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    I work in the HIV field and medication is your best defense against contracting the virus. They do have side effects but a doctor should be able to treat that. Keeping you in my thoughts and don't miss any doses.
  2. mlilwood


    Does it have iron?
  3. mlilwood

    Looking for friends in or near Fresno

    How are you feeling? Where did you have it done? I'm excited but nervous.
  4. mlilwood

    Looking for friends in or near Fresno

    Hi, I'm in Fresno too. Getting sleeved on 9/17.
  5. Went to insurance. The waiting begins.
  6. I think it depends on your doc. I have no history of snoring or sleep apnea so I didn't need one.
  7. I thought a week too but the psychologist suggested two. He had the surgery and said he went back in a week. He called himself a desk jockey and wished he taken two. Now that's got me thinking.
  8. So close yet so far away. ⏰
  9. I'd be happy to start a FB group. That's a GREAT IDEA!! Let me put it together and I will let you know when it's up! Give me a bit, I have to take my puppy to the dog park! He's worse than a 5 year old right now! LOL ok, I created the group, I need to add a picture etc., if you would like to be invited please either post your email here (if you are ok with it, or please send me a message and I will send you an invite via email! Perkinsn8668@yahoo.comPlease add me too, Mlilwood@hotmail.com
  10. Finished my psych evaluation today. Therapist said I should be scheduled by September. We are getting close.
  11. Welcome aboard. Best of luck to you.
  12. mlilwood

    Anthem BCBS high deductible plan

    I have anthem too. My plan covers it with six months weight loss plan. I'm using the time my doc gave me the weight loss meds. Office said that would be okay. Hope it works for you too.
  13. mlilwood

    At hospital

    Yeah! Good luck today. Here's to your new life.
  14. Lucky me, I got both. Feeling better now. Sore throat is finally gone.
  15. Kensington, they were checking me for acid reflux. Which I haven't had in 13 years. Hopefully you won't need it.
  16. I don't either. I have not been told I would need a sleep study. Here's to hoping.
  17. Just curious, does everyone have to do a sleep study?
  18. Never had an LP. That sounds awful too. Poor kiddo.

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