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  1. somsgal

    Halloween challenge

    Starting weight: 222 Goal weight: 210 Today's weight: 217 -5 lbs this week WOW! Just WOW! I lost a total of 5 lbs last month and 5 lbs this week! I will take it! YAY!!!!!
  2. somsgal

    Halloween challenge

    CW: 222 GW: 210
  3. somsgal

    Labor day Challenge

    Starting weight: 233 Goal: 220 Today's weight: 220 ????????????
  4. somsgal

    Halloween challenge

    Count me in!
  5. somsgal

    Does anyone regret it?

    Keep Miralax on hand and take it as soon as you feel you need it. It has worked great for me!
  6. somsgal

    Labor day Challenge

    Starting weight: 233 Current: 225.5 Goal: 220
  7. somsgal

    Labor day Challenge

    Highest weight: 276 Surgery weight: 266 Beginning of this challenge: 233 Today: 231.5 Goal for LD: 220 Oh so slow! ????
  8. I almost died, too! Love the sleeve!
  9. somsgal

    Labor day Challenge

    CW 233 GW. 220
  10. somsgal

    Teachers :)

    I had my VSG on 4/9 (Wed), the next week was spring break, and I went back to work the Mon after break. I had am EMD class and was cleared for performing restraints upon returning. I was tired but better physically each day than I was before the surgery. Good luck!
  11. I can see where frequent changes can help! I will try that when the stall visits again!
  12. I was sleeved on 4/9 and could not break a stall! I met with my nutritionist who has me eating 6 4 oz meals/day with net calories between 800-1000. I eat 2 oz protein and 1 oz carb and I oz fruit. The scale has gone down 4.5 lbs since I met with her last week, so it does work!!! The 400-500 cal days were not doing it! ????????????????
  13. You look fabulous! Congrats!
  14. somsgal

    I'm back! And at goal!

    Congrats on goal and welcome back! Glad you're home!
  15. I am also a lap band survivor. My band eroded in January 2012 and required emergency surgery and a week in the hospital. I had to wait for the BMI requirements for my insurance to approve the sleeve. I was 20 lbs away from my highest weight when I started my pre-op diet. I had the sleeve on 4/9 and love it! No throwing up, no chest pains from things getting stuck, am sleeping at night without getting up sick, no meds for acid reflux, etc. I can eat any meat. I have not tried bread (other than flat bread which is fine) or pasta. I have not tried carbonated beverages either. I love my maintenance-free (no fill) sleeve. I have lost 40 lbs so far!!!
  16. somsgal

    4th of July Challenge

    SW: 266 Today's: 238.6
  17. I will be two months post-op on June 9 and lost 10 lbs pre-op and 37 total. I oftentimes feel like it should be more but the average is not bad.
  18. somsgal

    Just sleeved!

    Walk! Walk! Walk! The pain in your shoulder did from the gas and it's real!
  19. somsgal

    Weight at a stand still

    I did the same thing for 2 weeks then lost 3 lbs this past weekend. I will be one month post op on 4/9!
  20. somsgal

    MS - Gulf Coast Area

    Sleeved on 4/9/14 by Dr Avara in Ocean Springs. I had the lapband until 1/9/12 when it eroded. Dr Moore was my surgeon then. I am starting over with the sleeve with no complaints!
  21. somsgal

    MS - Gulf Coast Area

    I am on the coast!
  22. somsgal

    Slow weight loss

    I was also sleeved on Apr 9 and have lost 11 pounds. I can really tell a difference in my clothes. I know I'm not getting enough protein.
  23. somsgal

    Returning to work

    Itsjustdaisy, I also work at an elementary school actually teacher in an EMD class. I was sleeved on Apr 9 and back to work Apr 21 without any problems!