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  1. Stephnance

    Drinking with meals.

    Anyone know where that video about drinking while eating is?
  2. As anyone ever heard of or have taken the nutrient Limitless?
  3. I am 7 days post op and feel pretty good! I am still a little soar on my right side. I have been walking every morning and getting as much protein as I can stand. The liquid bit is getting old but I will hang in there. I have only lost 8 lbs so far, I guess I need to do more walking.
  4. Stephnance

    One week post sleeve

    Yes I'm 7 days out and I have pain on my right side. So you are not alone! Let's get healed before we try any physical activity.
  5. Stephnance

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

    My pen pal and I had a successful pkg exchange! It is is always fun when you get a pkg in the mail! She has been really supportive on this journey! I look forward to next months Exchange!
  6. Got sleeved yesterday. I have a little pain and soarness.
  7. Stephnance

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

    Supposed to be soon!
  8. Stephnance

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

    Supposed to be soon!
  9. Stephnance

    Beer drinkers!

    Do you drink beer? Does it taste the same after sleeve? Get drunk faster? I'm just wondering!
  10. Stephnance

    What is your dream job?

    My dream job would be A Movie Critic! I love watching movies and then talking about them!
  11. Stephnance

    Anyone a smoker?

    Used to be a smoker, but recently stopped because of this surgery. I feel better now; but do still have the Urge from time to time!
  12. Stephnance

    Houston Ne1?

    I was born and raised in Beaumont, but I currently live in Dallas!
  13. Stephnance

    Hurst, TX - True Results & Dr. Snow

    I am using True Results in Richardson, TX. So far it has been amazing!
  14. Stephnance

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

  15. Stephnance

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    Thank you!I would like to attend one of those meetings. When and where are they?
  16. I am going to a place called True Results and I am not having to go thru the Nutrition/6month process. Which is good because if that was the case then I would probably just go to Mexico to have it done. They will get it done next week for only $4500. My insurance is Not covering all of my procedure, I guess about half. My surgery has been post-poned because I have an ulser. I am so mad!!
  17. Stephnance

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    Hi neighbor (in Forney also)! Hey, what part of Forney? Im in Fox Hollow. It looks like you are doing great, congrats!
  18. Stephnance

    June 30th Surgery Date

    I'm getting the sleeve on June 23rd!
  19. What paperwork are you having to get together? I just decided to get the surgery and I have a date of June 23rd, which seems a long time away! I am getting super excited!