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  1. I had to have a 48 hr. BRAVO ph monitor test, barium swallow test and an esophageal manometry test prior to insurance approval for sleeve to bypass conversion. I’m over 4 weeks post op and haven’t had an episode of GERD since surgery. It’s great! And losing weight is definitely an added bonus!
  2. I did it n thanksgiving with a little bit of everything on the table, including pie and other desserts. My body rebelled, but got better in a day or two.
  3. mae7365

    Clothes during Weight Loss

    I’m a fan of Goodwill. After sleeve surgery, I was dropping a size every week. Goodwill has jeans and tops for less than $5.
  4. mae7365

    UGH - Thanksgiving Regrets

    Since I was exactly 4 weeks post op on Thanksgiving, my story was pretty predictable. I ate a little bit of everything, including pumpkin pie and apple crisp, then proceeded to be sick all night long (sorry to be graphic, but diarrhea sick). So my body rejected my food choices and I escaped gaining weight over thanksgiving. Do I have regrets.....I did Thursday night, but since I've been very kind to my digestive tract since then, I'm glad I got a taste of all the Thanksgiving food that I love.
  5. mae7365

    Acid Reflux- Please Help

    I've had acid reflux since 2010. Has a gastric sleeve in 2014 which helped with weight loss, but increased the acid reflux. I've run out of possible medical management and the reflux was destroying my quality of life. After having a bunch of diagnostic tests to confirm my acid reflux, my insurance approved gastric bypass surgery (gastrojejunostomy). I had surgery 10/29/20 and haven't had an episode of reflux since. Realize, this was major life changing surgery to cure my acid reflux, but at 63, I didn't see any improvement in my life without surgery. I'm now 4 weeks post op, healing and most of the post op issues are resolving. A "complication" of this surgery is weight loss, and I've lost 18 lbs. since surgery...….SWEET! I'm not saying that surgery is the best option for everyone with chronic GERD, but it was definitely the right choice for me.
  6. Just had gastric sleeve to gastric bypass surgery on 10/29/20 for surgical treatment of Chronic GERD/Gastritis/Esophagitis. The good news is I haven't had reflux since surgery. Of course, I've had to deal with the diet restrictions of surgery, but it will be so worth it when I've healed, lost weight and no longer have to sleep in a recliner due to GERD!
  7. mae7365

    Expected weight loss

    I just had gastric sleeve to gastric bypass on October 29th. I had lost 60 pounds after sleeve surgery but slowly gained 40 back over the past 6 years. My bypass surgery was done for chronic GERD/Gastritis/Esophagitis, but I will lose weight as a "side effect/complication" of surgery. My surgeon told me I won't lose as much with this surgery, so I'm taking advantage of the recovery period to refocus on good, healthy food choices. I need to lose 25 pounds to get to a BMI of 24.9 - Normal Weight, which is where my gastroenterologist and Family Practitioner want me to be. Of course, I'd love to weight 145 pounds...haven't been that weight for over 35 years! Good luck on your journey and keep us updated on your progress!
  8. mae7365

    Anyone for October 2020?

    October 29th sleeve to bypass conversion. Finishing week 2 stage 2 liquid. Can't wait until Thursday to have a scrabbled egg with cheese!!!! 185 lbs day of surgery, 176 lbs today.
  9. I had a bypass on October 29, 2020. I had the sleeve in November 2014 and definitely felt restriction AND loss of hunger. Since my bypass surgery, I'm hungry. Still in the Stage 2 liquid phase, but I'm anxiously waiting for week 3 - soft food! I didn't have the bypass for weight loss (although I'm hoping weight loss is a side effect). My surgeon told me that I may not see the severe weight drop like I did after the sleeve. I'm just hoping that I will notice the restriction once I start on real food 11/13/20. Until then.........I'm hungry!!!!!
  10. mae7365

    Seeking Fitbit users

    Anyone interested in being "Fitbit Friends"? I'm Marsha E on Fitbit and it's great place to challenge each other to increase our daily and weekly activity. Feel free to send a request if interested.
  11. I only drink Syntrax Matrix - after trying just about every brand I found. I love the mint cookie and Cookies & cream flavors best.
  12. mae7365

