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  1. I have and lose a bit of water weight but that's it. Sent from my SM-G960W using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. freshair

    So tell me how you REALLY feel...

    @@AvaFern that's a constant struggle for me. Do i want scars everywhere or do i want all the flab lose skin? Now I'm still early on in my journey but I'm always debating on what to do. Time will tell. @@LipstickLady so far it bothers me in certain positions but hubby doesn't seem to mind at all lol.
  3. @@CowgirlJane thanks so much for sharing. I'm truly happy that you have been able to free yourself of that damaging emotion. Good for you! It takes a lot to be able to talk about it and even more to work through it. And in spirit of the convo i think I'll miss warming my hands in my love handles
  4. freshair

    Toronto support group

    @@KreemyPeach we still on for tomorrow night?
  5. freshair

    Slim band false advertising

    Well @missmeg this is kinda what i mean by the false advertising because this is how slim band advertises the band. Eat all the food you love and lose weight. Well no not really. Because in order for the band to work you need to maintain a balanced food lifestyle. Im sure you just can't eat fried chicken and Macdonalds in smaller portions and lose the weight
  6. freshair

    Where are all the Canadians ?

    Trial and error for me
  7. freshair


    @@melhach when you have that pouch and lose weight rapidly there's no crunches that can do anything for you. The elasticity in our skin just doesn't bounce back as fast as we're losing. Just like those of us with bat wings doesn't matter how much weights we do they are still there
  8. If no weight loss would be part of it than no. I managed my diabetes before surgery. And now no more diabetes and I'm losing weight. But if I was only going to get rid of my diabetes again nope
  9. freshair

    Where are all the Canadians ?

    @@Ivanova8 glad to hear from you!! Ua completely agree with you I'm still not able to eat "normal food" as so many things don't sit right. I'll be there on Wednesday so can't wait to meet you
  10. freshair

    Less tolorent after healing?

    Thanks @@WildGrits
  11. freshair


    Yes i had the same thing happen. Mine would get worse when i drank my protein shakes. I got antibiotics for it from my GP. Or else you can wait it out it will pass
  12. freshair

    I've gained and it's my fault.

    Thanks so much for sharing i just wrote a post about smoking as i have picked it up again. I'm scared to get an ulcer but still can't find the will to quit. I'm disappointed in myself. I'm gonna try to quit again this weekend. Again thanks for the help
  13. freshair

    Calling all smokers

    Ya i tried the vapor cigarettes too they just nade ne wanna smoke more
  14. There's a forum here that you can check out where plp are selling their old clothes check it out. I've seen a few post of plp selling size 22 20 and 18 clothing. I started at a size 20 and I'm down to a 18 but i also have a suitcase of old clothes from my smaller days so hopefully I won't need to buy a lot of clothes for now.
  15. freshair

    2-weeks post-op

    @@PhillyChick so we're almost the same i too have really good days when i can eat and get all my water and feel full of energy. Than o have the bad days when i don't sleep at all feel groggy and get really nauseous. I've had my period simce surgery with only a 2 week break so that's sucked. Eating slower is a b#$% even a minute in between bites sometimes isn't enough I've been throwing up more the different things i try but hey I'm hanging in there. I'm at 45lbs down hoping for 5 more by the 1st of feb cause that will make it 2 months. About the constipation i had a lot the first few weeks and it was horrible so now i add bran buds to my yogurt and it's helped. I don't go daily but not constipated
  16. freshair

    Small portions,,,,

    What brand and give us a bit more info. Btw great work
  17. For me probiotics have caused diarrhea for a few days and eventually regulate me to a more normal flow
  18. You can start a thread asking for buddies we can give you our fitness pal names and u add us as friends
  19. Lol i know the feeling of excitement when you finally do go! I would so wear it
  20. freshair

    Anal sex and will it cause damage

    I just died!!! Lmfaoooo
  21. freshair

    African American RNY Sisters

    Hey all got my rny on 12 / 1 / 14
  22. freshair


    @@BLERDgirl sorry i miss read what you wrote
  23. freshair


    @@BLERDgirl you haven't had surgery yet??

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