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  1. maudeispam

    Any old timers still around?

    I totally feel the same way!!! I also suffer from chronic constipation and can eat anything and everything. It seems like the healthier I eat, the worse I feel. I guess some of us are just meant to be fat.
  2. maudeispam

    Any old timers still around?

    I started out like a bullet out of a gun. Lost around 75lbs total. Then started having problems. I was always constipated, no matter what I ate or how much Water I drank. The doctors wer clueless. Then the weight started back on. Now I am back to my initial weight, prior to ever hearing of the Lap Band.
  3. https://home.comcast.net/~josh.hosler/NumberOneInHistory/SelectMonth.htm
  4. maudeispam

    Need Advice!

    when you apply to get the lap band how long does it take for them to let you get it? do you have to lose weight first? I had to wait a year after getting on my husband's health insurance, then it was a fairly quick process for me. I did not have to lose any weight prior to surgery. does it really hurt that bad? I won't lie to you every surgery hurts at some point in time. It was more gas pain for me (the gas they pump into you) and just not being able to do anything for a few days. is it really hard to have only liquids? not really, as long as you get the mind set that is all you can have. I had to do liquids for two weeks prior to banding and then the usual amount after banding. I thought I was gonna die without eating solid foods. I survived you will too. im scared i wont be able to hold my urges back did anyone else have this problem? temptation was always there, because I still had to cook for my husband and cook at my job. Does anyone have a certain thing they had to give up for this surgery? I really didn't give up anything, only while on the liquid stage, and of course the junk food.how hard was it? I survived but the temptation is always there. I do give in at times, but there are things that I just cant eat. (For example any kind of fastfood burger...ugh, I just can't digest them and don't eat at those places anymore!)I am a bigg soda drinker does anyone have any suggestions on how to cut it back before the surgery? try switching to diet soda, then switch to crystal light, sugar free koolaid, flavored waters and things that are healthy and alright after surgery. Trust me most people cannot tolerate the carbonation after surgery. What are some problems people have been having due to this surgery? I suffer from constipation. But I had hard stools and problems prior to surgery, these problems have only gotten worse. I assume I have a slow digestive tract and it works at it's own pace. My doc has encouraged me to use benefiber, flax seed and up the water and fiber. I have done all of these things and more. I know others suffer as well with the same problems. has anything been stressfull?no not really, just having to adjust to the bathroom routine and trying to get things going. Does this really work? yes, but you have to work the band, it doesn't do it all for you, it isn't a magic pill or potion. you have to eat right, drink your water, and exercise. if i do get it can i count on loosing some weight? you will initially loose weight without even trying while you are on the liquid phase. Then it will slowly slack off till your first fill, then as long as you follow the diet & exercise regimen you will succeed. some people lose slower than others so dont be discouraged. I mean i know it comes in due time but how long does it take? it varies from person to person. Most people lose around 100lbs in their first year to two years, some people more, some less. lol i know alot of questions but i really need to get some of them answered to help me decide...still going... anyone my age got it done and succeeded? I am not sure are the cravings really hard to overcome? some are, my sweet tooth gets the best of me around my period time each month. do you have to have a certain BMI to get it done? it varies with each doctor and clinic if some people my age read this can you give me tips on how you got through it? a heating pad, my hubby's oversized recliner. plenty of sugar free pop ice and healthy liquids to start! does anyone puke after a few days getting used to not eating so much?you cant puke after having the band, you will have to have anti naseua meds if you get the stomach flu or feel like throwing up How is sleeping, sitting, going to the bathroom and so forth? answered up above, as for the sleeping I was most comfortable in my hubby's recliner for about 10 days after surgery, it was too uncomfotable to lay flat on my back, on either side and no way on my stomach. and lastly for now.... is it all worth it? have most of you had success or not? yes, even if I never lose another ounce, i feel better, have more confidence, am healthier and have more energy! Best of luck!
  5. maudeispam

    Frickin' Mosquitos!

    Coppenhagen, skoal, etc. anything in the little round cans.
  6. I totally agree with you Mark. Thanks for posting!
  7. maudeispam

    Fatty Liver

    My liver is fine now. Levels are all good in the normal range and I havent lost as much weight as I would like, but I need to work my band better.
  8. maudeispam

    Fatty Liver

    I was diagnosed with a fatty liver prior to surgery. It was also enlarged. To help with the fatty & enlarged liver I had to do Optifast two weeks prior to surgery. All went well. I did have some tenderness on my left side (liver area) for a couple weeks. Maybe bruised during the procedure? Not sure....I will be 2 years out July 29. Best of Luck on your journey!
  9. maudeispam

    MIL Problems

    My DH and I have been married almost three years. Prior to us getting together, my DH lived with his mom and step dad. (He was 35 when we married & I was 32.) He helped pay bills, buy groceries and took his folks on vacation. A few months before I moved to SD my DH rented a small house. We lived together for a year, then got married. My MIL continued to expect my DH to give her money and or drop everything to come do something for her. I put the brakes on him giving her money once we were married. I told him if we give her money, we should give my parents money too. He agreed and stopped giving her money. Our step dad passed away and she moved into a apartment. Things were good for awhile. Now she is back at terrorizing all of her family. (She has three sons that live in the area.) She calls several times a day (we have caller id), complains about everything, there is NEVER anything good in her life. She says she NEVER has any money (she gets her husbands soc. security & works 32 hours a week and makes $8 or more per hour.) She has had a gambling problem in the past and we suspect that is the issue again. She is driving us bonkers and causing un-needed/un-warranted stress in our lives. We try to involve her as much as possible in our lives, but we don't need Mrs. Negative all the time. What really got me boiling again is this past Saturday's local paper ran a section on dedications to mother's. Families could email a submission to "why my mom is my hero." I wrote a nice one up for my mom and one for the MIL from her sons, grandchildren & us DIL's. She hadn't saw the paper, but I made a zerox copy and gave that to her. She just glanced at it and sat it aside. My SIL made a big ta do about it and said "Oh wasn't that so nice what Pam And DH put in the paper for you." Then the MIL read the clipping and just grunted and never said anything more. I was iritated to say the least. The MIL expects so much from her sons & family but we never get credit or a thank you. She never acknowledges a birthday or even our wedding. (She went all the way to MI with us and never gave us so much as a card!) We also gave her a surprise 70th birthday party the Sunday before her birthday. I went out of my way to find out her friend's addresses and let everyone know. She never even said thank you to me, and everyone told her I planned it all out. Then she had the nerve to whine that no one sent her anything or called her on her actual birthday (it fell during the week, we work nights.) I am at a lost and don't know what to do. The family is finally working together and seem to be on the same side. The sons dont want a confrontation with her, but yet are in the most part in agreement something needs to be done. Sorry for the long post, but if I wrote everything that this woman has ever done, I would be typing all day. Any ideas to make our life easier?
  10. maudeispam

