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  1. Lacowgirl72

    Super Frustrated...

    I had surgery 2.5 years ago. Lost 130+ lbs and was doing great. Then came the Depo Shot....... The first two shots didn't seem to effect me the third one made me bloat immediately and gain 15 lbs without doing anything. I have been off them since June but my body is still not back to normal. Went to a hormone dr this week to see if he can fix. Super frustrating!
  2. Lacowgirl72


    I had 360 lower lift and breast lift done in Baton Rouge, LA was $20700.
  3. Lacowgirl72

    Time off for 360 body lift

    I just had 360 body lift and breast lift. Took 4 weeks off work. Been back at work a week and a half. All is going good.
  4. Super excited bought jeans two sizes smaller yesterday!
  5. How long did you wait? Certain positions better than others?
  6. Lacowgirl72

    Bras post lift

    Ok went for my 2 week check up today and got them to give me another bra like my post op one. Here is the picture of the package. Hope it helps.
  7. Lacowgirl72

    Bras post lift

    The post op bra doesn't have a tag in it. They just asked me my band size and I woke up after surgery with it on. Sorry I'm not more help. Most plastic surgeons supply garment for immediately after surgery. They supplied me a binder for the 360 lift also.
  8. Lacowgirl72

    Bras post lift

    I had a lift two weeks ago. The doctor put me in a bra immediately after surgery. I was told to wear it until 1 week post op visit then I could go to Fruit of the Loom sports bra from Walmart with front eye and hook closure.
  9. Lacowgirl72

    Sex after 360 lift

    Thanks for the info. I'm 4 weeks tomorrow from 360 lift. And 2 weeks from boob lift as dr wouldn't do together. Didn't think about pulling on skin etc. great points. Lol maybe bf will have to wait another week or two. Maybe third base can work ????
  10. I'm almost 4 weeks post 360 lift. My normal jeans fit and can get in the tighter ones in my closet. Hoping when swelling goes down I go down a size.
  11. Set my dates for Dec 8th for 360 degree Tummy tuck and Dec 23rd for Breast Lift. Have questions about healing. Dr was really on me about VGS patients not eating enough and helaing poorly. So want tips on what anyone on here did to ensure you heal good. etc....
  12. Lacowgirl72

    Got plastic surgery dates....

    No what is real self?
  13. Lacowgirl72

    Got plastic surgery dates....

    Super excited about my new boobs!
  14. Lacowgirl72

    Got plastic surgery dates....

    Just a update. Got drains out from 360 lower body life. Then had boob lift yesterday. Never realized how much reaching for stuff pulls on your boobs. Ouch! Lol. Everything looks great. Soooooo happy.
  15. Lacowgirl72

    Down time after plastics

    Jane what garments did you go to when u got out the binder from the plastic surgeon? I need to order something.
  16. Trying to schedule tummy tuck and breat lift. For those that ride horses and have had plastics. How long before you could ride again???
  17. Lacowgirl72

    Got plastic surgery dates....

    Went for post op check today. Things look good. Dr left drains in. He said when I only get 30ml out of them per day he will take them out.
  18. Lacowgirl72

    Got plastic surgery dates....

    Surgery went good. All bandaged up have to drains and a lidocaine pump. Here is the back view. Can't see front yet because have to stay bandaged until I go back Friday.
  19. Lacowgirl72

    Got plastic surgery dates....

    Surgery in the morning. Woo hoo. Nervous.
  20. Lacowgirl72

    Got plastic surgery dates....

    Why reduce Fluid intake??
  21. Lacowgirl72

    Before and After Pics

    Here is day of surgery April 2014 and last week November 2015.
  22. Lacowgirl72

    Got plastic surgery dates....

    doctor wouldnt do them at the same time. Said with the 360 lower lift I would have so much time in surgery. He wanted me to wait longer but with work I convinced him to do after two weeks.
  23. Do you see the new skinnier you? I go shopping and pick up a shirt and think "oh that looks too small" then I try it on and its big. How long did it take for your brain to catch up with your body? LOL
  24. Lacowgirl72

    Horseback riding post-op

    I had surgery at the end of April last year and was back exercising my barrel horse as soon as I could lift my saddle. I think it was 8 weeks before I could lift 40 lbs.

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