery - kathy

    2. crazygoose