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  1. I had my surgery 11/18 and today i was back at work. I been notice bruise around my belly bottom and feels a bit swollen and the skin looks like a black and blue. I will contact the dr tomorrow. Did anyone had this?
  2. Omg! I freeZing i have the heat a heater sweater and i feel like a Popsicle! I am 10 days pos op is this normal?
  3. newstartme


    Thank you all! It feels really good
  4. Omg! I freeZing i have the heat a heater sweater and i feel like a Popsicle! I am 10 days pos op is this normal?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving all! 9 days post operation and energy level real low! ???????? any tips? Thanks
  6. newstartme

    No energy !

    Thank you all for your responses. I am taking my protein and vitamins but i guess my sugar was low because i decided to have 1oz of baby food banana, pear, pineapple and broccoli and boy! That brought me back to life i even went to the gym! ???? i feel good.
  7. newstartme


    Well, today i am feeling a bit blue. I am thinking Thursday i wont be able to celebrate how i always do and makes me feel anxious i know this will pass and i will go back to normal in a few months but still gives you that feeling. I hope you had a better day
  8. newstartme

    Anyone Use Dr. Nusbaum In Nj?

    Hi! Well, the surgery was a success. The doc found a hernia and discover the doctor in colombia just took my money and did not do anything???? but it doesn't matter anymore. Thank God i found such a good and compassionate doctor! God bless him. By the way i have lost 10 pounds in 7 days wow!!! Happy dance.
  9. newstartme


    Girl! Each time you fit on a size smaller you will be saying this was worth it! Good luck ????????
  10. newstartme


    Jessica, you made the right decision. You were brave enough to do this procedure so in my opinion your half way done because now, you cant go back. There is no other choice but to finish what you started because your dr. Cant return your belly back ????. Food will be always be there just not right now. Look at it like you are trying to figure your relationship with food and you need a time out from it . You need to focus on yourself not food. The most important thing here right now it is you on how this is going to change your life forever. You are getting liberated. Enjoy. I hope i make sense. Well, that is what i said to my self today and i feel better. Did you go for your follow up? Good luck
  11. newstartme


    Why? What is going on? Tomorrow makes 1 week for me too and a lot of emotions why depress?
  12. newstartme

    When can I suck it in again?

    I was sleeve the 18th and my belly is a bit swollen and bloated. I hope goes away soon.
  13. I had my revision on the 18th and i was told to be in clear liquids for 2 weeks. I been drinking liquids with no problem but i am starting to feel hungry i need more than gelatin and chicken broth ????????
  14. Thank you guy! I really appreciate all your input.
  15. Thanks @@BeagleLover i'll look right now.
  16. I have the same problem if i eat to fast. I have to sip little by little i just starting to feel weak. I am taking the vitamins and all i think i am just getting bored. Lol! I'll call the DR today.
  17. newstartme

    November 18th anyone?

    The 18th. They kept me 2 days because the doctor that did the sleeve the first time only cut a little piece of the stomach and my magnesium levels were low . Well, it just happen that i am allergic to it so i got a Benadryl shot plus the pain and my blood pressure went down. Lol! I am feeling better now . The doctor said i cant have any protein after 2 weeks. No hunger pain yet! Just a lot of gas trapped in my left side.
  18. newstartme

    November 18th anyone?

    Same experience. ????
  19. newstartme

    November 18th anyone?

    I do! Specially if i drink the liquids to fast.
  20. After so many appeals with the insurance and struggle today, my surgery at 1:45 pm. I had my first surgery in Colombia and my surgeon here in the usa found they left the pouch to big and that is why i did not lose all the weight. This time i am determine to finish what i started.
  21. Send a message and i be happy to talk to u
  22. I am back at home. The gas is a pain. But to surprise my doc said in colombia they did not do anything. I
  23. newstartme

    November 18th anyone?

    I have to be in the hospital at 11:30 am. Omg ! I am so nervous but happy

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