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  1. Snohomish River Run (in WA State) 10K at the end of October Princess 1/2 marathon at Disney World Feb '15
  2. MelBooks

    My VSG Life

    @@PdxMan I'd love your thoughts on long distance running/endurance sports post VSG. I have done triathlons and races up to a 1/2 marathon pre-surgery and am working my way back to them with a goal of a 10K in October and a 1/2 in February. My NUT and doctor haven't been super helpful in figuring out nutrition and hydration for long races. Do you have any good tips?
  3. I am doing a similar program with the goal of a 10k in October and a 1/2 marathon next Feb!
  4. Yep, just search for it and TONS of people go through it! In my totally non professional opinion, it's your body finally giving into the idea that you'll never eat a normal diet again and holds on to everything it can. In a week or two (or three), as you add more calories, it will again feel ok with burning off fat stores.
  5. MelBooks


    My doctor said scrambled eggs can be a lot dryer then say a poached egg and then not sit as well. I'm sorry it was such a rough day and I hope tomorrow is better.
  6. I am three weeks out today, and was cleared for soft foods last week. My doc considers anything you can squish with a fork a soft food. My meal plan for today: Decaf tea with unsweetened almond milk Water with crystal light drops unjury chocolate splendor made with Protein enhanced milk Two tablespoons of white Beans with about 1 tsp of salsa and 1 tbls of guacamole 1 laughing cow triangle 1 tbls of ground beef/lamb mixed with 1 tbls of 0% greek yogurt and 1 tsp of feta Syntrax nectar Fuzzy Navel mixed with water I generally have 2 protein shakes a day and 2-3 meals of ~2-3 oz of protein heavy foods. In the last few days, it's also seemed to be easier to get my liquids in with not too many problems. I often have nausea for the first few hours in the morning too, so liquids are easier to tolerate.
  7. Hot herbal tea has been my lifesaver! Tazo makes one called Vanilla Rooibos Parfait that is apple/cinnamon/vanilla and it is SO good. I put t spoonful of almond milk and a couple drops of stevia. 2-3 cups a day helps with the liquid requirements.
  8. Day 5 after surgery: So, that unjury chocolate shake that was the best thing I ever tasted? That lasted exactly 4 sips and then I found it VILE. I was able to try some Creamy Corn and Roasted Pepper Soup from Trader Joes, thinned with a bit of milk. I had about 1/3 cup at lunch and 1/2 cup at dinner. I used a tiny baby spoon and it took about 30 minutes to finish each one. I also had 1/2 of a nectar Fuzzy Navel shake. I did not come close to my Protein requirements, but I'm making progress on that and my other liquids. I'm pretty bored too, my family was out all day yesterday and there's only so many movies and shows a girl can watch in one day! I'm going to try and get out to the store to pick up more SF Torani syrups. I woke up a bit nauseous this morning, but I think that was because I didn't really drink anything all night. I took a Zofran and am having some herbal tea. Then we'll try to jump back into a Protein Shake.
  9. Day 3 after surgery: My pain level is about the same. Sore across the abdomen, sharp pain in the right shoulder, but I've been able to sleep and walk so it's obviously not too bad. My entire GI track is making the loudest rumbly sounds. It's pretty funny. I'm still sticking with Vitamin Water Zero, warm tea and warm chicken broth. Tomorrow I can start the "full liquid" part of the diet. I'm looking forward to some Protein shakes for sure. I finally was able to shower last night as well, it felt SO good on my shoulder. The only thing that keeps freaking me out is that this whole experience has been super surreal. Like I can't believe the surgery actually happened and I'm on my way to a healthier weight. It's so strange.
  10. MelBooks

    Day 1 on LIQUID diet!

    I'm just finishing up day 6. The first few days were easy and then I turned into a she-devil yesterday afternoon! That phase seems to have passed and today was much more pleasant. I'm just really tired,
  11. MelBooks

    April 2014 sleevers

    Hi everyone, I'm new here but wanted to join this group. My surgery is scheduled for April 9th, but I've had to postpone it twice before now due to other medical issues (some neuro problems that are still undiagnosed). I meet with my surgeon again Tuesday, and my neuro has given me the go ahead. I just need to make sure my surgeon is cool with it!
  12. MelBooks

    April 9th

    Hi! I'm a long time lurker, and finally registered. My surgery date is April 9th as well! I've had to postpone it twice due to other medical issues (unrelated to weight), so I'm really hoping this day sticks! I meet with my surgeon again on Tuesday to talk over the most recent status.

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