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  1. homersmomma

    after surgery care

    I went to my primary care physician. I told him about what I had planned to do.
  2. I traveled to Mexico to have my gastric sleeve done in September 2013. I was close to backing out up until I went to sleep. I had a few bad dreams and anxiety attacks along the way. However, now I am so glad I did it, I would never go back to the way my life used to be.
  3. homersmomma

    Mexico Dr's? There are so many!

    I had my sleeve with Dr. Alverez in September of 2013 and like you I am not made of money either. My experience with him and his clinic was positive.
  4. homersmomma

    what kind of scale do you have?

    I use a Taylor brand scale that is rated for up to 450 pounds. I got it at my local Wal-Mart.
  5. homersmomma

    Tub NSV

    Wow, I haven't thought of taking a long soak in the tub yet. Congratulations on your NSV. They sure feel great.
  6. homersmomma

    7 weeks

    Stay Positive and keep up the good work. You can do this.
  7. homersmomma

    What to bring?

    Even though it may have been mentioned before, bring Gas-X Strips. My best advice is to pack light. Phone charger, clean socks and underpants and loose fitting clothing.
  8. Prior to surgery I had trouble with bladder leakage when I laughed, sneezed, or coughed. Now that I have lost a good bit of weight I am glad to report that I am not having that happen anymore.
  9. My relationship with my former best friend and comfort has changed. The way I think about food has changed the way I feel about it has changed. It is weird to me at times that I for once in my life am not obsessed with what I am going to eat, or where I am going to eat. I think about eating to live now not living to eat and it feels so great. I think about making good food choices over hurried convenience over processed foods. I taste food, experience it and savor it in a new way. Has your feelings about food changed?
  10. I need to certainly increase my water intake. I am so bad about that.
  11. homersmomma


    I was sleeved September 6th of this year and I have had issues with insomnia also. Prior to my surgery I was having such awful sleep apnea and I was exhausted all the time now I no longer have sleep apnea and I have trouble sleeping. What a mess to be in.
  12. homersmomma

    First NSV/thanks for holiday help

    So happy for you! There are going to be a lot more NSV's in the future trust me.
  13. homersmomma

    Sleeved. I can't believe I did it!

    Congratulations on starting your new life!
  14. homersmomma


    I avoid carbs. If I eat them I feel that I am taking up precious room for protein, I tend to not feel good after eating carbs now.
  15. I just told my PCP that I was having the surgery. I brought back the films from my leak test for him to see and that was it.
  16. homersmomma

    Dumping...with the sleeve?

    So far I have not experienced any dumping since getting my sleeve.
  17. homersmomma

    I don't own a scale!

    At first flowing my surgery I weighed myself daily. Then I gradually started weighing in once a week or so. I like watching the numbers go down. It makes me feel proud to be getting smaller. I have worked hard to see it.
  18. The surgery center I went to in Tijauna offered "piece of mind" insurance for six months to a year following surgery.
  19. homersmomma

    What do I say?

    I made the choice to only tell a few close family members and a couple of friends. I am in no way ashamed of having the surgery, but this was a choice I made for myself. Over the years that I was researching the options of weight loss surgery I heard a lot of negative comments from friends telling me to not take the easy way out and that I can do it myself I just need to try harder. Let me just say having the surgery in defiantly not the easy way out. It's just a great tool in my tool box that has helped me achieve my weight loss goals. Good luck on your journey and I wish you a speedy recovery.
  20. homersmomma

    My surgeon is a horrible person

    Nobody deserves to be treated as you were. I am sorry that you had to go through that. I once had a bad experience with a Doctor and I went on a website that let's patients rate and review their doctors and I wrote an honest review about my experience and how I felt about how I was treated by him and I found I was not the only one to have such a horrible experience he later moved his practice as word got out how he treated his patients.
  21. I did a lot of research into the Doctors and the centers that they work out of. The best source is to go to the people that have had the surgeries with the various Doctors. Some will be good and some not so good. Hang in there and just ask as many questions that you need to ask.
  22. homersmomma

    Why I'm Going To Mexico

    I agree with you there. The insurance plan where I work considered WLS to be "experimental" and was not covered. The surgeries have been performed for decades now. It's all about money. Treating the co-morbidities of obesity must be more lucrative.
  23. homersmomma

    Why I'm Going To Mexico

    I can understand your reasoning for going to Mexico for the surgery. I tried to go through a clinic here in Oklahoma that offered a decent self pay price. However, every time I saw them they wanted more tests done that would also be on a self pay basis and the cost kept racking up. I am so happy that I finally have my sleeve. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Yes, I went to Mexico and I got excellent care and I would do it all over again.
  24. homersmomma


    I have several pairs of jeans available. I have jeggings in 26/28 in blue and black. I have boot cut and straight leg jeans in 26 tall and 26 petite. I have skinny jeans in 26 tall, and a pair of black jeans in 28. I have a variety of washes and even a pair of butt lifting jeans in 26. 90% of the jeans came from Avenue and one pair from fashion bug. I also have 2 pairs of capris from Lane Bryant one kakie one in a dark blue wash. If interested message me and I can send you photos of what there is.
  25. homersmomma

    Any Oklahoma Sleevers

    I live in McAlester.