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  1. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    Welcome to the new members of the 65+ group. I haven't posted for a little while but thought I would do an update. I have lost 84# since I started the process last July and 56# since my surgery Feb. 4. I have had many plateaus and the frustration of doing everything right and not lost a pound for weeks. Last Monday I had shoulder surgery so no exercise for a while but lost 5# since surgery. I literally have no appetite most of the time and must force myself to eat. I am supposed to be on Protein only but am bored stiff with no fruits and veggies so I do occasionally have a plum or berries or a bite of veggies. I am down from 26 size pants to 16W. Had to by new PJs and undies. The weight lose is finally evident to me and my friends and I am off most of my meds. This is the best thing I have done for myself in years and if you are feeling down and frustrated, just give it time. You will lose, it doesn't happen in a day, week or month but it will happen, I promise!!!!!
  2. Sallyawbc


    I also use Muscle Milk light but if you don't like mike I suggest Syntrax Nectar, there have several flavors but I love the fuzzy navel Fruit flavored. I blend it with ice and make a smoothie.
  3. I know what you mean, I've so many plateaus that it makes me very frustrated. There are days I roam the kitchen looking for some thing to eat like I did before the surgery. Most of the time I have no appetite but if I eat something I really like I want to eat more than I should. Then I go through my closet and fill another bag of clothes that are to big and I realize I can do this, I may slip up and eat potatoe chips (just a few), fruit off my trees (I really miss fruit), a bite of a quarter pounder including the bun, we all do this. Tomorrow will be better, if not the next day, we are human, not perfect. Just take one step at a time.
  4. Sallyawbc

    Post-Op January 2014 Losers Club!

    When did you last eat. It could be dumping syndrome, I had similar pain about an hour after I ate and thought I was having a heart attack. It eased up after about an hour but I felt miserable for several hours. I ate too much or too fast.
  5. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    Just checking in with everyone. I'm doing good but at another plateau! Frustrating as heck. Don't have to go back to the MD till August and am trying to exercise as much as possible. Still seeing the trainer twice a week but not walking as much as I should. Am still on only Protein and can eat most meats except steak, my stomach cannot tolerate it and I throw up - yuck. The only major events in my life are on Monday the 14th I turn 65 and am leaving May 1 for DC and the Avon Walk. I hoped to lose more weight before then but these plateaus last weeks!!!! Give me patience.
  6. Sallyawbc

    Fear that I won't lose weight...

    At 3 weeks I hit a plateau and it lasted 3 weeks!!!!! Then for no reason I started to lose 1/2 to a pound a day again. 28# since 2-4. The plateaus are normal and will pass, keep doing what the MD told you to do and you will lose again, honest!!!
  7. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    Hi everyone, just checking in to let you know I'm still here and doing fine. Night time nausea has stopped, still experimenting with protein. Tried a rib-eye and it tasted so good I ate to much, dumped and felt horrible till I threw up. Ah, the lessons we have to learn. Have lost 28# and 17" since surgery 2-4. Energy level is improving and working with a trainer at the gym twice a week. Trying to train for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in DC May 3 and 4. Can only do 3 miles at a time and need to step it up. Even at my highest weight I walked 13 miles each day so I would like to do that in DC, if I can't I won't be upset, I'll just hop on the sweep van and ride till I'm rested. Hope you all are doing well cause there are so many ups and downs it can drive you to frustration, each day is better than the next (usually). Keep smiling!!!!
  8. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    pquinn181, what is it with the shoulders, I just scheduled my fsurgery or June 2, outpatient, just a clean up, no rotator cuff repair -Thank goodness. Had major l-shoulder done years ago and it wasn't fun. I have been reading posts but not participating much. I am actually doing well. losing 4# a week average which is good but had a huge plateau that was very frustrating. Still on soft Protein only which is very boring. Had night nausea for weeks but that has stopped. Eating 1-2 ounces 3 x day and I am never really hungry which is very weird. My energy is finally back, working out twice a week with a trainer. So glad you have a date, this has been a learning experience everyday. I'm actually trying chicken wings for dinner, minus the skin, am looking for different ways to get my protein. Promise I will keep up on the posts!!!!!!
  9. Sallyawbc

    Post-Op January 2014 Losers Club!