    Frickin' Mosquitos!

    Thats exactly why I clarified myself! LOL!
  11. maudeispam

    wedding pictures

    Very nice! You look marvelous!
  12. maudeispam

    wedding pictures

    Very nice! You look marvelous!
  13. maudeispam

    Frickin' Mosquitos!

    Homemade Yard Spray 1 cup minty mouth wash (any cheap brand similiar to scope (green) works 1 cup lemon scented dish soap (it has to be lemon scented) 1 cup chewing tobacco juice..sounds gross but I will explain. Seep a handful of regular chewing tobacco (in the round can) in a gallon jar or container. (I use an old nylon for the tobacco seeping.) Then mix I cup of this juice with the 1 cup of dishsoap & 1 cup of mint mouthwash. Apply to the perimeter of your lawn using a regular garden sprayer or spray bottle. The more you use the better it works. I usually apply it 1 hour before working or playing in the yard. It works for mosquitoes & ticks...and maybe other bugs. It is enviromentally friendly and safe for children & pets. Best of Luck!
  14. maudeispam


    I battled tachycardia for several years prior to ever considering weightloss surgery. I was and am still on a beta blocker. When I was having "crazy" tachycardia my doc at the time put me on Catapres which is a downer. (The docs give this to hyper active, crazy sorts to slow them down.) Boy did it ever slow me down. It did calm the heart, I was on it for a short period of time. Now I only have a "tachy" heart when I get anxious, exercise or get excited. Have you consulted a heart specialist? There may be a underlying genetic defect or something that is easily treated. Best of luck!
  15. maudeispam

    America's best city?

    Check out Washington DC & Baltimore, MD lots of history and museums. If you ever get to South Dakota, check out Mitchell. Home of the World's Only Corn Palace, and several other tourist traps!
  16. maudeispam

    MapQuest vs. Google Maps - the POLL

    I have used Mapquest, Google maps & Yahoo maps. Out of the three, Mapquest gave the most accurate and detailed directions & mapping.
  17. maudeispam

    Sleep Apnea

    CPAP free here as well. I no longer need my "Dark Vader mask" and sleep well with little to no snoring. DH loves me once again! It was about 2 months out for me as well.
  18. What a wonderful tribute to your mom and everyone who has lost a loved one to cancer. A friend of mine is participating in the RFL in the Redford, MI area. I donated to his site. Best of luck with your donations!
  19. maudeispam

    Choking when I lie down.

    I had the same problem. It is a horrible feeling! I have avoided eating or drinking anything for atleast 3-4 hours prior to lying down. Once in awhile I forget and "BAM" it happens. DH thought someone was choking me or something. Anywho try that and if that doesn't work....see your doc! Best of luck!
  20. maudeispam

    Perhaps a dumb question?

    It took about a week for my gas to dissapate and pass. DH loved me that week! I did have the left shoulder pain, but it was tolerable with a warm heating pad. Sleeping in a semi reclined position also helps....a recliner! Best of luck.
  21. I totally agree with Alex. Life is a lot better without the excess baggage. I haven't lost much weight, but I am down 3 sizes, I have tons more energy, no more diabetes problems, and I feel sexy again. With that said I still have sad days when I notice a paper thin model on tv or a nice sexy clothes in sizes too small for me. Or a stranger makes remarks about my weight. I just want to yell at them, "Hey I used to be a lot bigger than this bozo!" But things will get better for you. I wish you the best of luck in your journey!
  22. maudeispam

    MIL Problems

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging words. It helps to know there are people in this world that understand my situation. I will keep you all posted.
  23. maudeispam

    MIL Problems

    We won't be dumping the MIL. Unfortunately the idea of moving far away is not in the cards. I will allow her in my home and tolerate her bs, but only for the sake of my dh and future children. Other than that she can "bite me"!
  24. maudeispam

    Eharmony SUCKS! Class action lawsuit underway!

    DH and I were sick of their commecials and decided to test their system. We both went throught their long survey and answered all their questions. According to E-Harmony we aren't a match. We get along like two peas in a pod and even finish each others sentences & thoughts. It makes you wonder how good of system they really have.
  25. maudeispam

    MIL Problems

    Thanks everyone. I have decided to have minimal contact with her. Obviously there will be times I can't avoid her, but for the most part it should be easy. When she comes over I decided I will go in the kitchen, outside, downstairs, whatever it takes. Maybe she will get the hint....maybe not. When she calls I refuse to answer the phone, DH will have to listen to her, if he isn't here, she will have to leave a voice mail. My SIL offered the same advice, she has been doing the same thing for over ten years. She (SIL) has the some stories to tell too about the MIL. Thanks everyone.

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