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  1. Hi all, I'm 2 years post bypass and currently 13 weeks pregnant. I was told that I would be monitored closely during the pregnancy due to the bypass but wanted to know if any of you had been through this and what level of care I should expect on the NHS. I've had a letter confirming my first appointment in May but that would take me past the half way point and I just assumed I would be monitored earlier. Would love to hear other experiences please. Many thanks, Claire
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    So. Much. Pain. Help!

    It is a hard journey, but it sounds like you're getting there, albeit slowly. My lo was also 3 when I had my op and I feel you're pain! They just don't understand. Keep going honey, you'll look back at this all being a distant memory soon. xxx
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    So. Much. Pain. Help!

    How are you doing today? xx
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    Official: FitBit Thread

    Would love some more friends on FitBit, please add me clairebray79@gmail.com
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    What are you all doing for workouts?

    I have fallen in love with Zumba and cannot get enough! I do at least 3 classes a week and then have the DVD's at home... My 4 yo even joins in at home. It's so much fun dancing and before you know it, the class it done.
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    So. Much. Pain. Help!

    You're experience sounds awful! I'm based in the UK and I've used windeze for the shoulder pain (it's from where they fill your abdomen cavity with gas to assist surgery) and peppermint tea is a life saver! The pain in horrible to start but as Daisee said you should be getting past the worse of it now. Again being in the UK, the pain meds will be different, but I had paracetamol liquid and then codeine which I could alternate every 2 hours. But really didn't need anything after about day 4, until my stomach went into spasm and got rushed to A&E. So maybe you should do with seeing your GP. Good luck!
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    I'm so confused.

    Hi... I found and still do that I don't get hungry, more cravings. But immediately post op, I just stuck to my three small pureed meals and I would say I'd get more of a discomfort feeling more one I'd had enough, almost like I'd have a mouthful and knew that if I swallowed it was going to come right back up. I also follow a 20 rule: * 20p (UK) / quarter size (US) size piece of food * chew 20 times * Wait 20 seconds before your next piece * Stop eating after 20 minutes I never got as far as the 20 minutes, but thought that this was good advice from my dietician.
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    From the album: Claire Bray