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    Male Before and After Pictures

    @Brenttx wow is all I can say. Great job!!!!
  2. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    @VIKING 0424 wow!!! Is all I can say. Great job
  3. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    @Superman84 Great job... You got this!
  4. defibvt

    Well this is about Sex

    Well, I am not proud, sex has been good, since I had my sleeve in 2015. Initially sex drive took a 100+% increase, and my husband loved it!! (yes, I am gay, sorry, not to offend anyone) ( Now 4+ years out and 53 (okay nearly 54) )... I have peaked my interest in alternative "methods"... I am thinking electric stim options?? Yes, I can get hard, but damn the celebration CUMS late....
  5. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    @NurseMichael WOW, great job!!!
  6. defibvt

    BBL in Tijuana

    Elias Ortiz & Co (EOC) . They have Plastics...
  7. defibvt

    I... Have... Made... Poo!

    Keep walking and moving and drink your fluids... Oh, if you must weigh yourself, weigh yourself on poo days...
  8. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    WOW.... that is awesome!!! Weigh to go!!!
  9. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    @BuzzVSG well done and congrat's
  10. defibvt

    Compression shirts

    @jmabry I still use Eastbay.com compression shirts. I like them because the shirt are longer, and they come in a variety of styles and cuts and colors... I use a medium and it holds things in nicely... good luck!
  11. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    @bigdee 1986 Great job too
  12. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    @bigdee 1984 Awesome job!!! Keep up the great work!
  13. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    @Matt Z Well your goals are within reach... Stay healthy!!!
  14. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    @Matt Z congrats. Well done
  15. defibvt

    Male Before and After Pictures

    @Matt Z congrat's..
  16. defibvt

    Am I the only one?

    There are boundaries and then there are boundaries... and respect is respect. Although in my experience, I have received some helpful advice from women, on this site, for basic weight loss issues, this group by defining it as a 'Guys Group', should be left to men discussing issues related to men, even if the issues might have a broader general concerns. Hope everyone is getting ready for the weekend!
  17. defibvt

    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    @simon66 We all have our personal reasons for having the surgery, and in all honesty, the aesthetics and looks were the least of my concerns. Since having surgery, I've contemplated having skin reduction surgery, even at the ancient age of 52. Having surgery is a major event and the greatest benefit is health and quality of life. Both of my parents have died from heart disease or complications from being obese and diabetes. So, for me, it was an easy choice. I have gained energy, motivation and decreased my risks for theses leading causes of death or disability. Good luck on your journey.
  18. defibvt


    That is true. Like the ground hog finally seeing its shadow...
  19. defibvt

    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    @shrinkingscott first and foremost, congrat's on the great job, You goal is closer then you think. As far as 'dating' goes, think of it as more 're-socialization' skills developing. Our bodies change and people perceive our bodies differently. So take this time to yourself... and if someone comes along... explore what you feel is the right thing to do... No one is going to judge you any differently.... Again, your journey is really just beginning. I wish you all the best!
  20. defibvt

    Compression/slimming shirts

    I wear a large shirt, but buy the medium compression shirt. So I would go one size smaller then you wear. The prices are very reasonable.
  21. defibvt

    Compression/slimming shirts

    I use the compression shirts sold at eastbay.com I've tried others, but I like that these shirts are a little longer, and I can tuck them in my pants, without fear of the plumbers crack... yeah, I am still self conscious... I hope this helps! and Congrat's on your success!!!
  22. I had my surgery in Mexico... My insurance specifically doesn't cover bariatric surgery. My PCP was on board with me having the surgery and when I came home, I went to him for my follow up labs... I am happy with my results.
  23. defibvt

    6'1 260lbs High BP Candidate?

    I, like you had high blood pressure, a family history of obesity, diabetes and both parents with cardiac disease. I did my sleeve in Mexico, as my insurance specifically denied coverage to weight loss surgery. I did this for me, for my future, for my health and as a gift to my future me, who will live a healthy long life! Good luck on your journey!
  24. defibvt


    I agree with James, especially the hormones. Testosterone is stored in your fat cells, and as you loose weight your body gets flooded with a surge in it. Most of the time it displays as a revitalization of your sex drive, but it is also associated with aggression. Good luck and stay calm and safe!!!
  25. defibvt

    Body Hair

    I agree with some, it may be heighten testosterone levels, as it is stored in your fat and as you loose weight it gets dumped. Some might also experience an increased libido, when this dump occurs. Also, as your skin shrinks, your hair follicles move closer together, making your hair somewhat more dense... I feel this happened to me on you stomach/chest and my back (cue the Sasquatch image).. sadly it did not occur to my head... good luck and let us know your lab results