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  1. Tiana Harris

    TX - Austin

    Hey ladies & gents - I just moved to Austin last month from California ( groan....i know - another California transplant!) I am almost a year out - on 7/22/16 will be my 1 year mark. I started at 227 pounds and am at 156 now. My goal is 140. In CA it was much easier finding fruits and veggies on every corner since its a super organic/healthy area and here I've noticed there are LOTS of chains and fast food. I don't eat fast food. I eat very healthy. I still am eating under 1000 calories on most days, struggle to get in my 64oz of Water, and am a big fruit and veggie eater. I would love to meet some local friends. I am 32 years old, no kids, and work from home most days in Pflugerville, but sometimes from Downtown as well.
  2. Looking for a buddy near Los Angeles / West LA
  3. Tiana Harris

    RNY done!

    I'm now 5 Days Post Op. Day 1 and 2 were really rough but since it's been fine. I'm so happy I went for it. I've been home from the hospital for 2 nights and gotten 30oz-40oz of Water down so far per day. I've had 1 chocolate premier Protein, got all 11oz down in about 30mins. I felt so full after its crazy! I've never felt full before in my life Hahahaha I had chicken broth with 20g of protein last night, after 8oz I was stuffed. What a great tool this is! The only bad part right now is I keep coughing which hurts so bad I'm still sore ouch! Follow me on YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCylGZjmxz3si1YzHRIUN25g
  4. Tiana Harris

    Any Los Angeles people wanting a buddy?

    I had RNY and I'm in Santa Monica
  5. Tiana Harris

    Southern California

    Anyone near Santa Monica?
  6. Tiana Harris

    RNY done!

    Thanks for the encouragement I have to remember to sip not gulp
  7. I am 5 days out right now. I got about 30-40oz down per day. 64oz is goal but my doctor said work my way up to it. I just sip all day and write down every time I get 8oz down and see how much more I need. Follow my journey on YouTube : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCylGZjmxz3si1YzHRIUN25g
  8. Tiana Harris

    31 and pre-surgery

    Hi, I am 31 and still in the pre-surgery stage waiting for my appointments and date. I live in Los Angeles and am looking for someone around my age to be a buddy
  9. I'm going in for surgery at UCLA tomorrow. I am so excited and can't wait to start my journey. You can follow along if you don't check here often: www.instagram.com/toofat2fitin or on my YouTube videos I'll be updating weekly https://www.youtube.com/user/TooFatToFitIn/ Hope to use this tool to make my life better and healthier. Thanks for all the great info!! Can't wait to update you all!
  10. Tiana Harris


    If anyone has a fitness or weightloss IG can we follow each other? I'm @blueeyedfitgirl or www.instagram.com/blueeyedfitgirl
  11. Tiana Harris

    July 22 RNY Buddy needed

  12. Tiana Harris

    July 22 RNY Buddy needed

    Tomorrow is my final weigh in before tomorrow final appointment and insurance submittal
  13. Tiana Harris

    July 22 RNY Buddy needed

    My next appointment is July 7th to cofirm my July 22 surgery date and sign consent forms. Eeeek
  14. Tiana Harris

    Artificial sweetners?!?

    My doctor is super strict and no artificials sweetners are allowed. Only under 5g of sugar per "meal" but it has to be natural sugar.
  15. Tiana Harris

    Feast before famine?

    I had food funerals. I ate like a piglet for about 3 weeks before my liqiud/puree diet kicked in. My surgery is July 22 and now im eating better.
  16. Tiana Harris

    Pre-Op Tests

    I had the same issues, I had endoscopy, EKG, Chest xRay and Bloodwork
  17. Tiana Harris

    July 22 RNY Buddy needed

    I added you. I'm hard to find lol
  18. Tiana Harris

    July 22 RNY Buddy needed

    Yay! Message me maybe we can be Facebook friends I don't check this much
  19. I still have a few things to do before surgery (psych, endoscopy, bloodwork) but they gave me a date this morning!!! JULY 22nd at UCLA
  20. Turned 31 in January
  21. Had my first appointment with the Dr. at UCLA today. No surgery date but since I have bad GERD/Reflux he requested a Endoscopy before proceeding. I am a little nervous. Did anyone else have this done? Besides that I met with the dietitian and all I need to do I go to a new patient class and have some blood work and meet with the Psych and I'm ready. Any info would be great I know they will sedate me but I am a little nervous.
  22. I am just in in the consultation stage, my 1st appointment is May 12th. I know I want the surgery as soon as possible. I am 219lbs now, my highest was 223. Should I try and start losing now or wait til my appointment. I don't want to lose and then go to the appointment and them say I need to lose more before surgery. If I lose too much will they cancel the surgery or think I don't need it? A friend told me to gain as much as possible before the consultation so that I can lose it when they ask. But not sure what the best is to do.
  23. How did you approach telling people? I've told my fiance, he is on board "whatever makes me happy and healthy" and my mom is on board but the rest of my family is SUPER into fitness and thinks diet and exercise is always enough and I'm sure they will think I'm just lazy. Also my job, I need to tell them for the recovery time off but I don't need to tell why....but should I? I work in a small office of 20 people and I'm nervous for reactions. I've told my direct boss, since she and I workout together she knows and understands. My first appointment/consult is on the 12th of May.
  24. If anyone has a fitness or weightloss IG can we follow each other? I'm @blueeyedfitgirl or www.instagram.com/blueeyedfitgirl

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