    Protein Shakes

    Syntrax Matrix. I love the mint cookie and Cookies & cream flavors.
  13. So I'm 5 days away from my 8 month anniversary of VSG surgery and finally admitting that my old habits and obsession with snacking have not miraculously disappeared because of WLS. On May 28th, I had lost 60 pounds and was so positive that I'd reach goal by my 8 month anniversary. But rather than stay focused, eat healthy and follow the plan, I got over confident and reverted back to snacking on all the high carb, high sugar, high salt comfort foods that had originally caused my weight gain. I stopped going to my monthly support group meetings, stopped my daily involvement in on-line bariatric and weight loss support groups and as a result, I've gained 8 pounds rather than losing the last 6 pounds that would have gotten me to goal. I know what I have to do to get back on track. Any suggestions on how to break my addition to carbs? I'm focused on Protein today with the hope that once I break the carb cycle, I can get back to making better food choices for my late night Snacks. Yes, the honeymoon is over!!
  14. mae7365

    Fell off the wagon

    I'm in the club also. Need to refocus today.
  15. mae7365


    I had less than 70 pounds to lose, but my health issues made that 70 pounds destructive. I'm in my late 50's, so losing 70 pounds and keeping it off was extremely difficult. Now my health has improved 150%, I exercise (including running on a treadmill) and I feel fantastic. Surgery was a blessing for me.
  16. mae7365


    I did and continue to take it at six months post-op. I took all my medications right after surgery with a small sip of Water.
  17. mae7365

    100 Pounds Gone Forever!

    100 pounds in 8 months......great job! I know you have to feel healthier just by the fact that you are off some medications. And having people compliment you on your success is such a great motivator! Congratulation!!!!!
  18. mae7365

    Can't do anymore protein!

    I love Syntrax Matrix with Water and sweetened almond milk (4 ozs each). The flavors are good and they aren't thick like many of the Protein shakes I've tried. And, they have lots of protein.
  19. I hope you are very, very proud of the decision you made. As time passs, you won't care who knows about your surgery. Because as time passes, you get healthier and appreciate the new you, it won't matter what anyone else thinks, or feels. You will know that the only one who can make you happy with yourself.....is you. It is the one thing that I learned from surgery. It was all about ME and I was worth it!
  20. mae7365

    Eating at night

    I found I have to eat before going to bed. Why? I sleep eat. I didn't believe it until I brought it up at the last support group and the NUT said it's a real thing. I've found chicken bones on the kitchen counter and don't remember eating a piece of chicken. I found an empty jelly doughnut box and don't remember eating a doughnut. I have a history of sleep walking since I was a young child, so I guess it's reared it's ugly head. P.S. The NUT is going to talk to the psychologist and see what he recommends. In the meantime, she told me to make sure I eat something before bed so I can at least control my food intact.
  21. mae7365


    Eat. As mentioned above, if your body thinks it's "starving" it holds weight and minimizes energy utilization - hence fatigue.
  22. mae7365

    Is anyone close to the 35 BMI range?

    I had been dieting for 6 months prior to my first meeting with the surgeon. A week before surgery I realized I had dropped my BMI from 39 to 33 and I knew it needed to be 35 to be considered for surgery. I actually had to gain 15 pounds before my appointment to assure I met Aetna criteria. My PCP and I had both come to the realization that I wasn't going to get below 33 BMI after I stopped taking the diet pills she had prescribed for the first 6 months. Once I stopped taking the diet pills, gaining weight to meet my BMI requirement was easy. I had a 36.1 BMI on the day of surgery, so my 6 month pre-op diet did show a reduction as required by insurance.
  23. mae7365

    Clear/Color Water

    My NUT said Crystal Light is OK as Water replacement. That's all I use.
  24. mae7365

    Has everyone had WLS?

    I had a party at my home last month. There were six of us sitting around the kitchen table, and 4 of the 6 had had WLS. The others were amazed. Obviously, WLS is more common than I ever imagined!