    I hate to say it but I'm so glad to hear others in the plateau. I went 2 weeks losing nothing and just lost 2 pounds. I have been doing everything I am supposed to and that scale won't change, I even changed the battery thinking that was the problem. I don't understand it even though it is "normal" OK but 2 weeks!!!!! Doc says I should lose 20# a month, well that ain't happening. On the plus side I am losing inches but depending on the scale for the past 30 years of dieting, I WANT TO SEE THE POUNDS GONE!!!
  10. I'm really wondering why saltines are allowed, they have no nutritional value, they are dry and will get stuck in the new opening which is the size of a dime. I am allowed no carbs, veggies or fruit for 6 months. I was instructed to use low/no sugar sauces, salsas, gravy, mayo on my meat to make it slide easily. No white meat of chicken or turkey, to dry, dark meat only. Tuna fish with mayo and soft boiled egg chopped up is a good meal, I can only eat about 2 Tablespoons. Love scrambled eggs with cheese and scrimp is great. I am in the soft mushy stage and 2 weeks 5 days post. I do go out to lunch with friends, have scrimp cocktail or soup and some meat and cheese off a sandwich. Order ice tea, lemon Water or carry crystal light powder in my purse. I do understand the plateau blues, I gained a pound ???, didn't lose for 2 days then lost 2 pounds. How silly to worry about something so small but I'm still expecting that pound a day loss. Reality has not become normal yet and I am a very impatient person.
  11. Sallyawbc


    It was required for Health Net but I had one 2 years ago that was normal so they accepted it.
  12. Tearin and Mel, Please go through the other posts, at the top put in search "depression" and you will find toms of people who have or do feel the same way. The depression, mood swings and crying are NORMAL!!!!!!!! Your body is going through tremendous changes even tho you don't see them. Everyone losses at a different rate, give it time. When you do not give your body the usual amount of calories it goes into starvation mode and holds on to everything it can which is which is why you can go without food for 3 weeks before your organs shut down. We did this for a reason, we have dieted and had plateaus, gained instead of lost. Please don't beat yourself, there are tons of people here that have gone thro the same thing you are going thru!!
  13. Sallyawbc

    feeling hopeless

    Michele, your post made me so sad, you seem to be kicked down every time you got up. I really, really hope you get a referral for a therapist. So much of this is out of your control and I know how hard that is. I've just started my journey, my surgery was 2-4 and I'm 64 so I already have issues that I'm dealing with that get me very frustrated. Please know that everyone is pulling for you and hope you can find the help and strength you need to get back on track. Sally
  14. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    Rinny. I am using Bariatric Advantage crystals citrus splash and really like it but I have to have it morning and night. It goes in 8oz of water and sipping it takes a while and I still need to get my 2 shakes in and 3 meals and find I get to full. So I thought the chewable would be fasted, it ha no sugar and should not have caused a problem?! Ha Ha
  15. Sallyawbc

    What was your first week pose-op like?

    Skinnie, what you are going through is very normal. You are still getting over the anesthesia, a whole bunch of drugs were dumped into your system and it can take several weeks for the body to get rid of them. It effects all of your systems including smell and taste. I was told to concentrate on getting your liquids down, even if all you can take is broth, you do not want to get dehydrated, that is worse than no Protein. Try warm lemon Water first thing in the AM, this helps sooth the stomach. You should feel much better by day 10-12, sip, sip, take your drugs if you need them and do not push yourself. This is a major surgery and assault on your body. I'm at day 12 and went to the movies and shopping today. Very tired now, got winded putting clean sheets on bed. Hang in there, you will feel better, I promise you.
  16. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    Hello guys, Rinny11, I think a lot of what we have to do is required by the insurance companies. My surgeon said the medical and history forms he fills out are actually required by the ins. I think it also shows who is really committed to the whole process. Those who feel the pre-op requirements are to hard will not do well after the surgery. Now it's been 12 days since my surgery and have had a few episodes of nausea related to eating to much and once after yogurt. Well, last night I had sugar-free vanilla pudding and about 2 hours later a chewable Multivitamin (first time for both). All of a sudden I started gagging and tried to throw up, nothing there but once I it was over I felt great. Weird!!! I will put both of those on my No No list for now. Maybe I was pushing a little but I will stay with my soft mushy Protein and try to be a good girl. (lost 11 pounds since surgery WOW)
  17. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    pquinn181, glad to hear your plans are on line. It seemed to take forever to get to the surgery date. Every step took forever. Now that the surgery is over and I'm doing good it seems that it went really fast! I know we heal slower and bounce back slower as we age but I think it also has a great deal to do with attitude. Positive thinking for me goes a long way. Depression and anxiety during the process and healing is normal so hang in there and keep posting.
  18. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    This is for all of those headed for surgery next week. Yes, it is hard and I won't lie. You should have a pain pump - USE IT, you will have no appetite but you need to get the tea and broth down. See if they have chamomile tea. Get out of bed, the more u walk, the better the gas will feel. Once you get home you will find it hard to get comfortable in bed if you are not a back sleeper. It's hard to turn over, I don't get to sleep till 2 or 3am. Yesterday I was able to drive to the movies and shop for food, was very tired after but was great to get out. Everyday it gets better, my weight is dropping daily so far, I am not hungry, I am so happy I did this, I know I have a long way to go but I will succeed and so will all of you.
  19. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    This is for all of those headed for surgery next week. Yes, it is hard and I won't lie. You should have a pain pump - USE IT, you will have no appetite but you need to get the tea and broth down. See if they have chamomile tea. Get out of bed, the more u walk, the better the gas will feel. Once you get home you will find it hard to get comfortable in bed if you are not a back sleeper. It's hard to turn over, I don't get to sleep till 2 or 3am. Yesterday I was able to drive to the movies and shop for food, was very tired after but was great to get out. Everyday it gets better, my weight is dropping daily so far, I am not hungry, I am so happy I did this, I know I have a long way to go but I will succeed and so will all of you.
  20. Sallyawbc

    February Surgeries

    10 days post op and on protein only mushy pureed. Just had the dog groomer come and we were outside talking about my fruit trees and noticed that the kumquats were ripe and popped one in my mouth without thinking. It tasted so good but I didn't chew enough (size of grape) and I'm not allowed fruit especially citrus. So I'm sitting here waiting to see what happens. Other than that I have lost 8 pounds since surgery and went out to the movies and grocery shopping. Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!!
  21. Jane4180, Here are the soups my MD recommends, Campbell split pea, condensed Beef Barley, chicken veg, chicken gumbo, clam chowder, Italian wedding, lentil. Puree until all lumps out or strain. I love the pea soup and clam chowder, I have only 1/3 a cup, if I have more I get sick. Saw my MD for post op and he advanced me to puree mushy food. Had refried Beans and cheese for lunch, great Protein and tasted so good. dinner was pureed dark chicken with mayo and a little cheese. He was very pleased with my progress so I feel like I'm on the right track. He said the cheese sticks were good also. Hope this helps, let me know!
  22. Sallyawbc

    February Surgeries

    Hey February guys, surgery 2-4, today had post-op MD visit and all is well, Normal sore throat, normal left abd pain, normal weakness and fatigue. Staples look good, come out next week. Advanced me from full liquids to mushy pureed foods including cheese!! Had refried beans and cheese for lunch, trying for turkey chili for dinners (pureed),
  23. Sallyawbc

    silastic ring

    I also had the silastic ring. Because I am an a carb and sweet eater and a compulsive eater the MD felt this would prevent me from over eating and stretching the pouch out. You can't feel it. I'm 1 week out from surgery and today was advanced from full liquids to mushy pureed food.
  24. Sallyawbc

    Long over due update!

    So glad to hear you so happy. You've had your fair share of roadblocks and hope from now on you have smooth sailing.
  25. Sallyawbc

    Surgery after 65

    Back from first post-op visit had surgery 2-4 and all is well. All my concerns like sore throat, normal, left side pain normal, tired and weak, normal. He wants me to have more Protein and food so off liquid diet on to mushy pureed meat and cheese. Had refried Beans and cheese (1Tablespoon) for lunch, so good!!!! That first week is hard, the pain some times is very intense and sharp, you can't get comfortable, you depend on everyone else and you wonder if this is worth it, yep, before u know you will be up and about. Today I saw the MD, went out to eat, went to wildbird store to buy feed for my outdoor friends and went to the grocery, maybe that was pushing it, but had a great day!!!! Patience my friends, baby steps and you will make.

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